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  2. Will KSP2 have a built in Module Manager or will it rely on the community: here's looking at you the wonderful @sarbian. I guess whatever S.T do the community will probably extend functionality anyway right? Peace.
  3. Is LiquidHydrogen (LH2) the same as Buzzard-collected Hydrogen? What is Karbondum? I want to use this mod and Near Future's mod to make some buzzard hydrogen-fueled probes, but I don't know if the collector will give me LH2 for my engine.
  4. So I have hit my first snag of this game mode. I think it is a consequence of missing one of the early missions, but essentially the Orbit Kerbin mission will require a vessel that is more than 18T. I will need to upgrade the launch pad which costs $100,000. This leaves me $9000 for my approx $15,000 mission, which I will have only one attempt to nail. My best (admittedly first) attempt at a spacecraft with 4k(ish) delta v weighed in at 32T and cost 16k. My options are: Accept a bogus mission for the advance to get me across the line and attempt to complete the mission at a later date Complete some of the easier missions for real cash The only problem with number two is that they are mostly test part at altitude X at speed Y which can be difficult to complete with early tech. For this reason, I opted to do the scum move and accept a mission I intend on doing much later or not at all once I have some money. Noticing the reputation damage of non-completion, I decided to pick a mission I could realistically honor. The one I picked will probably be useful in an interplanetary mission within the next year, probably Jool or Duna.
  5. Maybe. Try telling that to Disney investors right now. You need to see enough financials *and* have an independent forensic auditor vet them. Because if you're worried about deception, you need the right sort of magician to check for porkies.
  6. You would think. Maybe hiring the 40th kerbal won't cost more than the global GDP in KSP2.
  7. I love it, it's great. But as I advance up the tech tree, all the rocket parts become a bit.... confusing? I assume that I can't just keep stacking taller and taller rockets so I need to learn a bit about strapping boosters etc I did the tutorial on manoeuvres last night which kind of helped a lot as I had no real idea how to get to the Moon or beyond! Pretty stoked that just a couple of days after discovering this game, they announce KSP 2! It looks amazing and from my limited experience if it is just KSP 1 with nicer graphics then I'd probably pay for that alone, but it looks like much more than that. On the subject of add ons? How about the DLC for KSP? Worth it? Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks guys
  8. Just wondering if there was any plan / possibility to get visibility over the resource harvesting and ISRU modules while in IVA? Checking GitHub I couldn't find anything from RPM or MAS that references the resourceharvestorModule. I figure that in game, the game play element is mainly controlled via action groups, but there isn't anything visible in the cockpit or MFD to indicate where things are at. Eg power draw from drills and ISRU, drill efficiency, resource quality data from scanner. I think I remember I can get the resource quantity from the resource page, but that's about it.
  9. You will almost certainly be proven wrong on all of those. Why would it be always-online? That makes no sense for a Kerbal type game. How many games are always-online these days? Most of the ones I play aren't. It probably won't because they've openly stated that they will be opening up more of the internal code for modders (or words to that effect, I don't know coding) It. Will. Be. On. Steam. They keep saying this. There's really no legitimate reason to think otherwise, just fear and cynicism. Keep on them about this I guess, just to make sure, but I'd be massively surprised if it moved to Origin or EGS or whatever. No it won't. Again, there's just no reason to think a Kerbal game would ever have microtransactions. How would that happen. Maybe small DLC with extra parts or cosmetic things, but that's all I can imagine for this. What kind of microtransactions are you expecting? I'm actually genuinely curious as to what people think will happen here. Nothing on this yet, but there's no real reason to think it wouldn't also be on Mac and Linux. It'll probably start on just PC though, sure. I know you're worried and I know that Take 2 and Private Division maybe don't have a good track record, but the actual tema making this seem to really know the game, and the community and they have a good understanding about what makes the original work. I know it's easy to be cynical about sequels, but I've got a really good feeling about this one. And hey, if it turns out I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will eventually be able to Mod KSP1 to give it a similar scope to what they're promising for KSP2.
  10. (Out of likes for today). Who says "EVE"?
  11. "Mods are the beating heart of this community" - "we're gonna ban mod makers who mess up our (non-existent) microtransactions business". - Pick one. If this happened (and it won't), you know what would happen? 90% of modders would go "well stuff this excrement" and go right on back to KSP1. That's before you even get to the question of how you ban someone from a single player game (I won't play multiplayer, so I don't care about being banned from there).
  12. The big one. (Still not the biggest, though)
  13. Well, you're actually right! Thru all these years CCK and MM were listed as recommended in CKAN config!!! Thank you, for bringing it to my attention. I'll get it fixed. @Treikan I owe you an apologize. Indeed, it was a problem with the mod that it doesn't require the dependent mods. On the other hand, why not listening to the recommendations?
