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  2. ExtremeSquared

    What issues have people been having with SAS?

    This is why V(target)(surface relative) and V(target)(orbit relative) should be manually selectable. While the error is barely visible on high-orbit tidally-locked moons, it makes sense for the game to coddle people during landings on Minmus and other non-locked moons.
  3. Even with the solution you're providing, I'm having trouble installing Scatterer through CKAN; I can't click the checkbox to install it
  4. Janderklander

    Problemas para marcar objetivo

    Puede ser que sea alguna actualización. A veces me ha pasado eso de que no marque.
  5. @akron Well only one engine has this problem too, which is the Linkor Service module. But only the RCS ports on it have the problem. The engine bell itself does not show the plume. All the other engines are fine too. I have traced it back to Real fuels since I have not installed real plume seen in the second imgur link. Maybe RF has something of RP related installed with it but what it is, I have no idea. I also posted the problem over on the RF forum post but so far no reaction
  6. Janderklander

    Ayuda!!!!! Transferencia planetaria.

    Buenas. El periodo que te marca el window transfer es de un periodo completo (órbita) por defecto. No sé a que te refieres con las amplitudes de días, pero vamos por partes que hay que diferenciar lo que hace el Window y lo que hace el Alarm Clock. El Transfer, lo que te da en el punto que tu elijas de la ventana (que seguramente elegirás el de menos coste) son los datos de DeltaV para las órbitas (distancia) de salida y llegada que le indiques, suponiendo que la órbita de salida es completamente plana (0º de inclinación), por lo que tómate siempre estos números como orientativos. También asegúrate que la maniobra la haces en el punto que te marca el ángulo de salida de la órbita. TUTORIAL TRANSFER WINDOW PLANNER Por todo ello, te tienes que tomar los número que te da como orientativos, ya que posiblemente nunca te encuentres en las condiciones ideales que calcula el Window Transfer. Ojo! además también te indica la fecha exacta de la maniobra, por lo que si la quieres hacer unos días antes o después, puedes, pero los valores de deltaV vana variar, y según el planeta al que vayas, puede variar bastante a poco que hayas investigado en la ventana de transferencia. En cuanto al Alarm Clock. Ten en cuenta que puedes configurar las alarmas para que te de tiempo a cambiar de nave. Asegúrate que te avisa lo más cercano a cuando tienes que hacer la transferencia, porque por defecto creo que viene que te avise 3 días antes de las transferencias, yo por ejemplo lo he puesto para que me avise 3 horas antes de la fecha de la transferencia para que me de tiempo a hacer la maniobra, y luego cuando hago la configuración de la maniobra, si el periodo de órbita es inferior a esas 3 horas, voy sumando órbitas hasta que coincidan las fechas más o menos. Las correcciones de maniobra, me suelen pasar cuando los motores tienen un ISP muy alto o en tiempos de encendido muy largos. También hay planetas más complicados que otros, por ejemplo Moho o Dres, son difíciles porque tienen SOI pequeñas y además las órbitas son para darles de comer aparte...…. Un saludo.
  7. KSK

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    @ProtoJeb21 I like your post but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with your point about subverting audience expectations. Subverting expectations is an excellent way of throwing in a twist that the audience just didn’t see coming, which changes their whole perspective on a film, and which breaks them out of their comfortable rut, turning a good film into a really memorable film in the process. As an example I give you six immortal words. ”No Luke - I am your father.”
  8. Cool, must be even harder with life support. He is back! I hope I have done a good job answering questions, although i haven't really updated the scoreboard. I also hope you brought enough snacks for your kerbals, in my experience they might get a bit hungry.
  9. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Its great that this happened during a static fire and not in a real abort event.
  10. Yes, I do have Restock+ parts on that shuttle : the main tank nosecone and probably those 2 SRBs.
  11. 5thHorseman

    Video recorder for KSP and other games...

