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  2. tater

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    To be fair, that poll says cargo. This requires at the very least a comanifested cargo with Orion, which is Block 1b. Pure cargo would be block 2, which is a long way out.
  3. KSP can be launched outside of steam. If you copy the game to say your desktop or another location. Then launch it from that location. Thing is you don't get Steam played time, steam cloud sync, workshop and other features. I use this for my modded games as a KSP update can break some things in middle of a play through, since it preserves my KSP version. I am only suggesting this because this is in the Technical Support (PC modded installs) and you may be modding your game. Also it is a suggestion to fix the problem.
  4. @Ger_space, I just started playing around with Kerbal Konstructs and @Omega482's Stockalike Structures, and I'm having a real ball of a time. Are you still planning on allowing players to reposition existing vanilla KSC buildings? I recall that you last mentioned something to this effect as recently as November 2018. My particular use case is that I want to move the original Launchpad further away from the VAB, so that I can insert additional OSS NTR crawlerway track junctions and segments leading to new launchpads. I know that many players typically work around this by simply setting up a new VAB off to the side and building an entirely new space center around it, but I would prefer to keep most (if not all) of the original KSC complex as the centerpiece of my own redesign.
  5. Well i made this craft: Avalon, ,
  6. The_Cat_In_Space

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Far Cry 2, AKA African Driving Simulator 2008, Holding Map Simulator 2008, and Missing Shots Simulator 2008 Got it for free on Xbox about 3 months ago, played it, and didn't like it at first (minimal HUD, having to hold a physical map, seemed boring). But recently I decided to give it a revisit, and since creating my new save file about a week ago, I've already played the game for over 35 hours. It is difficult, with things such as the malaria attacks and weapon degradation and jamming, but once you learn to get past these, this game is just really fun to play. It has it's downsides, such as with the enemy AI who can magically see you from a kilometer away, respawning enemies at Guard Posts, the BRUTAL SAVE SYSTEM (if you're looking for checkpoints and autosave, you're in the wrong place). You can only save at safehouses, gun stores, after completing missions, and that's it. If you die or quit you lose all your progress since your last save One good system is the Buddies. These are friendly AI who you can rescue or find in the world, and if you die, instead of respawning at your last save point, a cutscene will play where your buddy has come to your rescue, fighting off enemies and moving you to a safe place to heal your wounds. For the main missions, after accepting one you will receive a phone call shortly after from your buddy, who will tell you of a better way to do the task. This is often much easier to do, but is tougher. If your buddy is wounded in fights they will lie on the ground in pain. You can choose to either heal them with one of your syrettes, or simply shoot them if you don't have any ways to save them. This WILL obviously kill your buddy and you won't be able to be rescued by them again, so it's a difficult choice. I just really like the game as it's something different from all the modern shooters and open world games
  7. Lisias

    Mods that add really really big passenger cabins?

    According to the Author, 5m parts is tricky and unlikely to be added to the Add'On as they overloads the physics engine somehow and became prone to Rapid Unplanned Disassemblies events.
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  9. Bad patches break stuff. It's some time since a bug on TweakScale was doing breakage. All the bugs I'm detecting were being Induced by mistakes on patches (or plain rogue ones, doing blind changes). Since V 2.4.0 TweakScale is doing Sanity Checks on startup to detect situations that would cause catastrophics failures on KSP, some of them somewhat nasty. When something is detected, Tweakscale withdraws support for the offendig parts. Check the KSP.log for messages, every offenfing part is listed, with the issue where the reason is explained. So it's more likely the other way around - it's TweakScale that must be detecting problems and mitigating them. Send me the KSP.log of a run where you think this is happening and let me check it. I already have some tasks for Kopernicus on the backlog, by the way.
  10. GRS

    garble the post above you, rebooted

    Alone, born in a Crazy, Degenerated World of Poverty
  11. Lisias

    Oldtimer KSP Humor

    Landings on the helmet. They forgot adding colliders to the helmet, I think, until 1.2.2 or 1.3 perhaps (pending verification). So you just can save parts by doing EVA once the reentry heat is over and fall into the ground heads down. Chutes? who needs parachutes?
  12. GRS

    How long will we go?

