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  2. NBDesigns

    Triop's Adventures

  3. I tried this. The fuel line did not go across the decoupler.
  4. AmpCat

    [1.7+] Surface Mounted Lights - v1.13

    Huh. Interesting. They did it differently. I noticed when I tried to edit the Restock adjusted lights, it doesn't do anything. Now I know why. It renamed the light module. I didn't think of looking there. What are those parts though? Another mod called OrbitalTug?
  5. FahmiRBLXian

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Doing a test review as a test to be one of the judges.
  6. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Over the South Pacific right now it seems.
  7. Gargamel

    Removing mods with modded saves

    Make a backup of the GameData and Saves Directories first. That way, if it goes sideways, you can just drop the entire thing back in place. Why cull all of them? If you know which ones you want to keep, just keep those.
  8. roboslacker

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    I call the water east of the KSC scrap heap bay. And congrats on pulling off this madness.
  9. Gargamel

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    And then When I do purchase it, I hold off installing it, maybe cause I'm deep in another game, or I just don't want to waste the bandwidth (metered satellite connection, might as well live on a remote tropical island), and then when do get the time to play it, I'm just like "meh". I probably have 50-60 games in steam, and routinely play a dozen of them. Some I haven't ever installed. But that's ten-ish years of using Steam, so there's some clutter in the attic But anyways, back on topic, I usually hold off downloading the latest KSP and DLC, as I want to finish out my previous save (I'm from the old school where you never imported previous saves, it never worked). But this time, I'm psyched, I'll be downloading both the day it drops.
  10. Brotoro

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The weather cleared up nicely. Waiting...
  11. IncongruousGoat

    The Ultimate Challenge Continued (originally by Just Jim)

    You don't need the contract to complete the challenge anymore (see the challenge rules for further elaboration), but if you really want it, there's a link to it in the first continuation thread ( That link will give you a .zip archive which contains a text file and a persistent.sfs. Make a new save, then overwrite its persistent.sfs with the one in the archive. That will give you an empty career save with the contract and 10 million funds (which should be more than enough). Again, though, you don't need it, and it's easier to just start up a sandbox game and go from there.
  12. I try to keep Snacks as simple as possible; it's intended to be a lightweight life support system, built along the lines of what I think @SQUAD were to do if they made a life support system. It's fairly easy to add Snacks converters to parts if you know the name of the part. For an example of how it's done for stock parts, check out Snacks/ModuleManagerPatches/MM_Stock.cfg. I just add the processor to the stock MPL via ModuleManager. Snacks may look lightweight but under the hood it's pretty sophisticated. I'm almost done replacing the original code base (it needed some luv), and this time around, in addition to the planet filter, Snacks will run simulations on your vessel converters to estimate how long your Snacks will last. Even better, I'm laying the groundwork to let you add additional life support resources via config files. So while out of the box you get Snacks, you could, if you wanted, add and keep track of (and simulate) other resources...
  13. Well, I tried a barebones version and can't get the ISRU to work right Same error. KSP 1.6.1. KSPIE 20.20.3 to be precise (latest 1.6.1 version) If you look on the previous page, you'll see other reports of that. Try reverting one version of KSPI
  14. Excited for the ISS possibilities with Dextre! I don't have specific things in mind, but am looking forward to the planned additions. Are there still plans to do the Canadarm 1? I'm working on my ISS builds and would love to be able to have the easier time IKRC would make when using the shuttle.
  15. I have an issue. Issue: mod straight up does not work at all. KSP version 1.6.1 Weld version: 2.5.3 rest of the documentation as per OP: issue
  16. AmpCat

