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  2. How do the docking ports work? I cannot figure out upside down and how do they work
  3. I would probably use the material to build crazy warships and help @Mrcarrot and @Just Jim conquer the universe.
  4. i always imagined them as blue or purple; but then we haven't met yet...
  5. In case it's not obvious, I was talking about the chip era. Transistor-based computers did hit their physical limits, so any discussion of growth in that time means talking about chips.
  6. kerbiloid

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    "Here, in KSP, we build the rockets in the barn. From scrap, from scratch. Do they?"
  7. MechBFP

    What will you do with the robotic parts?

    A loop of hinges. Full power, see what happens.
  8. That's interesting. But it was only affecting the LEM? I can't think of anything special about the LEM compared to some of the other parts like the Apollo capsule. Those are errors that were always present, but a recent B9PS update started putting them in warning messages on startup. I believe all the issues were fixed before the last release, the only remaining issues are with the Titan parts, which are currently being remade from scratch and so I didn't bother going in to fix them. Welllll.... I'm not sure, and the answer to both of your questions is: The current LM models, UVs, and textures aren't that good, and certainly aren't very conductive to making variants for a number of reasons (restrictions from AO baking, weird geometry that needs to be hacked apart, etc)... I've started work on LM variants several times, specifically something based on some of the Early Lunar Shelter paintings and something based on SheLab (which I can't find a picture of the model I started on)... but every time it came back to, wow, I am really unhappy building off these existing LM assets. And so, it keeps getting pushed back, because redoing the LM would be a big time investment (sort of undercuts any time that would be saved with the "well they're just variants"), and there are much worse parts in the mod. I've also in general always had this unshakable instinct to hold off on doing too much AAP stuff until I get everything smaller out of the way, which makes as little sense to me as it probably does to you - idk, I feel like people would rather me spend a year distracted by AAP stuff that lets you do interesting crewed missions, rather than last year which was spent distracted by small all-solid launch vehicles nobody had ever heard of By the way, one thing I'm definitely NOT doing is MOLEM. Wheels are legendarily horrible to make and get working properly in KSP.
  9. Nivee~

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Me and my bf were on a date and I met my 'ex'... my heart didn't just skip a beat, it clenched...His did too. I thought I was over him, but I am not so sure now...
  10. Actually computers had more or less hit the physical limits by then and were only saved by photolithography (the means to make a chip). The issue was soldering just so many transistors to a board with zero failure. This was called the "tyranny of the numbers" and it looked like the CDC7600 was simply the most power computer you could reasonably build (although I think the Cray 1 may have required primitive chips). Photolithography meant you could have thousands (70s), millions (80s,90s), or billions (21st century) of active parts with zero failures* (of course chip size was limited. There are bad chips, and the bigger the chip the more likely to include a fabrication error. But if you have enough duplicate parts (say a memory, or a modern GPU) you can often only disable the tiny portion around the error and keep going. This was difficult in the days of discrete transistors. I think the "tyranny of the numbers" was more an IBM thing (they wanted to mass produce the things after all, and couldn't afford the techs needed to make zero defects possible), but it was definitely a thing until the chip showed up and saved the progress of computers. Had the technologists been watching, they might have also noticed just how hard a fast moving industry can ram into a hard limit. * The chip also has a curious property that makes all Denning principles useless because there is no way to tell a good chip from a bad chip until you finish the job and test it. Oddly enough, the only place I learned about the tyranny of the numbers wasted far too many chapters on Denning principles (which were entirely orthogonal, but presumably the author didn't find out until writing all those chapters). I can assure you that if you put thousands of transistors on boards to build a computer 1960s style the MTBF (mean time between failure) will quickly plunge to zero (worse if you use tubes).
  11. DStaal

    Off-kerbin hiring

    Civilian Population had a feature like this, though I don't know if there's a working version at the moment. I know MKS has been talking about doing something like this, but I'm not sure if it's out yet. (And I'm pretty sure MKS violates the 'dramatically change the game in some other way' clause...)
  12. Hatsune

    Blue origin: new Kerman

    Is a fictional scanerio. Since they got New Glenn. So what if they decided to build New Kerman?
  13. sh1pman

