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  2. KerikBalm

    Breaking Ground... What will you build first?

    I should have posted in this thread instead of making a new one: That's definitely on my list. Tilt engine VTOLs. Stock submarines that work on eve... maybe? Modifications to my surface bases (an arm to adjust docking port position for refueling stuff on the surface). Maybe a new cargobay setup, opening downward and using robotics to attach and lift modules (rather than driving modules up a cargoramp) Rovers with unfolding outrigger wheels for added stability. And surely folding/extending parts for cooler looking stations that still fit in fairings, and in general more compact stuff going in fairings
  3. Fraktal

    A Logical Progression Through Science Mode

    Can you write one for 10% science returns as well? If not, some observations. Harvesting the KSC is no longer optional if you want to reach the Mun with anything other than an ultra-minmaxed craft beyond the skills of a beginner player to design. Consider getting KEI; I've done without it, but it's really tedious and doing a land-and-return mission to the Mun without a Terrier is so touch-and-go in terms of fuel usage that I'd rather not have to do it again. Focus on unlocking the bottom-most nodes at the beginning. That's where new science instruments are, which in turn will help you unlock topmost nodes. Being able to fly further is nice, but not if you get deadlocked by having exhausted all science options but not having the points to get more science. Three goo canisters are generally enough to not have to land in the same biome again. The Science Jr. is a bit harder nut to crack, as I've found (in LKO) it requires as much as four measurements before it stops giving any more science, but returning that many Science Jr.s through reentry is difficult. Two is optimal, as it means you can finish both low and high orbit in 2-2 flights. However, don't bother putting more than one of each instrument on a probe not meant to return to Kerbin. Transmission loss means you won't benefit from sending more than one package. Of course, you do need LOS or a relay to transmit, so keep that in mind. Speaking of which, three Communotrons (not the surface-mount ones!) or two High-Gains are required for Minmus with a level 1 DSN, if you go with direct connectivity; for relays, the lander only needs one Communotron to reach a relay with the above antenna configuration in munar geosynchronous orbit, and even then the signal is going to be weak. Invest in the first aircraft node early and harvest Kerbin bare. It will return the investment with interest, trust me. Later nodes are unnecessary until after you have a working interplanetary ship design. Probes are optional but highly recommended. Spending 90 points on the OKTO will just barely return the investment to unlock one more node from the Mun, yes, but it will help in building a better lander. Once you've got the OKTO, you can now take a scientist in the lander, allowing you to both transmit and return science in the same flight for maximum yield.
  4. HI, I think you have to use the BTDT SCANNER to reveal them.
  5. I would suggest using KER or Mechjeb to compare the DV values.If ofcourse you open to mod usage.Otherwise uhhhh i hope they improve the DV calculations. There is also a nice mod that removes the need to place the Mechjeb and Ker Part in your craft.(If you dont want to add parts that are not stock).So every probe has it ''infused''
  6. Sudragon

    Medical Expansion for WBI

    Whats the easiest way to provide shielding on stations built around the MOLE, Mk One Botany Lab and Mk one Habitat? The shielding seems to be getting lost with the ability to switch contents.
  7. Don't use it in a career save or one with crafts that you care about Back up your save first.
  8. Rocketbanooza21

    Reusable rocket challenge

    Nice recovery of the flaring but I have a few questions. -what is it like to use flight engineer because I use the the Xbox so how dose it work?
  9. linuxgurugamer

    [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    Too bad. You wouldn’t be inspired to make a correct one, by any chance?
  10. Eriksonn

    Nose Cone A v B

    In almost all cases with boosters bigger than the hammer i put sepatrons on the nosecones and the B one has higher slant for the sepatron so that it pushes away more, negating its tendency to fly into the core. And besides, it looks better too
  11. The delta V only displays the value based initial position of the engines. Moving them around the ship later does not change it.
  12. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    First stage is 25 ton dry mass, starship will be 75 ton I think so far heavier but don't think diameter with legs are much larger. More an question if they have nailed landing accuracy enough, on the other hand starship can hover
  13. I'm new to this. Is there any video that I can see to know how to install this mod? I'm totally ignorant about it
  14. gamerscircle

    [1.7] Kerbal Health 1.3.5 (2019-04-14)

    Thank you, I had the "Use Blizzys" checked
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  16. KSK