    IIS (115)
  13. Deus Zed Machina

    Mods that add really really big passenger cabins?

    I was hoping more for 5m+ parts, but this isn't bad either.
  14. GRS

    Confuse the Next Poster!

    0/10 No U
  15. GRS

    2 words names for crafts

    Markiplier E
  16. Avengers Endgame is Overrated
  17. GRS

    Make a fake KSP mod.

    Quantum Soup You're a Quark, and you have to form a Galaxy for 300 Million Years
  18. Lisias

    Make a fake KSP mod.

    Simulate a civilization on the Boötes Void!
  19. GRS

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because i only have Rupiahs, Riyals and Lyras
  20. JadeOfMaar

    [1.7.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    @oniontrain I expected the log to be too big for pastebin, actually. That's exactly why I said to zip... But I had some hope otherwise. You're using an old version of MOLE (not 1.18) where I fixed the engine plumes proper. @Cavscout74 this might be your case too. In addition, things are causing MM not to generate its cache file. This is a very bad sign (KSP tells you during loading when it fails to generate it) and is a clear warning that you have a broken game ahead. The major trouble-maker mod that you have is Mk2 Expansion. You may have a very old version. Remove that and Mk3 Expansion and see if ConfigCache and the MOLE engine plumes appear.
  21. Lisias

    Mods that add really really big passenger cabins?

    Your lucky day. This add'on just added what you asked, A380 parts. It's on development, you will need to literally install it by hand. And updates can sometimes break your savegames as the developer can choose to change things. But it's promising.
  22. Hey Beale consider permission granted in perpetuity for any screens posted in your thread The launch site is Pad 46 from Tundra's space centre used together with one of the recent new additions to AlphaMensae's modular launch pads (dev branch). Actually I have since stopped using the big service tower and just stick now to the launch plate. This particular part is called the "american" launch stand but I used the green variant to make it look more Russian. The nice thing about it is the thin drop back service pole which really lends the Kosmos launch some authenticity. (actually not sure if the real thing was a fall back type but looks close enough though) source:
  23. Sorry buddy, I replied to the other guy - who also gave zero information. You asked him to try pressing the 4 categories. Which I did and replied with that info. Anyway, I tried uninstalling it an deleting the entire JanitorsCloset directory. Restarted it, then closed it down and reinstalled. Same issue. All done via CKAN. KSP version 1.7, Win10. I dont have the log file. EDIT: I just installed manually and had the same issue, exactly - so its not cKAN. Output log is here: LOG
  24. oniontrain

    [1.7.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    my KSP.log is too big for pastebin, here's a download:!CREzGQRb!3csniM2SnkeMUaHvvlfXjBCR2YhjiUp461PaS7sVsDQ I don't have anything called modulemanager.configcache anywhere in my KSP folder
  25. I've been working on the v2 general hold-downs, and have 3 of of the 4 major types done: side-arm, drop-arm and vertical bolt. Side-arm one is a small simple sideways-retracting arm with a clamp pad at the end. Drop-arm is a larger version of the side-arm, but the arm drops down after the end connectorr retracts. Vertical bolt has three sub-variants, all have a downward-retracting bolt: a retracting bracket arm type, a fixed tripod stand type, and a flat type. Still working on the 4th type, the big retracting side clamp: one variant is a larger version, in three sizes, of the clamp included in the American Launch Stand; the other will be an even bigger I-beam type that will be more like the Soyuz hold-up arm. A preview image showing the three main types with variants and/or sizes/colors:
  26. Gargamel

    Input lock KSP 1.7 modded

    Just be careful. One of them will bring up the cheat menu, the other formats the hard drive. I forget which is which. (kidding)
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