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    So he is going to take questions. Good.
  14. A science fiction inspired DLC would be viable and popular I feel. I also wouldn't count out Squad tying up with an existing franchise, maybe not Star Wars but there are a lot of great movies, shows, and books around. The main downside I feel is the SF parts would probably want to be deliberately out-of-balance with the modern-day ones, but that's not a deal-breaker. A DLC focussed on the management aspect of the game might work. At the moment the game is called Kerbal Space Program but mostly it's just flying the rockets yourself. Adding a lot of richness to hiring and firing, business decisions, the ability to schedule routine missions and have them flown in the background, and so on would add a new dimension to the game. Marketed effectively, it could bring in new players to the game, people who are not so interested in flight sims but are fans of tycoon games. On the other hand, if it's not marketed well it'll probably fall flat. On a related note, I had an idea for a "commercial market" multiplayer. True "live" multiplayer is tricky in a game with timewarping like KSP has, but how about something where players can create craft with defined capabilities in the game and then have the option to buy and sell launches in career mode for Funds. This would probably work best with the base game offering a basic feature, but tying in to a management DLC for more options.
  15. Another question: Have you considered making it so you can toggle on/off the RCS redirector thingies on the LEM descent stage? The problem is they get in the way when you're trying to mount anything other than a LEM ascent stage on top, which makes making stuff for the AAP difficult. Which is another thing, have you considered adding more LEM variants for the AAP? You can make LEM shelters, etc right now but it would be nice to have proper dedicated parts for them. You wouldn't need to do too much work, just a version of the LEM ascent stage without fuel and more living space, maybe a bigger airlock assembly, and larger equipment racks. And adding in dedicated wheels for a MOLEM would be amazing. The MOLEM is an amazing vehicle and severely underappreciated. And that's just two examples. There were hundreds of ideas for the AAP, from artificial gravity stations tethered to spent SIV-Bs, to Moon bases, to Mars missions. Of course, that's a lot of work if you want to make parts for all of them, but I think at least some of them deserve dedicated parts. And by the very nature of the AAP, such parts would be modifications of existing ones, so it will require less work. Of course, for now, simply being able to toggle the RCS guards on the LEM will suffice.
  16. Using the stock drill, collect stock ore which can be converted into HTP, is probably the easiest method. Personally, I think the stock ISRU is a bit cheaty because in order to make Liquidfuel and Oxidizer you logically need a near-surface water/ice source or you need to dig deep to collect rock which still contains hydrogen. The more warp power, the less power you need to charge and travel FTL. The Folding one is more aerodynamic, the heavy (which has the higher drag) has a 50% higher warp power bonus and the small has a low diameter to base ratio. Edit: I just noticed the folding and small warp drive are currently underpowered. warp strength of small warpdrive is supposed to be 40 while the warp strength of the folded drive should be 80. You can correct it by modifying the config file
  17. I agree with this. Unity is a good general-purpose game engine that's made many great games including KSP possible, but KSP is far outside what most games do. Few other games can have you walking on the ground one moment, and the next moment travelling at a thousand miles an hour mere metres above the terrain before travelling realistic interplanetary distances. Even just explorable ground area, not much is on the same scale as KSP. It's amazing Unity can handle it at all, but I feel KSP would seriously benefit from an engine built for that kind of cosmic scale, either created or licensed from somewhere (SpaceEngine perhaps). The rest is just features, some I agree with, some I don't. But a new engine is what would make KSP 2 really a new game, and not just an update with a pricetag.
  18. I will try this the next time I play. Would using the stock mining drill and converter be sufficient, or might it be better to use one of the IE more efficient in any way? Does this require more or less power? I imagine that using more than a single warp engine would be cumbersome on a spaceplane. Likewise, aside from warp mass (which looks like it is 4/8/12), is there any difference between the small/folding/large drive? They are, more or less, small/med/large drives, correct? Folding doesn't do anything the others do not do (aside from have an animation)?
  19. Notice that you can stack Warp Drives. By doubling the warp drive mass it will significantly charge faster and reach higher (and slower sublight) speeds.
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  21. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] Better Science Labs Continued

    Good to know, I'll be reviewing the perl script and including it soon. I'll also remove the bash script to avoid confusion Please try this, replace the entire BSL directory, and run the script, let me know how it goes:
  22. HTP is actually real easy to produce with the Anthraquinone process (with the ISRU Fabricator) with a source of hydrogen gas and source of oxygen gas. Alternatively, you use the stock ISRU converter to produce Oxidizer from Ore and convert it into HTP using the IFS Cryotank Oxidizer to HTP converter.
  23. Nikolai

    Recovering Snoopy

    I think so, but I also think that it's possible that it will create more difficulties than it solves; neither Snoopy nor the retrieval craft can be considered a fixed platform. I'd love to see a real in-depth analysis of what it would take to make this work, though.
  24. Most of what you bring up, you keep saying "I don't think DX12 is needed..." DX12 support would GREATLY improve performance as the way the programming makes the system more fluid and reduces the demands of the CPU and places more graphics onto the GPU. Thus, not only would the game look better, it would run better. You could have more parts. The crux of my points was features I want to see in KSP 2.0. A better graphics engine, better performance, and a more immersive gameplay. While mods and such can replicate much of my requests, due to the game engine limits and using DX9 limits the extent that Kerbal manage. Period. That should cover the DX discussion if you have any questions. Thus, they need to overhaul the entire game engine, and that's not a light undertaking, and while their at it, they can make some changes
  25. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] Better Science Labs Continued

    @winterchillz I dont' run USI Life Support, if the issue you have is with that, please ask for help in the USI forum. Also see @COL.R.Neville's post above, it might be helpful
  26. Flibble

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Val and Bob took the photography plane up today. They gathered some useful science, but unfortunately most of it was lost in a rather poor landing. Still any landing you can walk away from... They both promptly went on leave after being debriefed, which may or may not be related.
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