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  2. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Herbalism: +10 Harisma: -1 Alchemy: +5 Perk added: Grocemaster.
  3. Retorno al espacio

    Muchas gracias
  4. Where is your junkyard?

    I keep Kerbin system space pretty clean. But I like leaving stuff on the ground, sorta "I was here" tag. And I leave a lot of garbage all over the Kerbol system for the same reason.
  5. Extraplanetary Launchpads Just Ain't Enough

    I've wanted this since I first built something offworld. Unless an experienced modder says they're doing it, I'm assuming it's either impossible or so close to it as to be practically so. And I love Extraplanetary Launchpads. I'd just love to have the VAB interface on the surface of Mun.
  6. Google Picture War RELOADED

  7. Rofl. Guess I'm the only one who has been having trouble then
  8. Forum game that needs a better title

    +1786=-182 Ps "counting to 1000" seems like a good title for the game
  9. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    @HeroBrian_333 Due to problems with the design of my F-42 Invader that place it at a massive disadvantage, I'm withdrawing it from the competition until further notice.
  10. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    The thing is actually super maneuverable, even compared to smaller jets. Take off speed is literally 35 m/s
  11. Hi, I'd like to first thank djungelorm for this great mod, it takes KSP to the next level! I've already programmed a basic rocket landing script, but my code is all over the place and I'd like to make it nicer. To this end, I thought about using streams to get information about the vessel's flight. I, however, run into problems when trying to add a raycasting stream. You see, I use raycasting to determine the location of my potential landing site as opposed to the vessel.surface_altitude attribute because I'm not always landing on perfectly flat terrain. My prototype program casts a ray from the vessel's lower bounding vector in the direction of its velocity vector. I am trying to set up a stream to do this continuously, but run into the following problem: I can't find a way to get an expression for accessing the first element of vessel.bounding_box. Is there a way to do this?
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Made a Mk3 spaceplane today and tried out Snacks LS, my ARP icons for Snacks and Soil, the EVAFuel mod, and my own mod Airline Kuisine (which is waiting on IFI LS). And found glitches or deficiencies that are easily handled. The plane in its current form is rated for only 15 tons to 100km but it handles well. And I finally met with (the return of) the dreaded "jumping" of landed craft after time warp or physics load. * Scenic landing screenshot on bingo fuel. * In stock-scale side game.
  13. *removes accretion disk* "I want them back!" *adds accretion disk* "Why is my log file 12GB?!"
  14. Carrer Tutorials and Hints

    This is good advice if you want ideas about how to invent stuff. It is terrible advice if you want to do things well with the current version of KSP. A lot of the tricks don't work any more and won't help. Basic advice like "how to get to orbit" is just plain wrong SM have a tutorial series for version 1.0. That one is still adequate for learning some basics (e.g the 'proper' gravity turn, science gathering, taking contracts) In any case is important to keep in mind that the game changed (e.g. commnet), expect inaccuracies in a years old tutorial. Also that SM don't have the monopoly of KSP videos.
  15. Any 80's kids in the house? Did I just imagine this on Transformers?

    I was an 80's kid but didn't watch the show. Here is a list of all GI Joe:A Real American Hero cartoons, 1983-1991: I had a scan through the plotlines with no result but many of them are just teasers. Hope this helps.
  16. [1.3.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.9.0

    I don't remember the amount of loss (listed in the recipes file), but 1t of hull (dry mass) produces < 1t of scrap (iirc, scrap is 0.8t/m3, so about 250u/t).
  17. Hi, I'm trying to use SMURFF and Interstellar Fuel Switch at the same time for a 6.4x scale game on 1.3.1. As soon as I install IFS (or any other fuel switching mod), SMURFF's fuel tank changes stop applying. (they appear to have the adjusted masses when hovered over in the editor's part selector but not once placed, if that means anything). I looked at the mod files and through this thread but it looks like SMURFF has a patch for IFS included in it already? Did I need to do something I overlooked, like add a patch for SMURFF through module manager? Am I missing something obvious here?
  18. Today
  19. Got a development build with working texture switch if anyone wants to play around with it: How to use it: Each subtype can now have TEXTURE nodes which take the following fields: texture (required) - path to the texture you want to use, e.g. MyMod/Parts/SomePart/texture currentTexture (optional) - name of the current texture (just the filename excluding the extension, not the full path). Anything that does not have this as the current texture will be ignored. isNormalMap (optional, default false) - whether the texture is a normal map or not (necessary due to KSP treating normal maps differently when they are loaded) shaderProperty (optional) - name of the shader property that the texture sits on. Default is _MainTex if isNormalMap = false or _BumpMap if isNormalMap = true. For an emissive texture you would want _Emissive transform (optional, can appear more than once) - names of transforms to apply the texture switch to baseTransform (optional, can appear more than once) - names of transforms where the texture switch should be applied to them and all of their children If no transform or baseTransform values are specified, the texture switch will apply to the entire part. All the textures will be reverted to their originals once another subtype is selected (or that subtype's textures will be switched, if it has any). For reference, here is an example minimal setup: SUBTYPE { name = originalTexture title = Original Texture { SUBTYPE { name = newTexture title = New Texture TEXTURE { texture = MyMod/SomeFolder/SomeTexture } } In this example, the "Original Texture" subtype would have the original textures, and the "New Texture" subtype would have the texture SomeTexture applied to the entire part. Definitely looking for feedback about this, including the process of setting it up (in addition to any bugs that might show up of course). Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or concerns!
  20. What did you do in KSP today?

    From Collaboration Space Station, but beer can idea is much older (I think I saw usage of rescalled antennae as straw).
  21. Unlocking Maneuver Node

    A pilot? (not engineer, not scientist)
  22. Extraplanetary Launchpads Just Ain't Enough

    What mod are you talking about?
  23. Is there a good way to find out which one is causing it without having to go through 70+ of them uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting?
  24. Engines TWR and ISP

    I can't say what other players think. But for me Kickback, Reliant, Spark and Spider are excellent engines, often much better than anything in your list.
  25. What planets have you made it to?

    I just added Dres to the list of planets that I've sent manned missions to (I'd previously put a science probe in a polar orbit, followed by an unmanned mining outpost and fuel transport.) I put the full details of the mission in the "What did you do in KSP today" thread, but basically I sent my science ship (which had already undertaken a successfully mission to the inner planets, retrieving a manned capsule launched from Eve and landing Kerbals on Gilly and Moho) to Dres, towing behind it a small space station (which will act as a fuel depot, supplied by the aforementioned mining outpost and supporting future missions to the planet) and reusable lander to be left behind at the planet and carrying a second, single-use lander which, in addition to being the vehicle for the first crewed landing on Dres's surface, also deposited a science rover which will remain there indefinitely. The ship's four-Kerbal crew (a pilot, and engineer and two scientists) have now all taken a trip to the surface and back again (most using the reusable lander) and they're now waiting for a transfer window home, using the science ship's MPL to analyze the data that they obtained on their landings in the meantime.
  26. Procedural Engines

    You might try searching on "Procedural Engines"
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