    FTL drive creation follows purpose of starship

    Following on from @steuben‘s post, without knowing anything else about his worldbuilding (so this might be completely wrong), it looks like his drive would be pretty good for an interstellar trader, or an exploration vessel but probably less good for a combat vessel. Basically, it’ll work well for any application where you’re either not spending a high percentage of your flight time in a substantial gravity well, or if the stuff you’re doing in that gravity well isn’t time critical. A trading vessel might be slower than molasses near a planet but most of its time is spent in interstellar space where its speed is far less restricted. Likewise for an explorer - depending on their sensor tech, they might be able to do most of their exploring at an acceptable range from the system star, only heading in-system (and taking the speed hit) if they find a particularly notable planet. Even then, slower in-system travel isn’t necessarily a problem if you can be gathering data on the way in and out. Whereas the drive might not be as useful for combat vessels, if those vessels spend most of their time in-system, in relatively deep gravity wells. Trying to outright prevent a particular drive from being used for particular role is difficult, without tying yourself in increasingly complex knots. Making a drive a sufficiently poor fit for a particular role that other factors (such as economics) mostly prevent it from being used is far easier and less prone to introducing plot loopholes. Even better, the workarounds needed to compensate for an imperfect FTL system can drive a lot of plot. Battletech is an excellent example - it’s FTL drive basically doesn’t work at all unless it’s in locally flat space and worse - doesn’t play well with standard fusion drives. Net result - extensive use of dropships to ferry stuff to and from the FTL vessels and pretty severe limits on transit time (even though this is a point-to-point instantaneous jump drive) due to the need to recharge the drive core using solar arrays after each jump. Incidentally, my slightly snarky response to @Spacescifi‘s reply to my post is ‘stuff the drones with concrete’. Bulk up their mass to the point where they can be used against larger ships. Heck, if you want a relatively compact drone, stuff it with tungsten rods and make your primary weapon even nastier. Now I’m sure you could find a reason for that not to work either but I’m also fairly sure I could figure out a counter to those reasons too. I’m not trying to be mean to @Spacescifi - just pointing out the problem with trying to have a single purpose FTL drive.
  17. Klapaucius

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I think this is the bestest and Kerbalest naming rationale I have ever heard. I've been tweaking a rover and transporter named Wilfred (after the great explorerer Wilfred Thesiger). I originally built it for @Triop's Dessert Derby 2018 and I hope to finally get up on KerbalX . It will be my 60th uploaded craft! The other reason for taking it out for a spin was I was using the rover to test the route for a new challenge--which I hope folks will be keen on. The idea is to hold a Kerbal Pentathalon rally, with 5 segments: water, flight, hill climb in rover, base jump and rocket. So I was out at Woomerang testing the route, and did a bit of hill climbing.
  18. ZodiusInfuser

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Just thought I'd share another teaser of the rail parts:
  19. Luch

    Just finished my MT4 bot

    Exchange rate is much lower at the moment of bid. You are talking about daily range of EURUSD pair. You have bought it at highest daily price and sold at lowest one, the bank includes this difference in its fee. At Forex, you may buy at lowest one and sell at highest but to perform this you should be very lucky or educated. Some people consider that Forex is kind of casino just because the luck can help you to win. Buy/sell is generally manual but the bot I made is automated. It makes tiny bids on EURUSD pair, I have wins and losses in here but wins are higher than losses. The risk is minimal and I am proud of it. But I can not recommend you to play on Forex because it's very risky.
  20. Rover 6428

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    not quite. @Lo Var Lachland
  21. Rover 6428

    Misspell the Username!

  22. KerikBalm

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    I don't mind that you have to restart the spin when you load up the craft, and have to stop the spin before switching/time warping for the old stock rotors. I'd be interested to know if rotors in the DLC stay "on" when time warping, or coming back to a craft. It would help maintain immersion. To be clear, there was never any practical use for spinning stations, it was always for the cool factor. If we don't even have stock life support, don't expect stock bone and muscle loss due to extended periods of weightlessness. The only "practical" use I ever found for stock rotors was surface exploration: I never got them to work well in water. A single prop would make the nose go sideways, acting as a water/paddle wheel (blade pitch angle didn't seem to change much), and using them as a paddle wheel gave me really lackluster results I couldn't make any sub work. I tried making a whole craft spin with angled blades, but no luck. I don't recall testing counter rotating props (if they are finnicky in a vaccum/atmosphere, they are really troublesome under water). It is my hope that with these new DLC rotors, that I can make a craft that can propell itself underwater with contrarotating rotors, and I'll be able to explore Eve's oveans. I'm thinking a mountain top launch site, and electric prop aircraft flying from there to the coasts and such, I don't think I'll be doing reusable ascent vehicles though..
  23. severedsolo

    Request for Notification of Broken Mods

    I'll release it later, it's actually working I just forgot about it.
  24. magnemoe

    NASA on the moon, info or intox ?

