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  2. Its not a bug. That's the way they work. They can only switch to a fuel that is present. Think about it. Lets say you make a ship with Thermal Turbo, you're going to use atmosphere and then HTP. So you have air intakes to provide the atmosphere and fuel tanks for HTP. There are however lots of other options LArgon, LKrytpon, etc. Then you launch the craft. The engine now only cycles between the fuels available to it. There is intake air/atmosphere available, and then HTP in the fuel tanks. So that's what you can switch between. Can you switch to LArgon, or any of the others? no. Because they are not present on the ship. Therefore once you get into space there is no more intake air/atmosphere. Therefore the only fuel available to the engines is HTP. As soon as you dip down into an atmosphere again you will be able to switch back. Edit: Ok missed the landed on the grasslands part.....that's weird. I don't have any trouble with mine coming back down. What version are you running? What do your air intakes say? They aren't closed are they?
  3. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    Recovering Snoopy

    Might damage it, but it COULD work. Alternatively:
  4. Second entry already Like I said, welcome down the rabbit hole Looks like a very controlled and stable flight, well done Why did you land at the dessert airfield though? Did it just happens since you ran out of fuel and coincidentally the airfield came across at the right time or did you plan to land there? Oh, and here is your new badge
  5. Land ceases to be scarce when you can make it (orbital habitats, built by robots). This thread has gone, way, way off topic, but let me say that I see post-scarcity as a thing when for little money (still likely a lot for "regular" people) a robot can be sent that can mine resources, and then make more robots as needed to do whatever the task is---say building a space colony. Turn the bots loose, then occupy the structure when done, the entire cost literally being getting the first self-replicating miner-robot to the target resource. Nothing short of that likely meets the definition, frankly, so it's a LONG way out. On topic, again, I find the current NASA timeline unlikely, but the only part that doesn't make it impossible is the uncertainty about what capabilities might exist soon due to Blue Origin and SpaceX both building stuff with or without NASA.
  6. Ultimate Steve

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Which one?
  7. FahmiRBLXian


    IIRC, at that moment, I have KK installed without turning on that function, but the only thing I remember is that I some sort of collided with a structure there (I mean not just standing on let's say, the launch pad). Something bad occured then when I switched to Space Center view, I can only see Baikerbanur and only able to enter KSC buildings via its icons on the left. Anyways, the past is in the past, let's call it a day for this issue.
  8. RocketSquid

    Off-kerbin hiring

    Are there any mods that allow you to get new kerbonauts somewhere besides the astronaut complex on kerbin and do not dramatically change the game in some other way?
  9. Flibble

    [1.7] kOS v1.1.8.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    That's a good point, you're at nearly 5 degrees AoA there so it's not surprising the pitch control isn't great. You could try pitching over much lower so you're not trying to make large adjustments once you're at significant speed. I find 50 m/s a good starting point for pitch over, for a fast rocket like that I'd be tempted to start pitching pretty much as it clears the tower. Also you're seeing 50 degree heading when your pitch is almost vertical, at that point heading is largely academic as you're going straight up.
  10. Version 1.21.6 for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1, 1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1, 1.7.0 Released on 2019-05-21 Added Russian Localization (credits by Sool3) Added Ability of Nuclear Lightbulb to increased mass flow and Improved Fuel Flow Exhaust Effects Added Thermal Insulators to Probe Cores Added KSPIE patch to Integrate SpaceKiss Liberty Nuclear LightBulbs Added Improved Integration for Dawn Ion Engine Added ability of Thermal Antimatter Reactor to use any Antimatter duel source Added ability of Beam Core Antimatter Reactor to connect to Plasma Nozzle and MHD Power Generator Added Dill Sample Science Experiment Added High Atmosphere, Low Space and High Space Laser Beam Experiment Balance: Increased Efficiency and Power of Nuclear Fission Reactor Balance: Increased Efficiency Low Tech Thermal Power Generator Balance: Reduced Default size Liquid Core Nuclear Engine Balance: Increased Gimbal Range Nuclear and Thermal Ramjet Removed ability of Thermal Antimatter Reactor to connect to Plasma Nozzle and MHD Power Generator Fixed Jerking During Faster Than Light Travel of Alcubiere Warp Drive Fixed issue with Ion Engine not showing exhaust
  11. FahmiRBLXian

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    *Wakes up from sleep* TL;DR? @sarbian
  12. Pthigrivi

    The Korolev Crunch.

    This is what I do. I find it doesn't have to be very high up on the booster, just forward of its dry COM so it kicks out with a bias. If its up too high they tend to rotate around and collide at the engine bells. I'll occasionally use sepratrons the same way on really huge boosters.
  13. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    I'll name the next contraption the Kraken, I promise.
  14. I'd go so far as to claim that Capitalism requires IP law (and local branding monopolies) to maintain scarcity. IP, by definition, has no scarcity. Any physical products might have IP in their designs, and it is often clear that an identical copy can be produced for an order of magnitude less by those unconcerned with IP law. I'd suspect that China or India could manage such a trick by ignoring IP law for quite some time (note that the US rise to power coincided with a period of ignoring UK IP*). The biggest difficulty would be to somehow produce their own IP once they ran out of stuff to help themselves to. Using Socialism would be a start, but I'd guess that the feedback mechanisms of the free market would work much better than some commissar deciding who should work on what IP. How that feedback mechanism would work (raw downloads? Cycle counts of software (by library call)? Likes?) is beyond me. Finally, this isn't quite "zero scarcity". Just "zero artificial scarcity" and wildly higher effective wealth. And there still is the issue about everybody wanting the same bit of land**. * you can similarly trace Western technology all the way back to Egypt and Mesopotamia copying off each other. ** perhaps that IP production is the only way to get the best land?
  15. Uh, you are going too fast while being at low altitide. 371 m/s at 3180 m and dynamic preassure 53147 kPa. That is quite a lot. FAR apply heavy aerodynamic forces and steering manager have struggle to keep it flying straight. And you have wide crosssection area on top that makes craft even more unstable. Try with lower TWR on starting stage, like 1.4 or 1.6 to see if it will improve.
  16. Triop

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today, moarrr robotics... Man, these things are fun to build
  17. The thing is that IMO post-scarcity on Earth requires: 1. Resources off Earth. (and the cost-effective infrastructure to get things back and forth) 2. Technology that doesn't yet exist (at least more narrowly intelligent autonomous systems, possibly something closer to AGI). So while you are right regarding economics, the two technological paths require commercial entities to occur. So for post-scarcity we need a critical mass of off the shelf tech. I suppose the tech companies can sandbag themselves to keep that just out of reach, but the first to hit some of these goals (before it becomes universal) will get very, very rich, so there is an incentive to make money in these areas, at which point they might put themselves out of a job. I think commercial is driving, and government will have to follow and clean up the mess.
  18. why do you need my help, you've got an entire community here with better answers, the best i can offer is you going to my profile and watching some clips, i usually show the maneuvers and whatnot.
  19. Kerballing (Got Dunked On)

    Triop's Adventures

    We should call it the Quaken--Kerbals quake in fear as they ride, and it looks like a Kraken trap, too.
  20. I totes forgot about LS. Good call, and planetary axis tilting! Thank you.
  21. Good ideas. I'd support a KSP 2 with all those features. Here are 2 more for the sequel: Stock life support Planet and moon axial tilt
  22. I will be broadcasting on mixer in thirty minutes time, I will have chat active but don't have a mic, so all questions are going to be posted on a new thread tittled First Broadcast.

  23. Спасибо (Spasiba)!
  24. tater

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    3 hours or so from now:
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