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  2. Gilly: the moon where you want to be going fast less than a KM up
  3. This mod is both massively complicated to use, and massively powerful. The former is an inevitable result of the latter, obviously. This must be a huge project. Thank you for making it! It allows me to make some very fun and useful craft, and be able to use them with my meager piloting skills.
  4. Can you try switching to Restock/plus 1.0.3 and see if KR&D works then? If you see the same thing as I do then that's pretty strong evidence for what's causing the bug.
  5. Sorry for so many questions. If it's tiresome, I can lay off for a while. I'm doing my first actual offworld construction. Hooray! There were a lot of fiddly things that I fixed by flailing about and often reloading, like getting the message "no ground contact" when deploying the kit, and it saying that I had no engineers in my workshop, even though I did. O.o But like I said, I got that sorted, somehow. I did have to change my plans in the field, though. I had assumed that since I had a MaterialKits container in the vessel with my workshop, and the vessel was right next to a massive container of MaterialKits, both with 'local warehouse' enabled, I would be able to use those material kits to build the construction kit, but it apparently wants me to have enough kits actually on the vessel with the workshop. Am I missing something? I did manage to solve it with KAS resource hoses, though, which I'm glad that I brought, so it's all sorted right now, but I'd still love to know what is going on.
  6. I'm aware of accelerator driven reactors. Cool stuff. I think it's worth developing. For Z-Pinch Curium-245 isn't necessary - that was proposed for Mini-Mag Orion for reasons that seem to be unrelated to physics. Any fissile isotope should do.
  7. That sounds very much like a mod conflict. What mods do you have installed?
  8. Mystery dome is "forward dome SN7" according to a sign taped to it.
  9. I don't know what effort this is going to require, as I haven't done career since 1.4.x, and that was very modded. Anyways, I'm in! Entry: Pure Stock (GFX only) Custom settings (changes from 'Normal' default): Missing crew do not respawn Allow other launchsites on Part Pressure limits on Part G-Force limits on Kerbal G-Force limits on Always allow action groups on Require signal for control on
  10. It's sad though how this happened. This is wrong, I don't know how this is supposed to be exciting news. I now fear I will have to purchase the Torch Drive for $1.99. @Matt Lowne has a video all about it. I don't think is a reinforce to KSP 2. I finish my statement. And the previous studio was directed to KSP 2 too. If I have some information wrong feel free to message me.
  11. This is a fairly simple challenge. Build an orbital spaceplane and launch vehicle entirely in the VAB and SPH, without any testing and without using any stock game modules. Fly it into LKO and return it to a rolling landing at the KSC, without reverts, on the first try. You can turn on "no crash damage" and "unbreakable joints" in the cheat menu because lots of times part force limits get messed up if you have a big rocket and a small computer, and it would suck to lose out for that reason alone. This challenge has four categories: X-37 Simple: Build a spaceplane that launches inside a fairing on a traditional launch vehicle. Dyna-Soar Tough: Build a spaceplane that launches with crew, without a fairing, on a traditional launch vehicle. Buran Incredible: Build a spaceplane that launches with crew, slung on the side of a 1.5-stage launch vehicle like Energia. STS-1 Impossible: Build a spaceplane that recovers its own engines, slung on the side of its own drop tank, like the STS. You can also buff with these achievements: Safe and Sound: Equip your crew vehicle with an independent launch abort system that will eject them safely at any point from the pad all the way to touchdown. Must be demonstrated AFTER your successful flight. Pay Lode: Carry cargo that is deployed into LKO. Far to Go: Send your spaceplane around the Mun. True Life: Use no reaction wheels, no monopropellant on ascent, and only monopropellant once in orbit. Impossi-Ball: Land your spaceplane on the Mun or Minmus. Elon-gate: Recover your first stage.
  12. Yes, the last restock plus. The problem persists. No change. Only a screen without numbers or anything displayed.
  13. hello, i am still encountering the landing gear problems, they are really frustrating, is there a way to fix them? i am tired of my plane jeering off course or not being stable thanks do you have the config for the rest of the engines?
