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  2. Based on the same intersection test, KSP2 was released about a decade ago. But yeah, that's why you don't use regression on raw data. You always need to have a model in mind.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks their carrier aircraft looks chrap and flimsy? Note how they no longer specify it's supersonic.
  4. Yeah, it's almost always wheels, and AP's "biplane" wheels are pretty much unusable, even with those KSPWheel patches. I just wasn't sure if I was noticing some very subtle torque being applied as well.
  5. Hi, with the latest version of the mod KSP can't load. If i uninstall the mod KSP will load. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GAyqzPU-u6Joi5dcUfn6vvbmzr7mfG3t/view?usp=sharing Or another mod break it...
  6. Sounds like he went full fearmongerer instead. I'm wondering on whose behalf he did this.
  7. Thank you both for the suggestions. I was assuming that since the parts were touching they should meld together, so to speak. I've actually somehow not even heard of auto strut until now, and advanced tweakables was also unchecked. So many cool little things to discover in this game. I'll add some struts in the cracks between the tanks (I like that they're not that visible), and that decoupler method looks pretty cool (and thanks for the visual aid too I'm not sure I would have understood what you meant). I'll give these a shot and see how it goes. Thanks!
  8. I found out how to add images using discord media so heres the rocket: note: the av-t1 winglets arent there anymore
  9. I don't know if this is either weird or shocking but the fact is: Space is completely silent Its weird for me because here there is almost no silence even at night. Also for you people who know this and think its not really weird it is for me. for some reason
  10. Well, my point is that while there is water there, you will need to process a lot of atmosphere to get a small amount of it. I am not saying that it is inaccessible, just that there is not that much per unit volume
  11. Today
  12. @Ikkjotto avoid cluttering the forums, I've merged your topics. Under your profile, you can click "edit profile". Most of your questions can be answered by reading the links I have already provided.
  13. Mission Report: December 5, 2020 Faction: Kerbinational Aeronautics and Space Administration (KASA) Username: AeroSky Launches: 0 No launches were conducted in the last week as the Agency's focus has transitioned to achieving better milestones. Development of numerous launch vehicles are underway.
  14. oh I think I've done a bad thing; I set LVD Maximum Script propagation time to 3600 (I was thinking five mins, but obv and hour), and I think now it's going to run for 6 more hours... Is there any way to interrupt it? Killing the prog will loose unsaved changes, I think I had been changing a sequential event and it had been throwing 5 second exceeded warnings when closing them. Obviously my fault, but what is it actually doing on each event close/save? Some of the GUI is live, and the task bar icon occasionally highlights. I'm playing with a Mars ascent vehicle.
  15. I heard that you can change it from your profile but I can't seem to do that. I went to my profile and saw nothing called "Add Description" or "Description" Could someone help? I am on mobile by the way,
  16. Are You sure it's torque not wheels? AP wheels are quite buggy, @Citizen247 created config fixing some issues with few of them but for me part of them still unreliable.
  17. oh thanks! Oh I didn't see it I thought that was you replying to me but thanks! I just read it and I didn't seem to find anything helping with pictures and links. Are you sure its there?
  18. Having looked around and thought about what you said, I think you are referring to the https:// in the address bar of your browser? If so, all pages that I have visited on the forums are listed as secure, along with everybody else I have talked to. Note, Moderators are not accessing the forums from special server, we're just normal users like yourself, so we're not getting any special access. This sounds like there is something wrong on your end with your browser or ISP.
  19. I wonder how does this compare against RocketLab's Electron...
  20. That's curious -- but doing a series of tests myself with a different AP engine shows the same thing. A nice turbo-boost effect when pulling into a hard turn or climb. On a different subject, do AP engines have actual torque represented? I'm building a biplane and notice that adding some starting left-bank trim on takeoff helps keep it steady and not veer off the runway.
  21. Hotel26: Leg 3 [prev] [progress] [click & arrows] Departed: 10.65/-88.93 @ 3.156 5.26 Airborne: 27m Heading: 260 Distance: 103.1 km Altitude: 1.2 km Arrival: 9.50/-98.90 Crossing the Western Channel. Leg 4 [click & arrows] Departed: 9.50/-98.90 @ 3.157 0.36 Airborne: 30m Heading: 263 Distance: 129.5 km Altitude: 3.1 km Arrival: 8.37/-111.36 Took a calculated risk and flew long into mountains to keep the scenic interest high. Landed with 20% fuel remaining.
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