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  2. I jumped from the bed , this error is a serious showstopper! So apparently you managed to find a new way to get this error. I will check the log with care. I just checked your log, and you are not using the latest . The latest, 2.4.1, fixes some more issues, and I think yours can be one of them (the hint being some non scaled parts also triggering the Anger of the Kraken). Please update and check again the same crafts. Publish the new KSP.log and Module Manager caches too, if you find the error again. Assuming I detect a new problem with your current KSP.log and MM caches, and/or you report he same happening on 2.4.1, 2.5 will be put on hold and I will issue a new just for this fix the fastest I can. Thanks, dude. I really appreciated. I can't always respond as fast as I wish due pressuring issues on Real Life (tm), but we (not just me) do whatever we can to keep you flying safe. (or as safest as it would be fun to fly!! )
  3. Been thinking about the Outer Planets Mod and this challenge, now that I upgraded to an actual gaming system and 1.7 came out......
  4. Thank you for the speedy reply! I just checked and it DOES seem to be the same issue of negative mass parts (engines in particular). I also tested a vehicle that I knew caused this crash in the past and checked the motor on the small satellite payload and low-and-behold it had negative mass just like the error you linked to in your post. Once I removed that engine the rocket launched fine with no crashes. The issue happens on small engines as well even if their size hasn't been changed with tweakscale. If it is possible to fix this issue for 2.5 that would be amazing! But no rush, this is just a mod after all, not like you're getting paid to do this Which is also why I appreciate all the hard work you put into this stuff even more! Any way here is a link to my installed mods, KSP log, and Module Manager patches: I hope this helps! Edit also for reference I am using Tweakscale
  5. Ratwerke_Actual

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Tired of wobbly space stations, I am now doing drop tests at the launch pad, to make sure it can support its own weight. This thing makes 5m tanks look tiny.
  6. Finally, been waiting for something like this for a long time, keep up the good work!
  7. GRS

    King of the Hill

    I smashed another Asteroid to it... My Crater inside The Regolith Crater...
  8. Nah, nothing serious here. Just a pair of AIs that grows beyond their programming Though to be honest what was crossing in your mind when the last 3 questions that I ask is about unauthorized space launch, heaviest possible payload to orbit and deorbiting Phobos?
  9. Victor3

    KAS "legacy" parts?

    Can anyone translate this KAS wiki: into a simple, step by step procedure, for replacing my old KAS parts with the new ones? I would like to update KSP to 1.6.1 but doing so with the KAS version for this KSP release makes my Dres mining base unusable/ unloadable. I have read the above linked wiki, several times, and I still don't get it. What I would like is a simple step by step procedure for updating my KAS parts. Step 1: <Do This> Step 2: <do this> Etc., etc.
  10. So I saw this post on instagram, Every day objects reimagand as spaceships and though this might be a fun thing to post and find out if any has down this or after looking at it will do it Enjoy
  11. GRS

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    5129 You saw PewDiePie in person, talked to him for 3 Hours before leaving him...
  12. Lisias

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    Simple answer: serving a good service, without promoting unnecessary breakage. It's already harsh when you promote a needed breakage - you do it just because, and you start to loose users. There's no need for a Maintainer for Add'Ons that no one wants to use.
  13. GRS

    Misspell the Username!

    Training (Got A Slamdunk)
  14. GRS

    How long will we go?

    Ksp of Al2(SO4)3 is equal to (2s)^2*(3s)^3 which is 108s^5
  15. ProtoJeb21

    Shower thoughts

    What would happen if you turn the knob on the Valve Guy’s head?
  16. KSP >>>>> Minecraft, PUBG, Fortnite
  17. RocketSquid