    [1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1+] REKT Escape Pod Mod

    Okay, think I got the floatiness figured out for each of the pods. I also noticed the CG of the pods is not on the centerline (at least the ones with RCS), so they have a tendency to rotate when RCS is used, even though the RCS is symmetric. For the Mk1n (retro-rocket variant), the rockets seem to fire based on altitude above sea level, as best I can tell, which causes it to make a very hard landing on land above sea level. Sometimes the pod survives, especially if there's a sacrificial part to take the impact on the bottom. Over water, the engine stops a bit above the surface and then the pod falls, hitting the water at over 40m/s, and destroying it. Not sure how I want to handle this one. Using the landertrons doesn't give you enough time to deploy a 'chute after the rockets fire, so may just have to not use that feature at all. Maybe see if the landertron mod can be updated to be a bit more safe with firing altitude. Need to try this on an airless body as well, to see how it works. I'm not very confident, though. Also, for all the pods, save the Cryo tube (with an RTG), the EC is a big issue. With Snacks! installed, at least, power only lasts a few minutes.Some mods require some small amount of power to keep Kerbals alive. This means the pods either need some solar panels, a fuel cell, or an RTG. There is a fuel cell part, but it's not stackable, so limited in use. Maybe I can look at adding another attachment node on the end. Even then, I'll need to see how long it'll last. Needs to be on the order of a week, at least. Any one have thoughts on these and what a good solution would be? I'll try to implement it, if it's simple. I got my github stuff setup, and I'll fork the repository and try this out.
  17. KSP uses autoloc inside craft files.
  18. You might be better off using the rotational servo lol
  19. Today
  20. rextable

    New space center facility?

    Defo a test facility or gamey-fun-to-play-with-and-actually-useful representation thereof. ...Like a vacuum chamber building thingy??? NASA actually has one these in real life. I don't know about other people, but I very much enjoy building complex missions that actually work the way I intended them too (as opposed to going comically/disastrously wrong). At present, I test each stage of a mission profile by cheating the relevant sub-assembly to the location in the solar system it's intended to operate and then see how it behaves, go back to the VAB, tweak, rinse and repeat. The yawn factor of doing this in any other way is just not fun in my opinion. Now, aside from having to use the cheat menu (which obviously compromises one's suspension of disbelief), it gets very tedious waiting for the game to load the entire solar system and all my preexisting mission detritus every time I leave the VAB and step into the game world (pun not intended). Furthermore, the satisfaction and sense of wonder of finally pulling the mission off is pretty much lost because I've effectively already done the mission many times over, all be it in a piecemeal fashion. Thus, I propose a vacuum chamber - KSP style. It would serve as a sandbox for testing the game-world physics on our creations. In edition to the launch button in the VAB, a 'test' button could load us into another building where the KSP laws of physics are active but nothing else. In this building (the interior of a huumungus pressure vessel with biiiiiiig flood lights), one could set the physical conditions (much like Kerbal Engineer does in the VAB) ie gravity, atmosphere density etc. We could also set some comical but functional Kerbal style replica terrain and it's slope angle - for testing lander stability for example. Imagine little Kerbal scientists peering over from behind a replica Duna sand dune making notes on their clipboards while they observe your rover pootling about on some pretend Duna sand etc etc. I realise, being able to control gravity isn't possible in real life but lets not forget that we're playing a game. In KSP, any such test facility would be magical vacuum chamber, wind tunnel and neutral buoyancy pool all rolled into one where we can set things up how we want for test purposes. IMHO, the value of such a building to quality of life during gameplay, not to mention immersion (only without the tedium of hyper realism), is very large indeed. Apologies for the essay :-D
  21. Nice update! I switched from USI Life-Support back to Snacks, since it was forcing me to build craft that were too huge for KSP to manage (400+ parts) for long missions. Granted, some of it is me preparing for everything, but so far, Snacks! is getting me back in the range of 150 parts. I noticed there's only a few parts to recycle soil and produce more snacks. Particularly, it doesn't automatically add snack production to other mods that add science labs. I know there's a way to generically do so, though balance may be a bit of an issue. Any thoughts on expanding these options to more parts, or perhaps some smaller, more limited parts for craft less than 2.5m?
  22. The only thing missing is a sliding rail.
  23. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    So, what do we say to the god of rain ? Funny, as soon as I put wheels on, the Kraken attacks and it won't work anymore. O well, just a few more days untill the new DLC releases.
  24. zer0Kerbal

    [1.7+] Surface Mounted Lights - v1.13

    Restock I know there are others - just not remembering.
  25. Im having the same issue
  26. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You can see that second pass go almost right over Albuquerque.
  27. Thank you for taking the time to help me out I'm super new to PC gaming. Is there a good PC that you would recommend for under 1,000 dollars?
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