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  2. They'll be part of BDB, replacing the Diamant Asterix (Obelix) if it ever gets deprecated. There's a single part stackable/surface attachable lateral decoupler to build the structure to hold them. That base at the bottom of the stack is a toggle, you would enable that on the bottom one to get a little clearance off the floor of the fairing base. With only the vertical structure it just fits inside a 0.9375m fairing with the IDCSP probes. With the side mounts it needs an 1.875m fairing. There's 0.6m clearance between the uprights so other small probes can go in there too. Historically, once Transtage reached orbit it would slowly accelerate with it's RCS and release them at about 20 second intervals. With the slightly different orbital periods they would separate over a month or two into a "random" distribution global coverage. You'll be able to do it that way if you want. I haven't sorted out the balance yet but they're 0.5m, probably 100kg, solar powered, very little battery (the real ones had no battery), and enough antenna power to serve as a relay connection from geosynchronous orbit. It's intended to be useful in the early game playing with no extra ground stations.
  3. dave1904

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    I am having an issue with the fasa launch tower completely breaking the craft on the launchpad when staging. I downloaded 4.0.7 and tested it again and the same thing happens. Its a space shuttle build I have used for a long time now in many versions of KSP and KJR. I will remove the launch tower for now from the craft since the launch clamps seem to be working and see if I find anymore staging issues. I am thinking of disabling launch clamps in KJR config if thats even possible and test it again. I was never a fan of how even the old versions of KJR dealt with launch clamps. What do you think about disabling lauchclamps atleast for me personally?
  4. HansonKerman

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Suits

    Yay! Cool-looking and functional! Would be good marketed as a Klamperture Science Glowing Thread or something *sinks away into the realm of fan-fiction imagination* hope this will be for 1.7
  5. kerbiloid

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    A video about the ICBM old (1980s) inflatable penaid.
  6. 1. Running 1.6.1, none of the outer planets mods seem to be updated past 1.5.9, but I'll try them out anyway. Assuming I'll need a new save to test after installing them. 3. Installed, now joints don't break anymore, discovering new and more interesting ways to explodinate my probes. Thank you <3 Thank you, accidentally discovered it as well by docking two ships and suddenly noticing that the telescope was operational.
  7. HansonKerman

    [1.7+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.3

    Ah. Thx. I'm thankful for the help, as I haven't used KAS in a long time and I'm a bit rusty, I only normally use it for bases as it's much cleaner with one vessel connecting with pipes when a bunch of other vessels. Anyway, I'll uninstall DBS and relaunch and try to do this again. BTW the connector was not installed on my ship, it was a separate vessel I pulled out using KIS. Again, thx for the help! EDIIT: I just was stupid!!!! I just didn't know how to use KAS (which makes sense, because the last version of KAS I used was the one where KIS was still part of KAS so...
  8. You're looking for LiquidHelium, the regular one. Helium3 is super rare fusion fuel, would be kind of a waste to use it for cooling telescopes...
  9. FazzoMetal

    My Little Video Contribution

    Yes it's pretty much the same idea Now I'm working on an improved version which uses turbojets instead, so that the number of water-take-off is not limited to one!
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  11. Rudolf Meier

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    ok, I tried something... see version 4.0.7 it should now decouple faster (and I hope my new algorithm works that I've added to detect which joints need to be destroyed) ... and, the non-existing mass-less objects are now oriented along the x axis of the root part to even improve their physical influence (which they shouldn't have at all... but... hey... who does understand those game engines??)
  12. TheSpacePlaneArchitect

