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  2. Without MechJeb KSPWheel is working just fine, no log errors, no weird behavior of landing gear. Kerbal Foundries reports about missing textures for some tracks but it isn't gamebraking.
  3. I only bring it up here because my batteries and solar panels on the station are stock and as indicated in the pic the stock batteries are drained and it isnt just a TAC-LS notification, but I will try checking several mods that may be culprits: Near Future Electrical (NearFutureElectrical 1.1.0) Near Future Electrical Core (NearFutureElectrical-Core 1.1.0) TAC Life Support (TACLS) (TACLS v0.14.0.0) Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux (StationPartsExpansionRedux 1.3.1)
  4. I find it odd that people on the KSP forums are complaining that games take up 1000s of hours of play time. That is a huge plus in my book. If that's what you're talking about when you say a game doesn't respect your time - that it's so engaging that you play it to the exclusion of all else for months or years - then I have to say more power to developers who make those games.
  5. Its really quite shocking to compare this to the equivalent plans from NASA, which just seam to amount to 'Let's land someone on the moon, then maybe we'll make use of lunar ice.' That's a very good goal, but without being slotted into a larger overall plan like this, it's kind of pointless.
  6. This craft of mine was built for the mountain lake landing challenge. Seaplanes are tricky, change one thing and there is no guarantee the craft will lift off the water again. It can comfortably land on Minmus starting from a standing start on Kerbin, and i used the cheat menu to put in orbit of Laythe and verify that after de-orbit burn, it can land on and take off from the ocean with nearly full tanks, and then fly to Laythe orbit with 2500 dV left once in orbit. So if you'd rather not mod this airplane, build something with a Claw that can refuel it in Kerbin orbit, for the trip to Jool, and then put another low grav IRSU lander in jool system to gas up for the return leg... the irsu lander could touchdown on a low grav world like pol or bop. The IRSU lander can be tiny because this thing doesn't take much gas. Something like 10T of liquid fuel to completely fill it. Doesn't use oxidizer, except for the ventral vernier thruster.
  7. The only thing I can rule out is the stock game, as it doesn't touch EC on ships not in the physics bubble. I think your only chance is to drop half your mods, try it and see, and keep dropping half of your mods until it doesn't happen, then you know the culprit is in the half you dropped. then repeat with just those mods until you've narrowed it down to 1 mod. In all this, keep TAC Life Support installed, as that one is necessary for the test. It's possible that it's the cause, so you may want to try it all by itself first. It sounds daunting (and it is a bit) but with 75 mods you should be able to find the bad mod in 7 passes.
  8. Earliest I got is I grew up on commander keen/lemmings followed by sonic and F-22 Interceptor
  9. Large showcase album for 0.5 linked above.
  10. New release, 0.2.0 Updated version file for KSP 1.8
  11. Well it is a game about physics and rocket science. FTR when I was 8 I was playing Pong. Though it wasn't brand new it was darn close.
  12. Hello, I don't know if this has been discussed before, it's hard for me to search without knowing the language. Mod hides all separators from all mods without giving an equivalent replacement. Is it possible to fix this somehow?
  13. Jesus I'm 30, am I somehow on the younger side of this games audience?
  14. So I have a station and am running TAC-LS and any time I time warp from anything other than that station my batteries completely deplete, though when warping from the station itself they only get as low as is shown in the pic. This is hurting my gameplay as every time I try to time warp I am stopped due to the life threatening battery depletion. Mod List:
  15. One: Thank you. Two: The lack of scaling wheel strength goes along with other issues that pop up with tweaksale (scaling a module that holds kerbals doesn't increase or decrease how many you can have inside). But that doesn't mean there aren't other ways around that. I've created a few crafts ... needless to say, I have blown many treads out on crafts that should be light enough to not have that happen. Three: Yes, removing MechJeb allowed me to continue play with KF and TweakScale
  16. Thank you and whomever helped you, for sparing time and writing this. I hope and am sure it will be most helpful for everybody (users and yourself) both right now and in the future.
  17. Finally actually updating FS extended for 1.8. Already tested with one part, everythings going well so far :)

  18. You could add a seperatron to decouple the cone. Although that will hurt aerodymamics.
  19. Today, my Nero expedition departed for Gael: Meanwhile, the Hox mission arrived to an easy intercept of Argo, so that's were I went first: And now we go to Hox:
  20. I built an SSTA (Single Stage To Anywhere) and i veers in random directions while taking off. The center of lift and mass are stable. It flys really well (when it gets off the ground) and has a really got TWR with raipers while taking off. Landing gear looks good i just do not know what is going on. Im going to adjust the landing gear (agin) but otherwise i need help.
  21. Banned for critizizing an aircraft enthusiast
  22. Could this mod be easily applied to other mods that use the stock textures...such as sxt continued?? I feel like if this was compatible with sxt and possibly mk2/3x mods..this mods would really shine
  23. So every time that i try to turn on the game launcher, it quits instantly. Why is this happening ?
  24. I can send the log files if you want to investigate the whole log yourself, but MJ is mostly catching KSP Wheel.dll ... I also got some different errors but mostly this, with the reflection error, saying; Which is the thing I was most afraid of, because 100% of my crafts have "Kerbal Foundries" parts on them. I was able to play the game fine and prevent crashes using the method @Azic Minar mentioned and helped me via PM. But even though the dust effects aren't used in this method, I believe the DLL reference is enough to halt the loading, along with MJ installation at present. I was in denial of uninstalling KF and trying without it, because like I said this mod and it's wheel parts are a must for my gameplay and my humongous crafts, along with @Lisias's lovely maintained tweakscale of course... Yes... Even those wheels are not big enough for me.... (Although I believe they have their own sizing options) Anyways, I guess there's nothing left for me to do but merely look forward for an update for this lovely mod.
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