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  2. Boyster

    Large Spaceplane Wings

    May i add on this one that you should use it really carefully.When the heaviest part changes it might cause kraken to attack.So try to avoid it especially if you plan to dock the vessel with something else.
  3. Hotel26

    The Truman Kerman Craftyard

    Lark Craftyard Description nod to Cavscout74 1:engines 2:flaps A stock aircraft called Lark, faintly reminiscent of the DC-3. Built with 35 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark1Cockpit. Inspired by Cavscout74’s Jet-3, but rendered with all stock parts, Lark cruises 312 m/s at 4 km drawing 0.09 kal/s, achieving a range of over 700 km. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.6.1. Happy Flying!
  4. blowfish

    [1.7.0] B9PartSwitch v2.7.1 (April 17)

    Do you know what mod the DemonBattery directory belongs to? Issue seems to be with those parts. Best guess is that both CryoTanks and it are adding fuel switching to its parts, but I'd have to see the configs/patches involved to be sure.
  5. But then won't it break some mods that have dependencies on others? Also last time I checked Error code 0xC0000005 was a problem with windows and not KSP Update: The offending mod was routine mission manager, thank you for the help James Kerman! Very Cool!
  6. Cavscout74

    [1.7.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    I've got the same issue as well as one other: With Community Tech Tree also installed, the flight control upgrades don't appear. So far, my FCP module is stuck with no upgrade option, so it doesn't get the built-in RCS. In sandbox (with the "Apply part upgrades" checked) it appears with RCS, just in career (and I assume Science mode also). Edit: At a glance (I'm pretty early in my 1.7 career) it looks like the engine upgrades show up normally, just not the flight control upgrades.
  7. So here's my dilemma, right? I've built this rad spaceship using KSPI and Procedural Parts that has a 5m-wide main body. However, I don't have any 5m-wide passenger cabins (or command modules, for that matter), and I use CLS so clipping a bunch of little passenger cabins into a big structural part ain't gonna cut it. Are there any mods that might assuage my ails?
  8. Not at present, no. IIRC, the APAS the Chinese use requires a significant amount of kinetic energy to properly engage, which is why their docking to Tiangong 1 and 2 usually looked kinda Kerbal. Closure rates were... high. The ISS has put the new LIDS ports over the APAS, so they'd have to remove the LIDS to dock a Shenzhou. LIDS to Chinese APAS would probably break the LIDS port.
  9. Have you tried vessel mover? Use hyperedit to get there, and vesselmover to place is exactly.
  10. I foreseen that outcome, and i prefer letting you doing the 100, one of that is enough for me, and CONGRATULATIONS MATEE !!! @Aperture Science Lasagna... 0 ( )
  11. 100(+) YESSSSSS!!!! Thanks @GRS and everyone who made it possible.
  12. fourfa

    Can we get a Tilt Meter mod?

    KER has a slope readout, which you can use in flight to scout good locations. Then perhaps drive a rover around with a more precise readout than you could spot by eye on the navball. Then plant a survey flag and return with your base components...
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