    While this is true (I use one my own self) the OP is talking about making their own videos, not watching others'. I've never had this issue, but if you can't get it I'd suggest going to the OBS forums themselves. I remember when I DID set it up that they were quite helpful, though admittedly that was years ago.
  12. 5thHorseman

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    I just figured it was the ruins of the 2nd Death Star, maybe on Endor. And yes I know the stuff about Endor not surviving that explosion. That's science. This is Star Wars.
  13. Ahhh. I guess I was under the impression that 3.0 was quite far out.
  14. KSK

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    And that, right there, sums up the Star Wars fandom. Familiar = rehash. Different = Not Star Wars. Either way there is much internet bile spilled and great outrage from the defenders of the faith. Not to mention that it’s become increasingly difficult to separate the genuine criticism from the misogynistic twaddle. Not impressed by the teaser. Looks like a begging ‘don’t hate on us’ plea to the more rabid elements of the fanbase. Chubby Lando, the Emperor (seriously?) and what looks like Yet Another Superweapon. Even the title is lame. Hopefully it’ll bear no resemblance to the actual film.
  15. KAS v1.3 1.3 (April 21st, 2019): [Change] KSP 1.7 compatibility. [Fix #263] Missing files trying to compile locally. [Fix #264] It's seems that KAS v1.2 do not support KSP v1.7. For now only GitHub and Spacedock are updated. CurseForge and CKAN will need extra couple of days. It's a common process issue when a new major version is released, no need to worry.
  16. Stop what you’re doing and start looking at Kerbalism 3.0. Those messages are a thing of the past, they no longer show up in the new science mode.
  17. Today
  18. Could someone make an IVA for the new MK2 Lander Can?
  19. Kerbal Actuators is no longer a requirement (to keep the required mod list down) You still need it if you want the 3 engine modes!
  20. Mopoii

    Air speed record

    So, if I summarise, the challenge is about building a craft that has to be able to take off and land by it's own, without decouplers, while trying to reach maximum speed at an altitude where jet engines work (so <15km). Tell me if I'm wrong But are you allowed to use rocket engines or is it jet only ? That would make a big difference. And do you include Rapiers ? If so, both modes or only air breathing ?
  21. Missingno200

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I thought it was an interesting video, but too bad there was no game audio and what audio was there was really quiet. Also, hey that's my post! Feels weird... Anyways, I've been working on a massive scenario and have been rigorously testing things for it. Edit:Pic related to the scenario I'm referring to. It's an easteregg so don't click the spoiler if you don't want to get spoiled on an easteregg of the scenario.
  22. I'm not much against the old Wolfhound stats. Most parts that were formerly introduced had it's complaints like the Vector for instance. Somehow the Wolfhound is stats beyond believe. I'm not against it since it is a replica and most modded engines have stats based on prototypes that are leaps ahead like atomic engines and sorts alike. So how would the old Wolfhound cope outside the realm of KSP? If anything, a engine with similar stats (415ISP) that is a Hydrolox engine would be considered realistically scaled, it's just that there is only LF/OX in the game making such a engine arbitrary. If that is what a Wolfhound engine is to represent Squad should listen more closely as the community clearly expects some alternative fuel resource to backup the engine stats. As of now I see the Wolfhound as a exceptional engine for Tylo SSTO's. As it happens I made a few for a soon to come Grand tour science mode While being OP, having the old Wolfhound stats could justify other applications for this engine, as being said this is SSTO's with higher payload fraction especially on early SSTO's and better Eve upper stages. If this is against the wishes of many players they can just not use them or leave them out of the challenge rules.
  23. RealKerbal3x

    JacobTheFoxx's Mission Reports (IMAGE HEAVY)

    Don’t worry, nobody really posts on my thread either* but I keep making mission reports there because I like to document stuff. *With the notable exception of @Kerballing (Got Dunked On), who seems to frequent every thread in KSP Fan Works and Mission Reports
  24. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Started a duna mission, decided to make a Duna ore Bust style mission report for the fun of it. The mods are K&K planetary base system, USI-LS, StockalikeStationParts Expansion, and Cryogenic Engines Any ideas for what I should add to the side ports? It has to be small, I've only got a TWR of 0.15 even with this Cryogenic Engine.
  25. Manually deleting the excess asteroids I had tracked was the solution. I manually edited the save file to get rid of most. Deleted the VESSEL entry for all the asteroids I hadn't renamed. Load times vastly improved. A mod to filter the asteroids would be useful: both for size (not known once you are tracking them) and even more important, that they have any encounters with Kerbin.
  26. LatiMacciato

    [1.7.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    I did report already before the KSP 1.7.x -compatiblity (Snacks v1.12). Did you take my report into account?
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