  14. Which rocket is this, they have proposed so many desings recently it's hard to keep track
  15. This guess is totally wrong. All parts created by KIS are vessels, otherwise the game would not be able to deal with them. Even when you see a lone part (say, pylon) it's a standalone vessel from the game's perspective. Too bad. I hoped you can give useful information on how we can solve this years-old problem... The root of the problem is actually well known. It's about how the the vessels positioning works. The "surface" is a dynamic thing in KSP. What was at the game save is not what will be at the load of this saved state. When game loads the state, it repositions all the vessels in the scene to put them on surface. If vessel is rigidly attached to a fixed point, this process cannot be accomplished. So, now you're gambling: the vessel can end up on the surface (good), below it (kaboom or jump up), or above it (welcome "hanging" objects). The hanging objects have a nasty side effect: they fall thru terrain on time warp since the game assumes they are in "fly" situation. The main output from this: never attach vessels to a fixed position! I loved the static attach feature in the game (used it many times in the old carrier games), but today it simply unsafe. The only reason why I've left this feature in KIS is because I started working on KIS v2, leaving v1 in a maintenance state. I think there may be some hacks to get it around. In the worst case, the whole repositioning logic can be duplicated to align the attached object on load! Never spent enough time to investigate it though. The inertia hack looks promising and easy to implement, but my guts tell there will be nasty edge cases. Thus, investigation and test are needed.
  16. This is a tongue-sticking-out emoji: It commonly indicates a lack of seriousness. This is the delta-v symbol: Δv It indicates the amount of effort you will have to expend to intercept the joke as it passes overhead.
  17. In one save I started experimental missions to every other planet. None of them arrived because I was too busy doing Mun and Minmus shots in the meantime.
  18. Wow what an amazing trailer, can't wait for the release:) Here's a suggestion for KSP2: make a slider to adjust the length of the fuel tanks. in my opinion that's more convenient than stacking the same fuel tanks over and over again.
  19. Not to the hatch, but to the port attached to the hatch. And that's why it has it's own RCS thrusters and reaction wheel. When you're close enough to the mined asteroid, your can undock it from the carrier, navigate it to the square port attached to the hatch and dock it there. If you have forgotten the port between noting station and the hatch, bring it along with the gateway and use KAS to attach it on site. Be sure to bring enough kerbals for the work: it's heavy. I'm also waiting for the opportunity of enough spare time to fix all issues and release it at last! BTW, only the Workshop recycles, you don't need the Assembly Line. And keep in mind that the more skilled the engines in it, the more resources you recycle from the same part.
  20. @DDE Would it be possible to produce moment tensor from the available seismic data ? Could it be used to infer the location of explosion that has happened ?
  21. Something like kerbal alarm clock or some other ways to deal with complex missions. Maybe the game can allow negative time-warp, where cannonically you are a different kerbal of mission control doing something in tandem with the first guy. If a space program has enough funds to build a deadalus, surely it has enough funds to hire more staff at mission control. ------ I'd personally like things to do with the more astronomical side of things. Sure KSP is about conquering the physics with rocket technology, especially in connection to the current/past rocket tech of KSP 1. However I'd like some aspects that focus on exploring the world the kerbals live in, and their place in it. Having the ability to see some astronomical phenomena up close, have kerbals(' societies) be impacted by the laws of physics and being involved in consequential astronomical (as opposed to technological) research. Ideas for this include; Axial tilt Activities surrounding the building space (and land)-telescopes, and other surveying sensors (climate, on-body weather, space weather, particles, debris-items, gravitational waves, light of various wavelegnths etc) this can be done with space engineering in mind, and is something that space programs do deal with. A sky-box that diplays the rest of the galaxy and further universe (both the reach-able part, but also the unreachable part of their universe. I'd imagine it be able to be photographed by sufficient telecopes, and studied.) Activities surrounding the monitoring of space weather Being impacted by the astronomical science possibilities set up by the player; these events could maybe serve as ideas to do to keep playing, for those players who find it difficult to keep thinking of things to do. learning about bodies as a player from having done research, not having all the data there at once. learning about the bigger galaxy by studying other galaxies (as is done in real life) using the previously mentioned telescopes, having the map view change drastically as the view on the galaxy becomes more clear. having to evacuate colonies/ships because of space weather or small debris learning about new places to go and explore in the reachable part of the galaxy, as you build more infrastructure Simulating Relativity around bodies like black holes and the likes. It sounds far-fetched, but maybe it works when done in a similar way to aerodynamics in KSP 1, a timestep simulation instead of on-rails mechanics. I say that knowing that "timestep simulation of Relativistic Physics" is a warped concept because of the weirdness of time. However, we know that children can do orbital manouvres nowadays that actual space pilots used to struggle with, because of KSP. Maybe "getting a feeling for relativity" can sort of be achieved as well if you are allowed to experience it. Being influenced by the conequences of debris (altough it needs to be balanced.)
  22. Maybe they have now another format, and very likely a different set of "Module..."s. Maybe model/texture are now declared in other way. So, say, the name and the mass stay same, but that's isn't "compatible".
  23. Both fair. I retract the ballparking comment. I never did teach myself to like long time warp flights. I made it Duna, Eve and Moho without them. Went to Jool once, warping all the way and found it unsatisfying. Your mileage clearly varied.
  24. Ahah! The previous rocket family (100-200t to LEO class) worked because I maintain a standard excess delta-V when designing my rockets of about 300 m/s. With these big rockets, they could circularize their payload at the standard altitude without hitting the negatives due to the substantial excess fuel needed to 300 m/s for large payloads, but once I tried to make a smaller family (20-80t to LEO), that margin wasn't enough anymore and I started hitting the negatives. At the very least it's easy to modify this myself, as I know the fuel fraction for balloon tanks and can just add lead mass until I reach it. Badabing. But I will still probably upgrade soon (RO had not been released for anything higher than 1.4.5 when I first developed this build), anyway. Thanks! Just want to make sure: Where's the right place to put this?
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