    Modded game crashing

    I sent both Output and error log. There are 2 links
  13. Rudolf Meier

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    we will fix everything if it's broken (even when it is KSP) ... but I've currently not seen any evidence that it is... we're currently testing and looking into this again
  14. Three-stop shuttle rescue (Y2 D366-D369) "Kerlumbia, your launch window is open, you're cleared for takeoff", came Genes voice over the cockpit speakers. "Roger, let's do this", replied Benten Kerman. He turned to his right and looked at Wolfheim Kerman who was occupying the copilot seat for this first flight of the new shuttle. "You ready, mate?" "I can't wait, get her going", Wolfheim grinned. Benten reached for the thrust levers and pushed them fully forward with one slow move. The cockpit vibrated from the roar of the five RAPIER engines in the back of the shuttle. The two pilots were pushed against the backrests of their seats when their ship jumped forward. Both had completed eight starts and landings for training purposes during the last two days, at daytime and at night. They had experienced this acceleration before but Wolfheim was still as impressed. He had not taken the training Benten had received so for him everything was still new. But this time it was for real. They would go all the way to orbit with a four-seated crew module inside the cargo bay. Their mission was to rescue three stranded Kerbals from a low orbit around Kerbin. Benten gently rotated the craft and Kerlumbia entered a shallow fifteen-degree climb, fully accelerating. Wolfheim retracted the gear after they had cleared the runway, headed for the stars in front of the cockpit windows on a straight eastern course. "It's still amazing. We just keep going and going, keep accelerating like this all the time and then suddenly we are no longer a plane, we are a spaceship", Wolfheim babbled. "This is a dream to me! And I have dreamt about this ever since I was a child!" Benten smiled at the engineer. "Sure, but don't forget to check the altimeter and engine thrust readings. Otherwise we may wake up early from your dream and will still be on a plane." "Nine thousand five hundred meters", reported Wolfheim a while later, "airspeed two seven five meters per second." Benten pressed the radio button on his control stick. "Okay, time to go supersonic, ground, do you copy?" "We are go for supersonic, Kerlumbia, throttle up", Gene replied. Benten carefully pushed the control stick forward to lower the craft's nose a little bit, then increased thrust. The RAPIERs screamed and the massive ship vibrated just a little more, hitting the surrounding air with increasing force. Kerlumbia climbed while quickly gaining speed. Wolfheim continued reading out the instruments for his fellow pilot and when the ship had passed twenty thousand meters at roughly 950 meters per second, Benten activated the closed loop mode of the engines. Visual signs of thin air heating up around the ship became visible, filling the cockpit with an orange glow. Wolfheim had seen this happening during re-entries before. He looked up from his instruments and saw the sun rising over the horizon right under their nose. They were on course to space. Gene called: "Kerlumbia, go for the NERV engines." Wolfheim activated the nuclear thrusters and Benten raised the nose of the ship as they were climbing faster and faster through the higher layers of Kerbins atmosphere. "Oxidizer under ten percent, RAPIER engine cutoff in twenty seconds", announced the engineer. "We're good", replied the pilot. At mission control everybody was watching the orbital parameters. Kerlumbia was on course to reach orbit ahead of the first stranded capsule. Gene ordered to insert the shuttle in an higher orbit so that the wreckage could catch up to the shuttle. After their circularization burn, Benten and Wolfheim were between five and ten kilometers outside of Ferbald Kerman who was the first to be rescued. Gene was satisfied. "Good job, Kerlumbia. That was one flawless takeoff for our very first spaceplane mission!" "Thank you, ground. We are glad all went so well. I guess Wolfheim will be wearing that big smile for quite some time." After two orbits the shuttle lowered its trajectory to rendezvous with the tiny one-seated can Ferbald was orbiting in. Kerlumbias cargo bay doors were opened to expose the crew module and Benten maneuvered the 100-ton ship carefully up to the can. The remaining distance of roughly one hundred meters would be easy to bridge for Ferbald's EVA jet pack. Ferbald climbed out of his tiny can and pushed it off which lead the small craft to enter a wild spin. The scientist initialized his thrusters and brought his own spin under control before he aligned himself to face the shuttle. He reached the cargo bay easily and slipped inside the crew module where Benten greeted him. "Welcome aboard, kerbonaut!" "Glad you came by, I was starting to feel very alone and very hungry inside that tiny thing", Ferbald said. "They shouldn't be doing this to scientists like me. I would much rather like to work in an environment like this." "I am sure we will have an offer for you. We are constantly looking for scientists as far as I know", the pilot replied. "Now have seat and a snack. Make yourself comfortable, you will soon have company in here." Benten and Wolfheim raised Kerlumbia's orbit again to wait for the next ship to come by. After they had repeated the procedure for a third time over three days they had successfully rescued pilots Kirwell and Zeldous from similar orbital mishaps, had closed the cargo bay doors and had prepared their shuttle for the deorbit burn. They relit the nuclear engines just south of the large meteor crater and entered the upper atmosphere of Kerbin soon after. Benten put the craft in a 35 degree nose-up attitude to expose the full underbelly to the airstream and to bleed as much speed as possible. Wolfheim closely watched the temperature sensor readings and announced necessary attitude corrections. Kerlumbia made her fiery metamorphosis back from spaceship to plane when the engineer reopened the air intakes and fired the RAPIER engines up in air breathing mode. They were exactly on course. "Ground, we have visual contact. The weather is spectacular. We can clearly see the SSC", Benten reported. "I am just totally thrilled!", shouted the engineer in a much more enthusiastic outbreak. "We have made it! We are almost back home in the same craft that we launched in! What a great piece of engineering!" Benten activated the intercom to the crew module in the cargo bay. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are preparing to land at SSC. Put your seats in an upright position and fold up the tables in front of you." The pilot performed another perfect landing on the runway at the space center. Kerlumbia touched down in the bright afternoon sunlight of D369 and rolled out before Benten brought it to a halt on the taxiway to the SPH, just like he had done six days earlier during the opening ceremony. "Thank you for flying with Shmauck air and space lines", he announced over the intercom. "You may now unfasten your seat belts. Time for a photo shoot."
  15. TarTi

