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  2. My install wasn't totally bare bones; i'll try with just KSPIE, IFS and its dependencies when I get home.
  3. Definitely! Looking forward to seeing what your crew discovers. I can see the tagline now: Take a hike!
  4. Geonovast

    I need help

    Depends on where you plan to put it. If you're going to LKO, then yeah, way overkill. I just built as station as you described, and got it into a 300km x 257km orbit with: 1st stage: Twinboar (engine/fuel) and Rockomax Jumbo 64 (fuel) 2nd Stage: RE-I5 Skipper (engine), RC-L01 (probe core), Rockomax X200-32 (fuel tank), AE-FF2 (fairing), TD-25 (decoupler) Station: 2 Hitchhikers, Lab, Cupola, Clamp-O-Tron, 4 DTS-M1 antennas, 6 Z-400 Batteries, and 2 Gigantor Solar Arrays. This left me even 849 m/s to play with a different orbit / de-orbiting the second stage.
  5. Rocket In My Pocket

    Surviving Gunship Challenge

    Some challenges take a bit to get rolling, so I wouldn't lose all hope. However, the requirements are a bit..vague, and it sound like a lot of work to set up. Perhaps you should consider simplifying it, or providing a save file with the situation already set up? It's also considered "good form" to complete a challenge yourself first before offering it. Show us some screenshots, or even better a video of you doing what you described, it would also give people a better idea of what you are looking for.
  6. I have a switching laptop too, though I don't play KSP on it anymore. It has a Radon GPU. There is a switching driver for it, so actually it has the common Radeon control center when it it using the Radeon GPU. I don't know about Nvidia but maybe there is such a driver too? If I remember right, the last time I did a virgin install was shortly before the 1.7 update. I noticed the resolution change from 2500ish to my native 3800ish when it got to the main menu after starting it, but then change back after actually loading the game (I don't use 4k anymore because of moooods xD ). At first I thought unity might have been confused by the super resolution AA I'm using and grabbing non down scaled frames. I don't think this is the case though. KSP always had shown strange behaviors regarding resolution for me. When I got the 4k monitor 1 or 2 years ago, it wouldn't keep the set 4k resolution. That had been fixed with some update I belive. This was also fresh-install-confirmed. I think I also tried running as admin without any difference. As was running from a custom directory on c:\ (not "program files").
  7. Tonka Crash

    Calling all Beta Testers

    [WRN 11:46:18.319] Texture resolution is not valid for compression: 'C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\001_ToolbarControl\Textures\toolbar_38.png' - consider changing the image's width and height to enable compression [WRN 11:46:18.323] Texture resolution is not valid for compression: 'C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\001_ToolbarControl\Textures\window.png' - consider changing the image's width and height to enable compression Toolbar Control throws these warnings on load. I think texture dimensions need to be divisible by 4 to avoid this message. I'm just posting these for completeness, I know they don't affect gameplay. Unblur will probably have little to no effect for me. I'm on a 4K monitor with the UI set to 140% and full res textures. Also the Toolbar Control button is simple and easy to distinguish even if it were to be a little fuzzy around the edges.
  8. All the dependencies are up-to-date, here is the log file many thanks
  9. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I might find myself wanting SpaceX to fail badly. OTOH, Amazon, and others have similar plans, so this might well be inescapable. It needs to be figured out (how visible they will be), then made enough of an issue that some effort is put into satellite design to minimize reflection.
  10. "Captain's log, stardate 2713.5. In the distant reaches of our galaxy, we have made an astonishing discovery: Earth-type radio signals coming from a planet which apparently is an exact duplicate of the Earth. It seems impossible, but there it is."
  11. kerbiloid

    Why have multiple rocket nozzles on scifi spaceships?

    We should also not forget the classics.
  12. Poodmund

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Axis Groups

    Just like Action Groups Custom 01, Custom 02, Custom 03 etc. are just triggered by the number keys across the top of the keyboard, I just expected that the Custom 01, Custom 02, Custom 03 etc. Axis Groups to be triggered by same number keys.
  13. cubinator

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yes, I've thought of that too. If successful, these things will be there all the time. You'll have to go to the Moon for a clear sky.
  14. tater

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Some sorta recent pics... My doggo. With the rain, stuff is flowering in the foothills: Some landscapes from last week: (thought the hikers above us (rare to see other people) were cool)
  15. fruitsbar

