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  2. [1.2/1.3] SM_Stryker Stryker's Aerospace and Armory v122.92 (Continued by SM)

    You should enjoy this too then As is the way of these things, once i start rolling adding parts to a mod one thing leads to another, and in the interests of fairness the Classic FW , cockpit (with crappy visibility) machine gun module and engine, as well as a short adapter to take the place of the guns (as if as proper you use wing mounted guns the BDAI will not use the fuselage mounted guns) And some other pics relevant
  3. WW2 BAD-T III - BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Wow, that was a really good battle. Very different from most of the others, both crafts are really fast. Spoiler (read after watching) Btw, when I meant score I had rounds won in my mind, not sure which method is better.
  4. Electric Propeller Stops Running

    Sounds like you've got SAS turned on on your engine, this overrides trim settings.
  5. The first Electron has arrived at the launch site

    This: Also, this: And finally, this: (re:WHEN?!?!?!?!?) C'mon, guys, "couple of months??" We're rapidly running out of 2017 at that rate!
  6. Aldrin Cycler Ships

    I will have to look for references but maybe someone here remembers as well: IIRC, Huygens was designed to use Cassini as a relay for its communication with Earth during its descent to Titan's surface, but the DSN was able to continue to receive telemetry directly from Huygens after Cassini went over the horizon (from Huygens' perapective) and Cassini could no longer relay data. What blows me away about that is that Huygens' transmitter was about as powerful as a cell phone and we were picking it up through Titan's atmosphere and then from a further billion plus km away. Kinda puts the DSN's receiver capabilities into perspective...
  7. A couple smaller new parts from me (Nothing like Beale has been up to!) but the big one is a payload adapter that was necessary to make the upper part of Black Arrow fit together snugly...
  8. Youtube Channel?

    Hey, I was thinking about starting a KSP youtube channel. I would really appreciate if I could get any tips on starting one.I think I might focus on cinematics, tutorials, or general gameplay. However, I am in the planning phase, so anything will help!
  9. Youtube Channel?

    Hey, I was thinking about starting a KSP youtube channel. I would really appreciate if I could get any tips on starting one.I think I might focus on cinematics, tutorials, or general gameplay. However, I am in the planning phase, so anything will help!
  10. ^ Indeed. And omg drooling lol. I'm gonna have a lot of fun with that. Also, after downscaling the wings a bit I actually found the stack was now able to roll a lot smoother. Hence, inclined launches!! Its still a bit wiggly but I imagine that can be corrected by further wing tweaking and/or more SAS, which admittedly this doesn't have much of.
  11. @G'th As Z3R0 said it just doesn't work. The RCS engines would have to be symmetric. You can force a model to mirror the correct way, but the RCS module's mirror doesn't match. Having them as two parts just adds nonsense for most players to deal with as they need to be mirrored to stay balanced. The Block-II OMS that I'm working on seems to be the look you're going for anyway. Cool shuttle though Also here's a peek at the B-2 cockpit's 0.625m LES engine (with STBE for scale) No. There's plenty of options out there to make whatever rocket you're looking at.
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    00:30 PST is 930 PM. As for landing a falcon upper stage... I say nose heat shield, shuttlecock control surfaces adjacent to the MerlinVac, parachutes, and a floating inflated crash bag.
  13. Ok @Arrowstar I actually managed to stumble across a reproducible scenario for this error Open KSPTOT and MFMS Set launch window open to Year 3 Day 1 Set launch window close to Year 4 Day 1 Set Number of Runs to 50 Set course for Kerbin->Duna-Eve->Jool Set Time Bounds for Kerbin->Duna to 38 Min/154 Max days Set Time Bounds for Duna->Eve to 28 Min/112 Max days Set Time Bounds for Eve->Jool to 107 Min/428 Max days Start it up, and it should tank at Run #34 If no one else can reproduce, maybe try it with this bodies file. I got it to crash out on Run #34 three times in a row before posting this.
  14. Hi. I've had the steam controller since before it was well supported in this game and I actually had a control scheme I made that I really really like that only involves two action groups but very effectively covers all aspects of the game. My issue is that while using my own control profile, the game still wants to switch between Squad's premade action groups on their default control scheme. So, my two action groups keep switching back and forth on their own between the map and everything else and it's throwing off my controls lol. Is there a way to turn that automatic action group switching off? I really like my control scheme and I'm hoping not to have to remap everything in the default control scheme by hand just to work around this. If I have to, I have to. But I've had things working this way for a while and it's really comfortable.
  15. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    A thought here--the number of Kerbals in the base should grant a home bonus. At least some of your friends are going to be your fellow inhabitants of the base. I also wonder if the home timer should even apply to Kerbals born on a base. That's home to them!
  16. [1.3.0] Kopernicus (Release 7) - Sep. 25

