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  2. KSP Making History

    Took me almost a year to find out about this. God, I should fire up KSP sometime soon...
  3. Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    "They had a man and sent Starman. We have gotten some bucks and will send Starbucks".
  4. Optimal Rocket Landing

    What you're attempting is called a "suicide burn." I'll leave the maths to someone else (it'll be a function of your orbital velocity, altitude, thrust, dry mass, and propellant mass), but I'll point out that in addition to Reactordrone's suggestion, there's Kerbal Engineer Redux. It will provide you with a running estimate of distance and time to suicide burn. Note that it only takes into account vertical speed, i.e. if you're in a low-thrust vehicle with a lot of horizontal speed and follow it, you will end up a a crater.
  5. Flat Kerbin Society

    Skybox is a flat ceiling and flat walls. Maybe cylindric.
  6. (Mod Hosting Site)

    The thread was moved 2? years back. My problem in terms of jobs is: im to outspoken and direct (especialy when it it comes to security risks)
  7. Rephrase the scentence above. Let‘s see where we get.

    Mystressy Goo made a call to Duna.
  8. is there an option to temporary lower heating of that partsin cfg, until 1.4?
  9. I'm having a couple bugs with the latest version. Both are observed with FAR, and the former is new with this version, I believe the second one occurred previously 1. The projected impact point wanders back and forth along the flight path (on an equatorial orbit, it wanders longitudinally, but not laterally) until atmospheric entry, when it becomes accurate and the "wandering" disappears or is very small. 2. If a target is set, it moves to a different point on the target body during warp and has to be reset. Let me know what tests I can do to help track these down, or what logs you need.
  10. yes... this is why I asked about this mod. it seems a logical place to put the replacement. lol I could have just asked @linuxgurugamer to also add the dynamic deflection mod to his list I guess... but I think it would be better if this mod just included that function as it really would be better if it integrated with the AP in a seamless way... or if he wanted to take up the reins of that mod too then maybe do both just port the code into the Kramax mod so it does it all , and have the "light" version that is just the deflection portion. I was just asking as it seems to me that the Kramax mod is not doing any sort of deflection changes, as my space planes need to have me constantly tweak their deflection values to keep them stable as I launch and climb to orbit.
  11. Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    Thats cool, but my main framerate issue is the couple of thousand parts in a scene, or runnin eve in the background....
  12. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Hi. This is one of my favorite mods, but I'm having some trouble. Everything works fine, except trying to rendezvous from KSC launch pad. Rendezvous works if I'm already in orbit, but when I try it from the ground, it immediately stages while saying "Waiting for Launch Window." Then it just goes straight up at full throttle, never staging boosters or changing from "Waiting for Launch Window." Any idea what the problem could be? tia
  13. When I am setting up the roll axis, and I move the joystick left, it says 'last detected input: Joystick 0.0' and the axis doesn't end up working. All the other axis's work fine. Help would be appreciated. Thanks, RocketSimplicity
  14. @macc92 this tends to happen when you just copy the new version over the old one. Try deleting the Tantares folder first, and then installing the newest version.
  15. I'm sure it was discussed at length somewhere, but searching for it in 370 pages of the thread seems like a fairly impossible task, so I hope you won't mind me asking: Are there any resources you can mine off-world to bring back to KSC for profit in career mode? I'd assume Helium 3 or Antimatter would be worth the trouble, but are there any other options, especially for the earlier game?
  16. I would appreciate a further explanation of these words. I am stumped.
  17. Orchestrating something that takes a while to know is... quite difficult ?
  18. Just stock visual enhancements. And a sunset.
  19. BTW Nils, whenever you do a release with the updated USI balance, you might want to call out specifically in the patch notes that it's a pretty severe nerf for some situations. Players who've got a career save going using USI-LS should be cautioned as they might find a bunch of their kerbals suddenly unhappy as a result of the new calculations.
  20. Make a fake KSP mod.

    Small but useful mod. Making pee on a KSC bus wheel for good luck. Proved by Baikonur.
  21. What did you do in KSP today?

    I managed it with a plane with big enough wings, coming in empty. A retrograde burn as low as you dare helps a lot too. Of course that means a one-way trip or bringing an ISRU. I'm not entirely sure about the specific problem you're trying to address, but probably not. The difficulty with getting out of Eve lies in the really soupy atmosphere: you have to find a way to cut through it fast and efficiently so you don't burn all your fuel fighting it. Nukes won't help with that. Once out of the thick lower atmosphere, you need a fairly normal rocket with reasonable TWR and sufficient dV, much like any upper stage you'd use to get out of Kerbin. I.e., you need to focus on two things: making your ascent vehicle as slippery as you can, and making a lower stage (or stages) with enough thrust and dV to get you where your normal rocket works. Put even another way: make a regular Kerbin lifter, then put that on a stupidly powerful lifter. That should work.
  22. Went to see Jumanji, got intrigued by Alpha

    I just got around to watching the trailer... They seem to have the approximate era of domestication about right, but I doubt domestication of dogs started with a one-off event. In Quest For Fire, they show dogs hanging around the human encampment, probably scavenging the leftovers. I've always imagined that dogs were domesticated that way: as a side effect of their hanging around us. They certainly have an instinctive propensity for mooching... And on a somewhat related note, there was an episode of Quirks and Quarks (a weekly science magazine program on CBC Radio) about two years ago where the researchers that they interviewed presented a hypothesis that modern humans may have actually wiped out our hominid competitors by out competing them for food after our ancestors domesticated dogs. While the researchers admitted that it would be very difficult to prove, they speculated that our eyes may even have had something to do with it. We are the only great apes that have visible eye whites; other hominids may not have had visible eye whites like we do. Our visible eye whites present an advantage in hunting because they allow dogs and other human hunters to see what their human partners are looking at without making any noise. The combination of human hunters working together with domesticated dogs who were adept at reading human faces (as modern domesticated dogs are) may have been formidable enough that all the other hominids starved off into extinction. It sounds plausible anyway...
  23. I just discovered this topic despite its age, and would like to present this work: (A year old project now) Despite its appearance, Pallas is able to carry five consent subjects on a low Kerbin's orbit, one of the Mk1 Cabin being offset in the Mk2 adapter. Here is the album of the whole flight (a bit long). Being a henchman of the F2 key it is often not possible to see the fuel level, and also it is impossible to check the level on the single screenshot taken while being docked at the station, but the only transfer I made was to exchange one of the Kerbal on board with a scientist lying in the station for a long time.
  24. Mars Colonization Discussion Thread

    The pregnancy would last for 18..21 years until the embryo can buy alcohol and marry by himself. The body finishes growing at 20..25 age. E.T. detected. Humans do not put eggs outside, they incubate them right inside the body. Funny but true.
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