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    So it's not planned to fix collisions ? This is an already an amazing very good work anyway, thank you again !
  16. A little VTOL SSTO, with the engines on servos so I can decelerate while keeping the intakes the right way round. Also a cargo ship for things which are too wide to fit in Mk3 bays.
  17. KSK

    FTL drive creation follows purpose of starship

    Hmmm. It seems a bit odd that your Trader drive can detect small masses but not large ones when intuitively you would think small ones are harder to detect. More hand waving required. I’m also thinking that, as written, your drive would be rather useful for piracy. Lurk in the Oort cloud, ping for targets in-system of a suitable mass range, jump in to within 30km and take out your target. For battle tactics, it would allow for some very nasty ambushes using autonomous FTL drones equipped with adequately large nukes. Sure, you’ve just lost an expensive FTL drive but your enemy is also down one drive plus the even more expensive warship wrapped around it. It’s a nice idea but I think it would be quite difficult to design a drive for a specific role, whilst excluding others. Edit. And from a writing perspective, I’d personally find it easier to start with a given drive technology and then figure out how trading, exploration and (if necessary) combat would work given the limitations of that technology. So - what @Shpaget said, effectively. But that’s just me - there are as many ways to write as there are writers, so I can imagine your way around working for others.
  18. Only if you post them daily.
  19. Do you have also firespitter resources config file ? Currently using KAX along with bunch of other mods without issues, well at least not ones that comes from KAX.
  20. James Kerman

    I have problems with KSP

    Hello @LukaDaBoi. I have moved your question to technical support (PC, modded). It would be really helpful if you could provide more information like a mod list and KSP logs. Luckily we have a great guide:
  21. More testing! Uncooled 4,5 kg rocket engine ignition today. Meltdown yes but how fast? Look video. Pictures: VIdeo:
  22. david50517

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Cargo Craft Download link: Cargo Craft 1 Download link:
  23. VITAS (Mod Hosting Site)

    Im now transfering the domains. (imagine a bad german version of english)
  24. Emperor of Ilve

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    Will there be a winch part or do I still have to have that from Kerbal Attachment System
  25. For some reason i have alot of problems with KSP most of them are done but some are not. 1. The glass on the helmet is blue or purple (I'm colorblind btw so i might be wrong with the color.) i first thought because i downloaded some suits and they didn't work so i uninstalled it and nothing happened. The other suit is normal. I might have more but ill just leave this until i find something else.
  26. I am using Linux and have noticed weird stuff with resolution also. One thing I have noticed, is KSP is doing weird stuff depending on where I install it. If I try to install the game onto my ssd for faster loading, then I begin to have issues with KSP lacking permission to read and write files. It's my fault because of the way I have my operating system set up on my drives. But, if I run KSP with elevated privileges, then my issues are mostly eliminated. So, for Windose users, I would think of trying two things. First - right click the KSP executable file, run as administrator. Does bad behavior stay same or change? Second, install vanilla virgin copy of KSP onto desktop and run KSP executable from there. Again, check to see if behavior changes. If you are on steam this will be more difficult than if you download form the store or GOG or someplace. When I say virgin copy I mean that KSP has not created either a player.log or settings.cfg. So, however you can figure out to get virgin copy of steam version copied out of steam directory and into safe space outside of program files directory, safe space meaning admin privileges not needed, like on desktop or root c: May or may not be helpful to compare logs, the player.log especially can get quite bloated, so unless you can figure out exactly what to search for, this can be tedious. This may be an exercise in futility however. I suspect KSP has some coding issues on edge cases like laptops with multiple gpu's and/or multiple display choices, ie: laptop connected to television via hdmi.
  27. So every time I start KSP 1.7.0 with KAX (only other mods are firespitter.dll and ModuleManager 4.0.2) it stopped at ModuleManager for KAXelectricpop. There are no entries in the Log.
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