    Nah, it's just picking the last one in the list, whatever that happens to be (probably appears random from the user's point of view): Double energy = __distMult * _efficMult; if (energy > maxEnergy) { maxFlowRate = __flowRate; maxStar = star; } The maxEnergy variable is supposed to govern which star is used, but it's never set (other than being initialized to zero). So every star with energy greater than zero in turn is chosen as the best one. In a loop that finds the min or max, the 'max' or 'best' variable that you compare against needs to be set every time a match is found.
  17. Pledge Alligence to the National Space Agency

    Venezuela has gas for sale, really cheap too as they're desperate for cash... just ask Russia. Congratulations! So, when is the launch of "Roo-1"? Will you be sending 'Skippy' up?
  18. I have the exact same problem, with the same results. Very repeatable. Additionally, if I do a quick load, the Interior Heat Probe is hovering above where I placed it by about a 50m or so. Very weird. I first noticed it when KIS was updated (somewhat) recently. Cheers,
  19. Community Space Station 1.3

    Save is up, and I'm hoping to post a video tomorrow (Youtube got rid of its native editor for some reason). In the meantime, a quick summary of my results: The Duna Station now has it's first module, allowing it to seat up to 16 Kerbals in a Mk3 passenger cabin. The RCS blocks are residual from the docking process, but do not exceed the part limit. Additionally, I knew that an Ike station was missing, so I brought along a core on the same launch, as well as a fuel tank and engine to position it. Glad I did actually, as I needed some of the fuel from this stage to get to the Duna Station. Ike Station is in an approximately 250x250km orbit. @scottadges is up next.Scottadges
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  21. Ok I'll just jot you down as someone to never ever try to be helpful to. Got it.
  22. Computer Screen Going Crazy

    @TheKosanianMethod Not sure if this helps, but I run an HP Pavillion Laptop, and my computer keeps on freezing and becomes lined with random colors. As I can still click on stuff while it is frozen, but it only loads when it unfreezes. So I have concluded, as pretty everyone else has in this thread, that it is a disconnection between the laptop and screen. However there is a TEMPORARY fix, but you should only use it when it is important, as it may make the problem worse. Just gently tap the area of the screen near the hinge a few times. Unfortunately, I think that is all I can contribute to this thread
  23. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    Robots can't return the same amount of samples as a crewed mission can. Nor the same quality of samples for that matter. And even if they could, they'd take years to do it, because in order for their sample returns to be diverse and worth the opportunity cost to bother returning them, you'd need these robots to be capable of what a human geologist is going to be able to do as fast as they can do it. Otherwise you're wasting time and allowing your hardware to degrade all the while, making it less effective the longer you take. You need to realize automated sample return isn't just some simple thing you can do. And more importantly, targeted sample return is massively complex and is going to take not only a robot far more advanced than anything we have currently, but also a spacecraft that lands with it thats capable of returning thousands of kg of samples over and over again. Because you can't just land it and let it sit for 20 years while the robot slowly gathers whatever samples its human controllers can pick out of a picture. And thats presuming the robot itself would even last that long. Again, show me the robot that could have gotten the Genesis rock back to us, not to mention the thousands of other samples Apollo collected that we're still learning from. In that same 20 year period a series of manned Mars landings could return so much more, and what you'd be getting in return would be that much better. Robots are more bang for your buck? Pfft. Show me this supposed robot that can do more than a human can in the same situation without taking 20 years to do it. And I see you're yet again putting up the cost. You do understand billions is nothing right? Yes if you had a billion dollars you wouldn't have to work again, but the government can lose a billion dollars and barely have to file paperwork over the loss. You need to get over the "cost" because cost is a non-issue for anyone who understands how much money the government actually deals in. And again, you just assume that nothing is going to change. That makes you a pessimist sir. I suggest you evaluate yourself before you become too deluded, though given your responses thats a forgone conclusion.
  24. Reading through most of this it seems they are just trying to protect their intellectual property. You can't install 10 instances of KSP on your computer and then share out your hard drive to everyone in your dorm so ten of your friends each have their own version of the game to play. You can't steal their artwork and audio files and make money on them for yourself. You can't recompile their code and use it to write your own game that you make money on. Scott Manley is fine making advertising money from his YouTube videos because what he is offering is what is call 'commentary'. There are very specific rules in re-claiming advertising dollars on YouTube. It is not what I do, but I work for a company that does re-claim advertising money from people who post movies or things like the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, and we re -claim advertising money I have overheard very serious discussions on whether or not a bad Russian translation of a movie is a violation of the studios rights, or an attempt to make a 'commentary' on the movie. These dissensions are not made lightly. No one cares if you install multiple instances of KSP on your personal computer for your personal use. To be honest, no one evens knows you have even done that .. or at least they do not care. - Stream let me install the game three times on my computer. You can not make money off of the hard work of KSP programmers. You can not make money off of the hard work of KSP artist. You can not make money off of the hard working people who made the KSP audio files. That is what you are agreeing to.
  25. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    WARNING: Change speed of video when you watch it so it doesn't get stuck in your head Note : Song credits in the video description.
  26. Big Angry Ravenous Ingestor of Spacecraft, a.k.a. BARIS the Kraken, I love it!
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