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  2. @zer0Kerbal Stock does not use these fuels unless I have missed it in an update, and mods adding fuels usually have to add procedural parts configs as well. Realism Overhaul does it for example, you can check how they do it. This is entirely config-side matter, no need for anything compiled or included in the base mod to be changed.
  3. Gameslinx

    A Dying Planet [Video, Mod]

    Hey all! I've been spending a few months on the planets in the mod I'm developing (Beyond Home), linked in my signature, and wanted to share a short cinematic with you. I really want to portray the desolate and destroyed feel of this planet through the use of objects scattered through the scene. And yes, you can land on those floating islands! I hope you enjoy.
  4. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Start here: Develop Character Personality Then go here: Forty Five Master Characters and here: The Complete Writers Guide To Heroes And Heroines Depends though on how much detail is needed. For one writing project I got a list of names, hair colour, eye colour, height, weight, [a few other traits. -ed.], and some personal history and told Excel to choose randomly among them. I then wrote based on what excel generated. It works for either quick little characters or prices that are 2 kilo-words or so.
  5. Nich

    Math help

    @Snark Ha ha sorry spread sheeting. I am planning an RP-1 play through with procedural engines and I am putting together a spreadsheet to try and optimize my 3 stage rockets. I am just stabbing in the dark here trying to figure things out and this was my first hurdle. I have not played with it yet but I would guess engines have a fixed TWR as you re scale them. I am pretty sure procedural tanks have a fixed structural mass ratio as well. My major constraint is total mass of 20t, 60t, and 150t with as much payload as possible for each pad.
  6. SiriusRocketry

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I would definitely be interested in this.
  7. Mikenike

    Help me with Boats Please

    Wish it was my friend, but i am an Xbox player.
  8. I'm aware you may not be able to say, for a variety of reasons (publisher's rules, Steam being inconsistent, etc, etc.): But could you specify roughly when the DLC is going to release/unlock? May 30th is a bank holiday in the Netherlands, and it would be a proper shame if Breaking Ground releases on 2 AM... May 31st, but technically still the 30th because it's still the 30th in the United States! Haha! Technicalities! Get my orbital drift?
  9. I don't have a console and don't follow the console version of this game, for that reason. I take it you mean there is a Mun launch base in the console version of this game, like what some new bases are on Kerbin, which I haven't used either? Yeah, that's not something I want either. It's quite possible they used the console to test a feature, see how it would be received. Given the feedback (admittedly in this small sample size) seems pretty heavily leaning towards not wanting it, Squad probably decided that feature wasn't well received, and didn't pursue it further.
  10. AmpCat

    [1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1+] REKT Escape Pod Mod

    Looks like I really need to learn some MM skills here. Lots of mods I'd like to help improve, but most people are busy. I'll see what I can figure out. Thanks!
  11. Snark

    Math help

    Moving to Gameplay Questions. Can you explain what it is, exactly that you're trying to do? I can picture a situation where you have a stage and are trying to figure out how much engine it needs. Or where you have an engine and a required TWR, and you're trying to figure out how much payload you can move. Or you know the engine, payload, and desired dV and are trying to figure out how much fuel to add. And a few other things like that. I'm having trouble picturing a situation where you're trying to "find the mass of the stage", since that's right there in the engineering report in the VAB. Can you describe a bit more what it is you're trying to figure out and why?
  12. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Maybe USAF realized that SpaceX is becoming too big and powerful with their cheap reusable rockets, and soon there will be no other launch provider on the market. So they helped other providers to stay afloat.
  13. Yes I meant Toolbar Controller, my bad ;). Thanks. I'm just going to blink a few times and ask myself how I missed that..
  14. I would like bases in space. But I completely agree with you, the player needs to deliver or construct it.
  15. Still not sure why what requires anything involving ModuleManager. Shouldn't the final (patched) configs be sufficient for this?
  16. OPBlue

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Present! (umm... i know absolutely no one on this forum...) (Insert name here)
  17. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Depends where you are... for me tomorrow.
  18. Nich

    Math help

    I had an answer but forgot that Required TWR includes the payload.
  19. No human will be controlling anything. The flight plan is the flight. Any emergency will be dealt with by the computer, it's not like there's an EDL problem and some guy grabs the stick and lands Starship on it's tail, that's not a thing, the computers do it, of they die. The whole "SOS" thing is so rare that the spacecraft name is meaningless.
  20. It is unknown at this time when this expansion will come to console. The best advise I can give is be very patient.
  21. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1+] REKT Escape Pod Mod

    Beyond the OP, you can read the original thread here: Not at the present time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I may do that eventually, but not now. And of course, if someone were to send me a PR with the changes, I'd be happy to accept it
  22. Yeah I don’t need it. If we could disable it, fine, but its kind of against the spirit of the game. I like the Kerbin bases but stuff in space should be delivered by the player.
  23. ARS

    Most efficient ways to conquer earth

    Want to send a message to the whole Earth that you're awesomely powerful, and probably egotistic and evil, too? Just fire up your biggest space laser cannon or longest-range missiles and use them to deface the Moon by blasting your face or INSERT YOUR MESSAGE HERE onto it. After all, the Moon has no weather or pesky tourists to mess it up... so any mark left on it, even if it's just etched into the dust, will probably remain there until the Moon itself is destroyed. Your message will be set in stone, pardon the cliché. It doesn't have to be the Moon. Any sufficiently large and prominent landmark will do. In a pinch, you can use graffiti, as long as it's large graffiti; but lasers, or missiles carving are more stylish. The next logical would be stating your demand to humanity. If they refuse, blow up a chunk of the moon to "persuade" them
  24. When will the console version of the game get a release?
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