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  2. For engines with the "Truss Mount" option, IMO it should be the default - more realistic looking
  3. If you are below the static friction point there should be very little sliding. E.G. If the lateral (sliding) force is less than the sticking (vertical) force, then there should be no sliding (that is not the actual math that is used, but a gross simplification). Nothing will stop sliding on extreme slopes though, at least nothing 'wheel' based -- what you need at that point are spikes or active attachment mechanisms (ground anchors), which this mod does not provide. So, the answer should be 'KSPWheel doesn't do any of that silly stuff that stock wheels do'.
  4. Sky Vagrant

    Dumb ways to die (KSP Edition)

    Once I separated from my Mun station, plotted a return trip to Kerbin for the next orbit, and after I hit the engines I said, “Oh look, I’ll be flying right past the station-“ Blam! Right into it. Think I killed a kerbal in the Cupola (rocket was unmanned delivering science back to Kerbin), but I was so freaked out I immediately reloaded the last save.
  5. Serpens Solidus

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    we were promised? I forgot that then, it's been so long
  6. I believe, and I truly believe, that squad should focus a lot on KSP 2.0, skipping 1.8, 1.9, 1.9.1 etc and making the next big update and dlc truly something epic. We need caves, underwater caverns, a facelift for all the planets, optional clouds-dust storms-tornadoes-weather, facelift for the ground textures and all parts, a comet or 2, asteroids that aren't exclusive to kerbins soi, while roving you should get pop ups saying things like "discovered new area, Kraken Cave", a little bit of post processing, story mode for career that has you going to different anomalies and unlocking lore, dynamic part upgrades, dynamic economy system where ore appears in 3 tiers of rarity, with some types only on asteroids, some only on moons and some only on planets, allowing a reason to have merchant ships flying between worlds, a new simple life support/kerbal death/reproduction system to make colonization make sense, have it based on mining, say, asteroid ore is the only ore that produces air, moon ore is the only type that produces food, planetary ore the only type that can be turned to fuel, making mining and life support and colonization dynamic, a simple radiation and sickness system, and a few new parts specifically designed for ground bases and colonization, all built around the career mode. A basic autopilot which would encourage new players to join, allowing automated landing, docking, launching and rendezvous. A few new parts such as a solar sail, a laser to push the solar sail, a nuclear reactor, a single microwave beamed power part, a new planet and another star which can be unlocked by completing the story and activating all the anomalies. A system that enables research on stations to be conducted that requires a long term presence and continuous resupply. Please squad, ksp can be so much more, so much more.
  7. DeltaDizzy

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It's never been a two-seater.
  8. HansonKerman

    Shower thoughts

    In infinite universes, there are infinite possibilities = an infinite number of KSP universes where Kerbals and Krakens and stuff exist. Same with Klamperture and/or Aperture Science universes.
  9. HansonKerman

    Are humans smart?

    No. Humans are not smart.
  10. Triop

    What did you do in KSP today?

  11. Loskene

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hasn't the inline one always been a 2-seater or am I imagining that?
  12. 5thHorseman

    POLL: When did you start playing KSP?

    Along with every other thing ever made forever. That's one thing I'll never miss.
  13. Soooo yeah, I'm not running any battles myself because my game decided to stop wanting to zoom in properly, which is kinda important for the videos. This means we're down to fewer judges and means the battle recordings will be longer between. I've already tried a lot of stuff to resolve it, but no luck so far... Let's hope it just goes away over time!
  14. Fearless Son

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Is that a modded part? Because I've been waiting for Squad to add a two-seater Mk1 inline cockpit for a while now.
  15. HansonKerman

    King of the Hill

    I wait for you to become Minmus again and mine you. My Minmus.
  16. Sorry for the noob question, but does this mod prevent unbreaked rovers from sliding down hills at ludricrous speeds (and blowing up on impact) like they did in stock? From what I gather the friction model has been severely improved.
  17. The Minmus Derp

    King of the Hill

    i temporarily transform into a giant python and eat the world. my eaten world pythons can't throw up and this one can't get sick and can't die
  18. kerbiloid

    King of the Hill

    >free world >Done. The world is successfully unallocated.
  19. have an iPod Mini from 2005 that I STILL use to this day. I swapped the hard drive out for a compact flash card, so it's now a 16 GB flash iPod, and I replaced the battery twice over the years with third party replacement batteries. That latest battery still works for a few hours, but it's definitely reduced from the old literal full day of play time it used to have when fresh. Definitely time to upgrade the battery again. Heck... Maybe I'll even get a 32 or 64 GB card and upgrade the whole thing! Far cry from it's original 6 GB!
  20. kerbiloid

    2 words names for crafts

    "Word Word"
  21. My craft file That craft is the mk1 okay Also you can modify it if you want to
  22. Kerbart

    2 words names for crafts

    Wouldn’t that be “words words” if we want them double?
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