    That is other beliefs, and believing the earth is flat dont give you much credibility in the others And yes its stuff like bretharians , believing you do not need food or even water who is way more idiotic than flat earth and is far easier to prove being wrong. In short any bretharian has to be cheating
  25. xD-FireStriker

    [1.6.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    I made a Mk2 Block Shuttle and i found out about the missing IVA and the fact that it acts like a unmanned probe. When i edited the config to save my kerbals i also edited the Ultimate Shuttle MrGlass IVA to change the Mk2 Block IVA. All you have to do is change "@PART[mk3Cockpit_Shuttle]:NEEDS[AvionicsSystems]" to "@PART[B2_cockpit]:NEEDS[AvionicsSystems]" and now have a nice Shuttle IVA If your wondering i ran out of electric charge so i couldn't do any thing in orbit, After i made the pod a command pod i deorbited with no SAS and limited RCA then botched the reentry. RIP Bill, Bob, Jeb & Vall I could of saved them if i remembered the CERV can eject
  26. @GrandProtectorDark @eLDude Using 3rd party mods always have compatibility problem after game update, and I don't know scripting good enough to write my own switcher Maybe after 1.0 release I create parallel version with B9 switcher @Cheesecake This button allow you to open cargo bay without opening doors (that not exist), so you can use any equipment stored inside and required open air, just don't forget to close it before entering back to atmosphere Wings with black tiles already in plans, but not so fast. I have scaled down to 0.65 size stock Big-S wings set, that I create for myself and don't include to mod, so I can post configs here, if you want @Mathrilord Only my own textures, same as in Open Cockpit and Streamline SRB,s ISP and gimbal is lower than have real shuttle, thrust and fuel load is just between two stock SRBs. If you unpack all set of my SRB you can compare it with Thumper and Kickback Flags floating in air on all cockpits (maybe my slightly too far). Intersected only Hull1 part, only yesterday find it. Docking port not collided with door, it have few millimeters to soft walls About requests Inline cockpit - maybe single seat with short main part and bubble canopy expanded to other parts or maybe completely surface attachable (not in first order) Drone core and RW - not fast, but in plans ( just use "Blizzard" now) Surface attachable docking port - half way modelled and textured, maybe in next update Bottom loading cargo (aka Bomb gate) and venting indicators - already created with same texture list as other cargo but need some rework (in next mod update ?) Front/rear cargo ramps, many other aircraft parts and full white Airliner style textures planned but not fast RCS nacelle intake, non symmetrical nozzles parts and 0.625 adapter( + maybe APU) - already in To Do list Decoupler/separator - maybe, X-37 style launch frame to tail section, already in plans but not in first order dual 1.25 adapter - at this time just use node switcher on K-37 tail ( every tail plate have node variants ) short and long 1.8 adapters - as part of recreating this thing together with other adapters not in first order, primary need to finish all parts that already exist or half modelled Also in To Do list: Laboratory ( !!! ), Shuttle, X-37 and Clipper wing sets, Wheels, maybe IL-76 style navigator cockpit, maybe Concorde/Tu-144 nose for Swift, long high speed nose for Swift, cargo nose for Swift, KIS containers to cargobay and major thing, AERODYNAMICS, now it's flying as red brick about Vents/Outlets and anything other, I'm not a native english speaker, so if everyone have variants of better looking names or descriptions for all my mods write here or in PM and for everyone who say Thanks above and below
  27. KerikBalm

    What will you do with the robotic parts?

    What is MCV style? the top hit was " Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) measures the average red blood cell volume, meaning the actual size of the cells themselves. A normal range for MCV is between 80 and 96 femtoliters per cell." By a large crawler, you mean like the:, not like a crawling insect, right? How exactly will it "unpack"? just deploying the surface experiments from the storage containers? In the meantime, for the sub designs, and maybe for many mk3 designs in general, I may get rid of the cargo ramp. If I invert the central cargobay, the sub can come up underneath, then I just need a hinged part to come underneath and lift the sub up to the docking connection. Then I can get rid of the wheels on my sub... On the other hand, this may require a specialized sub carrier, and the way it is now it can carry any mk3 module, and land on water or the ground. Unless I make a whole new class of mk3 modules that are all bottom loading designs. I also wonder how strong the robotic joints are, and if I can have a canadarm type thing that just lifts the modules up from a single docking port on top of the module..
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