  14. All engines & tanks in KSP are actually to overpowered for stock scale, but are perfectly tuned for 2.5x sized Kerbin. So when playing with RF-Stock, that isn't changed, still all tanks/engines are to overpowered and perfectly tuned for a bigger scaled Kerbin. So when changing useRealisticMass to false, a mass multiplier is added to all engines & tanks, which means they are now heavier (about 4 times), that however forces you to build huger rockets than before, like if your were to play a 2.5x sized Kerbin. You don't have to turn that option to false, but i would highly recommend it. It makes it so much more challenging and fun. 50.000 EC really sounds like a bit to much here, will definitely have a look at this, thanks for sharing.
  15. what's needed are parts that are "scalable" or "tweakable" or "procedural in a limited range".
  16. no, I had a quicksave mess, so I decided not to record most of it. Summary: Burned OMS at 30% throttle to deorbit, Reentered facing prograde due to aerodynamic instability.
  17. As I understand in modern nuclear bombs the plutonium need to be compressed more than an metallic sphere at one bar to go supercritical, you need less plutonium and more important safety is vastly improved as unless both detonators go off in microseconds of each other you just have an dirty bomb. Instead of an bomb in an cavern have an shaft and an orion style pusher plate connected to an crankshaft drop the nuke and a some water into it, you now have an rather OP steam engine, probably best to make it triple expanding More realistic you could generate plasma and tap it. Again the Curium 245 idea sounds nice, might even work for power as its smaller blasts but again cost.
  18. I had hoped there just existed a part for that purpose already, but just adding a module is easy enough. Thanks for the suggestion!
  19. part of me wonders why they didn't move Baikerbanur where Woomerang is now and have that be an alternative launch-site, (then again I'm not exactly sure of either's inclination exactly).. either way they should've had more buildings for the "Northern Kerbal Launch-site", or at least integrated them better into a campaign (though I guess that's a bit much to ask given they're DLC).
  20. @AccidentalDisassembly You know what.... Thanks a lot for that realization. What's going on is furthermore that without the actual ConfigurableContainers folder, its tank types are undefined, so it's just like the #1 B9PS problem... The tank definition doesn't exist so Configurable Containers doesn't know what it's reading so it's unhappy. I will delete my patch from Reconfig and have @allista repost it in an update to his mod. That's how this gets fixed. Note, it will be updated to detect OPT Legacy and Reconfig. It currently only supports OPT Main with with Firespitter/ without Reconfig.
  21. The game media doesn't have to create drama if it's being generated. How they portray it in their articles is another matter. How well Star Theory was handling the work is complete speculation. And the key events mostly took place when COVID-19 was significant only in China. The later pandemic ensured the impact on Star Theory was fatal, but it could have been fatal without it.
  22. Hi, im on 1.9.1 and i have some flickering issues with shrouds. This one in particular is from stock rocket called acapello. Heat shield's shroud is flickering it'd be great if u could look into it. im on 1.9.1 on latest mods, with AVP installed.
  23. Just checked the code, the vessels met has to be above 0 to get credit. This usually happens when the vessel gets moving.
  24. I've had similar thoughts in this regard. In the stock game, or in KSP 2, or in some DLC for KSP1, whatever: -Have a Visual Programming Language similar to "Scratch" where you can drag and drop different blocks of code. example of what "visual programming language" means: something like this for KSP would involve having specific spacecraft-systems to reference/etc.
  25. This was the exact crux of the discussion. … and, damnit, having revisited my napkin... I see now what I did wrong. I drew a ray from the earth toward the sun, as if it were a finite point. Then, on the circle I'd drawn for the earth, I drew a tiny circle to show the local horizon, with its circumference just touching the ray I'd drawn to the sun. From the center of that circle, my ray for "Straight Up" formed an acute angle. However - I now see what I did wrong: I shouldn't have used the sun as a finite point. I should have recognized that the sun actually lights up 1/2 the sphere (if not more, given its true size compared to the earth), and then drawn my tiny horizon circle on the edge of that... which would indeed have made my 'straight up' ray perpendicular to the sun. DADGUM! Thanks to @cubinator for helping with this: I completely forgot about the terminator Laughing b/c this is what happens when a lawyer, an accountant and a doctor debate science with 12 year old. FYI: .
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