    Seeking Prometheus: The Tale of Muniy 1

    Chapter 2: Muniy, Take II: Some thirteen kerbals clustered around the revivification chamber. Creating an entirely new body would take weeks, and would need to be monitored by a team of scientists the entire time; but they'd long ago learned to keep a spare body for Jebediah at the ready. With this, his thirty-third revivification, he had died more than any other kerbal to date. The tank slid open, and Jebediah crawled out, looking good as new. "Happy Birthday!" Shouted the gathered guests Jeb blinked and rubbed his eyes. "How long was I out? What killed me this time?" "Just vun day. Ve haff gotten the revivicators vorking at maximum theoretical efficiency." "A...and I don't really kn... know what killed y... you. You j... just... popped." said the nervous voice from the comm panel. Jeb grabbed the nearby kPad and logged in. "I'll just put it down as 'Mun Ghost'" "Why do you have a spreadsheet for this?" "Well, Val, I take pride in my accomplishments." "Anyways, Jeb, in a couple days, you get another shot at landing safely on the Mun. You should get ready." Muniy II sat on the pad, securely held by eight clamps around the base. Jebediah sat in the front seat, with relative newbies Maclas and Ircas flanking him. With a furious roar, the M1 rocket leapt for the sky. The array of... a few dozen? engines shot it skyward, munward. The verniers guided the rocket through the upper atmosphere. "Yikes!" "Don't worry, it's just the old stage. If there was a real problem we'd have exploded already!" "Almost in orbit" "And done. Now I'll just remote control the lander" "They've automated it" "Phooey" "Alright, to the Mun we go!" "Can you... ugh... not spin so fast? I'm... ugh... getting sick" said Maclas "Sorry!" "Say, how is this ship still connected to the launch vehicle?" said Ircas "You're the engineer here, I just fly the ship" "So, Maclas, you got that checklist?" "Yeah, right here. Not much on it. The whole craft was built for reliability, and neither of us could fix it even if we found something. Ircas gave it a look-over while we were still docked to the CSM." "I just want to be sure, is all." "What happened to the reckless Jeb, the one who crashed a plane while giving an orientation?" "This is my last chance at a Mun mission. If I screw this up, or if anything screws this up, I don't get another chance at it. Gene already had to pull the strings." Maclas didn't really have anything to say to that. "Hmm, I don't like these coordinates" "Why not?" "Well, first of all, it isn't near anything useful. There's an anomaly to the north, but it's too far away for us to investigate. And second, just look at the slope map" "Oh, yikes." "We'd slide, what, a kilometer into the crater, and the lander would end up on its side." "Can we change the coordinates?" "I think the manual's over by you" "Hmm, 'Anatid Robotics Mechanical Jeb System Version 2.18 Operations Manual'" "Of course" "What's wrong, Jeb?" "Do you know what it feels like to live in the shadow of a giant for your entire life, and to be reminded of that fact at every turn, whenever you see the manufacturer's logo on a fuel tank, or read up on kerbal history, or look at... well, the exact style of facial hair you're currently wearing?" "Well... no, not exactly." said Maclas, self-consciously twiddling with his mustache. "On the plus side, I think I have an idea of how this system works now" "Landing site change: Confirmed. New coordinates now onscreen" "God, they even copied his voice." "Well it could be worse..." ventured Maclas "Oh, really, how?" "They could've copied his volume." There was a pause. And then, without warning, Jebediah burst into laughter. "They really couldn't, it would break the whole ship!" "Oh, we're burning" "The landing site changed definitely worked" "This path feels risky." "Relax, the new site should be flat enough to build a base on" "Welp, time to have a look around." "Wait, is this thing on?" "I think you just used up the film" "Well krud" "Just plant the flag and take the surface sample so we can get home" "You got the science?" "Yeah, of course." "Then let's go" "Lower tanks depleted, time to get rid of the stage" "Now we need to get on a rendezvous track" "Just need to wait" "Do we just ditch the lander here?" "That's what the checklist says, but we could probably bring it back with us." "Ehh, nah. It's done its job. It can stay." "They really gave us too much launch vehicle." "Yeah." "We can actually shed almost all of our velocity" "Wow, yeah" "We're really falling now" "I... I did it! I... I landed to the Mun, and I left a flag. I'm... I guess technically the first and third? Fourth? Kerbal on the mun." "And I think we have enough science for the next stage of Munar exploration!"
  18. Granted, you have semblance to an Alien, and people killed you for that... I wish a Shark eats my head...
  19. GRS

    Post True Facts!

    14/15 Schrödinger's Cat is a Paradox, where all conditions have an equal chance of occuring before you reveal it...There are 2 or 4 Possible Scenarios, The Cat Live and the bottle didn't broke, The Cat Live but the bottle broke (If God want this, it's possible), The Cat died but the bottle didn't broke, and The Cat died and the bottle broke Derivative Functions (Indonesia : Fungsi Turunan) is EZ...
  20. For now, until I get a better handle on what Tonka Crash said regarding coordinates, I'm getting pretty good at manually piloting to a "close" landing to my mining base. With my fuel carrying rover having 2 CC-R2 connectors on each side, and a CB1 ground base with 2 CC-R2 connectors, I only need to get within 120 meters of the mining base to connect my fuel hauler...completely doable 99% of the time. The KAS "migration" wiki page is not very...clear...on exactly how to replace my old parts with new ones. In truth, I've only read through it 7 times so maybe 10 - 12 times will make it understandable to me. I feel like there is a language translation issue with it? I have 2 choices here, as far as I can see. Continue the Jool and Eeloo exploration with 1.4.3...or start all over after updating to 1.6.1 or 1.7 (and the recalcitrant KAS, causing all the issues). Not sure how I'm going to proceed, at this point. I don't quite get why KSP can be updated and my old stock parts automatically replaced with the new stock parts...but KAS is incapable of doing this? For now I think I will leave KSP alone and go kill things on my XBox...a good way to get rid of the stress that this attempt at upgrading KSP has caused.
  21. GRS

    2 words names for crafts

    PewDiePie Lasagna
  22. Some posts have been removed or edited. Guys, asking about mod updates is not against any rules. It's only a problem if it's done rudely or repetitively. And even then, what we ask you to do is report such posts to the moderators so that we can deal with it rather than grousing at each other and making newbies feel unwelcome.
  23. GRS

    KSP's Vending Machine

    Recieves a "Kopiah" Inserts a Turban
  24. Today
  25. GRS

    Rate the location....

    Wow !!! Ultra Rare Reply !!!(?) 9/10 Either you're a Merman or you have some water house...
  26. Thanks. Working on ep08 now
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