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  2. Oh, no need to apologize! It is ready when it is ready and it will be amazing I am sure. In the meantime I'll happily play the current version. Cheers and thanks again for the nice work!
  3. Did a mission to test the Vector engine landed on minmus. I used this funny looking craft which took off with 2 kickback boosters strapped to it. Coming back from minmus was where it got interesting, since I had only 200 m/s delta v in orbit of minmus which isn't enough to get back to Kerbin directly, so I used a mun gravity assist to get into a low kerbin orbit, so it took about 110 m/s instead of 300 m/s. Unfortunately due to bad time warps I had to revert it, but I got screenshots. Using mun to get to kerbin since I had almost no delta v.
  4. I sent 12 different spacecraft to three different places. 6 TO DUNA Small tourist transport destined for Jool Making a refueling stop at Ike Large docking-capable tourist transport Neptune IV Mass ore transport Can hold up to 1500 units of ore. 35-person surface outpost for Ike Module to expand a space station. PURPOSE: to make it easier for large planes to dock with the station. 3 to Jool Aerial Probe Mass ore transport for Vall Necessary to refuel Poseidon-class planes since their TWR is too low for that moon. Laythe surface outpost Not pictured since, at the time the picture was taken, the Laythe surface base hadn't made its escape burn yet. 3 to Eve Space Station (for contract) Module to expand a space station Same design as the one heading for Duna Standby Gilly lander No way I'm risking a bouncy refueling for that plane.
  5. This mod has been around for a while now, I just never made a thread for it in the forums. I'm trying to start making threads again, just to see how it goes. Expecially because I want to see how the automatic installation using the twitch app goes. Regarding the kk compatibility, that feature has already been added to the mod a few versions back.
  6. There isn't really one. If it's anything, it'd be Hydrus. It does have a thick atmosphere but its gravity is fairly low.
  7. I have noticed blinking like in that video even at 1x speed. Although it does not happen often and I normally ignore it.
  8. And give it some time, it´s definitely not a cheerleader. It´s more like the physics nerd who needs some time and effort to open up. But with her watching the Mun will never get boring while the cheerleader after one weeks bothers the hell out of you with always the same stupid talk about her hair style, false fingernails and if you think her trunk became fatter. Chose wisely Maybe KSP2 will become both, a cheerleader who is a physics student (?) But that´s far away yet and I only believe it when I see it. KSP1 isn´t, that´s for sure.
  9. Well if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend going with a pack of aero engineers rather than a pack of kids. (Although we probably looked like kids in a candy story to the other tourists.)
  10. @Sigma88 Lovely! I’ve wanted a mod like this for a long time I’ll install it as soon as I get a chance to play KSP. I’ve got a feature suggestion: please ignore me if this is impossible or just too difficult, but it’d be cool to see Kerbal Konstructs support, so that you can see your custom statics out of the editor doors
  11. Attempted design: now with He-100-style wing radiators but using lava instead of water!
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  13. (After taking a look at Mandalorian series). Yodas eat frogs. Alive.
  14. Ah good old nested gamedata issues. A pain in the rear of modders and users alike since time began.
  15. Question has been split into it's own thread to avoid confusion.
  16. And that's a purpose for the Moon. Covering it with countless antennas made of local metals. As the antennas themselves are mostly rather simple parts.
  17. This is an absolute must-have if you have any mods with nicer looking parts like Near Future, Probes Plus, or BDB.
  18. ~~FUNKY~~ I don't get the meaning of the song at all, but the simultaneous energizing and pacifying nature of the song is just so.... good.... And @Yeet_TheDinosaur, if you liked "We are number one.", You are going to love this:
  19. I do want to make it clear, it was a single cell of their high capacity "FUSION Advanced Alkaline" version (red and silver label), and not the regular Rayovacs (grey and blue label). All my other devices using either style cell are fine, and no other cells have shown signs of leaking, both in AA and AAA sizes. It does leave me thinking about rechargeable though... That was honestly as bad as I've seen on car battery terminals! It was always intended to bring about the concept of "jiffy", or "in a jiff", meant to imply motion or liveliness. People who just plain and simply did not know any better chose to make assumptions based on the individual words that made up the acronym (to be fair, a reasonable error to make), and created one of the oldest and longest lasting web wars over pointless stuff that absolutely doesn't matter. Thankfully, I've always been on the winning team!
  20. Oh, you meant the Alien movie. I thought you meant the Covenant from Halo, since Halo: Reach dropped into the Master Chief Collection a few days ago... In other news, I spilled coffee on my laptop. It survived, but now some of the keys are a bit "sticky." I got real lucky.
  21. If you mean Breakthrough Starshot then that is a phased array of ground based lasers up to 100GW of power on a tiny payload. The photon recycling concept is something else...the Photonic Laser Thruster.
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