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    Still.... I prefer to get Stormworks, thanks
  16. Also if we were able to share power this way you could jump a dead rover or lander that broke its solar panels. Come to think of it, seems like a nice use of our new containers could be spare solar panels and antennae for repairs in the near future?
  17. FazzoMetal

    My Little Video Contribution

    New video, upgraded plane! Now thinking to water-land on Laythe with this...
  18. Hi =) Planet packs: Didn't play any v1.7 packs. Lately, I've been doing a lot of airplane-related and especially the airport mods require a vanilla Kerbin, rather than an edited one usually found in planet packs. I'm not so modsavvy though, so don't take my word for it. It probably takes a fair amount of headbanging to have airports be placed in such altered-Kerbin mods. I just saw that there are new ones I hadn't tried out, so you might not get around googling "kerbal planet pack 1.7". Here are a few I can tell you about: With ~1.4, I played Galileo Planet Pack, which introduces a lot of neat-o planets and moons. I also liked the placement of KSC. It is on an island just off a rocky coast line (with two peaks that act great as a reference point for airplanes, imo). I will be getting back to that mod, but am currently enjoying vanilla Kerbin. Ironically, I've been to a few other planets in other mods, but never really managed to visit the vanilla ones, so I need to do some catching-up lul. Other mods (whose names I forgot ) had the main planet orbiting a blue gas giant. Another one had an altered Kerbin, with the KSC being high up in the mountains, which was cool; This mod also had a polar-orbiting small moon as the closest neighbor, if my memory serves correctly. I think one of those also had a wacky "impossible planet" that spun like 6 times per earth day or so. That one creepy planet lol. Lastly, there is another mod, I think it had "Alien" in the name. Maybe Alien Space Center or something. This one places KSC on Minmus, Duna and Laythe, based on the name you type in it's .cfg. I think it is also a fun thing, since you can act like you are operating from some remote colony base. This saves you time "bringing all the damn things in place". If you know what I mean. Personally, I kinda like building airplanes and landing with flaps and all, so I'm kinda always stuck on the main planet these days. Regardless, KSP is where you do what is fun. I will be getting back to planet pack playing. Hopefully also to recording my gameplay adventures with my terrible voice and experience. But that's me. Maybe you can help the community by just making a quick "List of 1.7 planet pack mods" forum post? I don't know if there is a list somewhere. Let alone an updated 1.7 one. I recall seeing one way, way back in the 2015s ♪. Screenshots: Might not be able to get around imgur. Another idea would be to use google drive or any other cloud service, but imgur is quite the standard(?) people use these days.
  19. Geonovast

    No attachment nodes on top or bottom of part

    I've had the same thought, so I tossed together a small patch that I will be integrating into SN once I update for affecting other mods. (With a B9 Switch) I added a top and bottom node, both at the same location inside the mount. That way the two pieces you put on the top and bottom are still touching. Note that I have no idea what this will do to drag since the game won't actually see the two pieces touching. This is probably why the creator went with surface attachment. Patch in the spoiler. This does not disable the surfaceattach ability, so you'll need to hold the mod key to temporarily disable surface attach when using the nodes. (Unless you're attaching something to the mount)
  20. Mukita12

    Surviving Gunship Challenge

    Looks like nobody is interested. Oh well
  21. Sir Mortimer

    [WIP] ParallelTasker

    Nice, I’ll definitely look into this. However, maybe you want to reconsider your license. Using GPL for anything that’s supposed to be a hard requirement won’t help winning a popularity contest.
  22. GluttonyReaper

    Mirror symmetry for triangular panels seems all wrong

    Just ran into this issue, incredibly frustrating and makes the structural parts mostly useless for what I want to do with them. I would really like to see this fixed, especially considering they would be pretty handy for the upcoming robotics stuff.
  23. Well you got a point. Take Two definitely wants to Have more Income and basically want to help the Console Player aswell. I mean, Yes DLC Is paid, But if it were gonna improved the Console version and Income for Squad, I think that is a win. Agreed
  24. linuxgurugamer

    Calling all Beta Testers

    I have updates for both the ToolbarController, the ClickThroughBlocker and the Blizzy Toolbar. The toolbars have no API changes, the changes are in the back end to use the new UnBlur mod to reduce the amount of IO being done by these mods. The ClickThroughBlocker had additional methods added, 2 missed GUILayout.Window methods, and all the GUI.ModalWindow methods The new versions are all packaged up in the following file: Please test and report back. So far I don't see any problems in my testing, I'll be running them all in my stream this evening
  25. Nigel J. Cardozo

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

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