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  2. IncongruousGoat

    Rate the location....

    Location: Houston TX 6/10. Points for specificity, but I don't envy you your weather.
  3. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    While Musk had said water didn't get in, what makes these Super Dracos different than all the others tested? Reentry? All it would take is a tiny expansion to make a leak someplace. You'd assume that before static firing these they'd pressure test them with something inert.
  4. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    @NBDesigns Seeing your car inspired me to create: The Spider : Because of the struts the wheels can be placed wherever I like.
  5. Continue to enjoy this mod. The button to reset key binding is great! Have another suggestion, could we have an option in settings to make 'fine adjust' mode on all the time without needed the 'fine adjust' window open? yes, shift key is nice, but I just like using the fine adjust all the time. maybe a hotkey to toggle? In any case, have a successful day!
  6. Captainamtrak456

    [1.6.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    I'm not used to using programs like that. Any tutorial for me and some other people who arent used to it?
  7. For me, the Editor bug is still there. When I open the action group panel, all buttons (parts constructor, crew, switch VAB/SPH) become disabled. The log:
  8. *chuckle* which came first, the oven roasted or freeze dried chicken, or the Easter Egg? Nertea - love the mods and appreciate all the work you do. Have a request - I think KSPi has a heat managment window that you can activate to see in the editor and in flight well, the heat and so on. Any way to have similar in one of your mods? Would be most excellent.
  9. zer0Kerbal

    Request for Notification of Broken Mods

    I like, and rather have this as part of an existing, widely used mod instead of having yet another mod (like you). In fact - so many mods could be married together.... would be nice.
  10. dundun93

    Rate the location....

    1 10 here Currently very Booty stall....
  11. dundun93

    How long will we go?

  12. Awesome idea. Can't wait to see how much I can abuse it.
  13. this mod is working fine in 1.7 but, now craft manager isn't showing any craft but, the default craft loading page shows that they are there. My VAB and SPH files have craft in them but craft manager isn't able to switch to KerbalX mode or show the craft. It says there are zero craft.
  14. Unplanned scattered landing.
  15. I played around with it in it's early days, but it never had a significant impact on my gameplay either way. I don't consider it a cheat; I consider it an extension of the stock gameplay mechanic for vessel recovery. Click the magic green button at the top of your screen when landed on Kerbin and your Kerbals and capsule are essentially picked up by recovery assets and transported back to the KSC. For a reduction in refunds of course to cover the implied resource impact of such an employment of recovery assets. Not to mention the Recovery Transponder strategy in the admin building. To me Stage Recovery is no different than these other "implied space program operations" that run in the background to support the main form of gameplay.
  16. Keep the file in the folder, that's now part of the legend
  17. It sounds as if there is a mod conflict that CKAN is recognizing. Have you checked the Relationships tab for the Scatterer mod in CKAN? Is anything listed there with the Conflicts icon?
  18. Today
  19. I only found out yesterday that i can use the Scroll Wheel at the bottom left window to adjust the prograde etc in the maneuver editor. I know scroll wheel is used in the map as well and most would have already figure it out. Its nice to see they keep attention to detail in these new additions!
  20. kerbiloid

    Shower thoughts

    Game of Thrones, (Caution: not a spoiler right now but may become it in future)
  21. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    Sweet ! Great race line dude, nice going through the tight corners. Kerbal One SCOREBOARD 1. NBDesigns - 00:52.30 2. Trouble Maker - 01:01.94 3. Sledge Hammer - 01:02.56 4. Dessert Warrior - 01:04.00 5. Bad News - 01:05.00 6. Helter Skelter - 01:05.88 7. Trigger Happy - 01:06.18 8. Black Mail - 01:09.42
  22. Warezcrawler

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.1

    Should cause no issues with existing saves.
  23. StrandedonEarth

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Same control panel designer? (Ronald Reagan's finger in screengrab from "Land of Confusion" by Genesis)
  24. OrbitalBuzzsaw

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Launched the Mun Orbital Detailed Survey A (MODS-A) aboard a L2-S light lifter to support upcoming Munar prospecting operations It's now creating a more detailed map of Mun ore concentration than the Polar Surveyor was able to from its 10km polar orbit of the Mun. It sits an average of 6km above the surface.
  25. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hint, do not mess up the abort and self destruct systems.
  26. Note that an solar panel designed for an laser will be close to 100% efficient. You would still need cooling but its an nice way to drive an ion engine probe. Star shot missed the mark. Yes you can push 10 grams to 0.1c but I rater want some ton in Uranus orbit asap.
  27. Cunjo Carl

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    frames 1-3. Images taken from video posted by Astronut099 on Twitter, brought up here by @Arcturusvfx Hm. Bit of a hard start there. Was curious, so I plotted where the center of the explosion appeared to originate from.
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