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  2. Well, the last 10 days have certainly sucked. Last Friday we lost one of our guinea pigs, tried taking her to a new vet who discovered the trouble she'd been having the last year were probably due to a heart condition and a mass in her stomach, but after fighting so long she never made it out of anesthesia. Then just today, a coyote grabbed one of our ducks and tried to run off. She's still alive, for the moment, but it's not looking good. Took her to a local vet who happened to still be open, but no one nearby really treats birds, so all they could do is try to stitch up the superficial stuff and give us some antibiotics, but bite wounds are nasty and deep. Probably need to plant two trees tomorrow now. And I'm just sitting here with a bowl of pudding in one hand and my 10/22 in the other, watching the cameras half hoping the little excrement comes back again. #venting.
  3. Well, I decided to give that X1 Stock Mk3D stunt of mine a new shot on KSP 1.8.1 Problem… I lost that crafts on some delete fest, but for luck I had uploaded the Mk3 into KerbalX, so rebuild the stunt was pretty easy. Taking off with this crap is still a pain in the SAS, the engines flame-out a lot due the lack of air intakes, at bare minimum to minimize drag. Good luck putting her into the air (once you manage to do it the first time, it's easier). Well, I think I remade her exactly as the last time, and on KSP 1.8.1 I managed to get 801 M/S. Craft on KerbalX. Unfortunately, I could not splash the thing once the fuel is out- I messed up and splashed too hard! A bit more of fuel, and I could try to land it! Apparently KSP 1.8 gave this thing a bit more juice, I reached 799.1 M/S with 246 Fuel left (I had 204 Fuel when I reached 797M/S on my previous entry). I think I can extract a bit more from this thing, I will try to figure out how.
  4. Won't destroy enough of them in time because they re-use fightrr wreckage as shielding. Long range sniping makes firing along one plane easy, but along a all three planes hard. You would litterally need your fleet scattered out in three dimensions to hit anything but the scrap shield. Your basically hitting this at long range, and they just switch the scrap around to protect fighters at the rear.
  5. Baby Yoda pushed the balls with Force, that's why they have broken the glass.
  6. Banned because I now can't recall what was wrong with @Saturn5tony and Orion. Banned because I now remember: it was the modern Orion in his signature, not the nuke one. P.S. Btw banned him, too, for removing it and confusing me.
  7. You know, I feel kind of bad nitpicking, given that you lot have put so much work into this mod, but it seems to me that the small 1.25m tank (FL-T100)'s black and white texture is a bit out of place. The stripes on it have trifold symmetry, where most of the other tanks have quad or double symmetry, and where those can work with each other, they don't mix so well with the 3-way stripes. There was probably a reason for this choice, and I'd be interested to know what it is, but for me it does mess with the unity of this mod's aesthetic.
  8. Then they send a small drone with longer laser and destroy all fighters from even longer range.
  9. That is so strange because I've downloaded it on two different computers and on both it works totally fine. I have no idea why this is happening if I'm honest. I'm going to try something tomorrow.
  10. Could you please verify which of the following situations apply to you? You cannot find the download link for 1.8.1 on the main KSP website You cannot log into your KSP website account You've downloaded the installer, but cannot run the executable file You've run the executable file, but your KSP installation crashes on startup You've run the executable file, but your KSP installation still shows the older 1.3.1 version
  11. Fighters can disable or destroy even missile swarms at long range with laser beams. If enough missiles can man make it across the gap to hit their target... well and good. Otherwiss they get wasted. At close range missiles work great.
  12. That's the same situation for me. The file takes a really long time and fails halfway through. Eventually when it finishes, I load up ksp and it doesn't work because the installation was incomplete.
  13. Post a list of your mods, if you have a .ckan file that would be better
  14. Starting to look like a Hype Train. Someone tell @GregroxMun
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  16. Sometimes, you just gotta sing the Blues....
  17. Like says the proverb, "Tanks don't fight against tanks". They mostly suffer from the anti-tank weapons. (Artillery, infantry, planes, mines, their own logistics). The same with spaceships. Any spaceship is vulnerable, so the only question is how much cheap lightweight anti-ship missiles can the opponent manufacture. If he can, no difference if spend 10 per fighter or 100 per flagship.
  18. I still think cheap quality numbers wins, since one thing homeworld never did simulate was newtonian wreckage. Witj realistic physics mods here is how it would go down if I am the Kadeshi Commander. My fighters are easily destroyed yes, but I modify them all with grappling arms. Why? In space you can grab stuff. Fleet formation: Tight. Yes I know you will shred my fighters, but the ones behind them will pick up the scrap and use it as a shield to close the gap of distancr between them and the Kushan mothreship. You would have to literally vaporize a column of scrap coming your way, and once they get close they would break formation and go kamikazi on the Kushsn mothership... whatever it takes. The way to counter this would be with 3-D tactics (hit them from above and below to miss the scrap shield). But with less numbers that would be a challenge. I would be s greater challengr than the typical Kadeshi so long real physics is on. Furthermore, unless speed and trajectories or equal, time on target at close range will be in milliseconds, and any hit would be a disaster, even accounting for scifi shields... orbital speed coming at you kinetics is no joke for DPS. Especially if a bunch of kamikazi fighters.
  19. Oh, come on. A computer in 2013 has better specs than my I5-7400 8gb ddr4 GTX1060 3gb 1tb hdd. You can't say your computer is bad if it's better than my 2015 build. And yes... I did choose a 7400.
  20. I'm bingeing on audible & sci-fi titles and KSP this weekend. Book 1 - Steel World Book 2 - Dust World Book 3 - Tech World (Currently listening)
  21. My son was trying to get better PING rates on this online gaming, and though it could be a good idea to rewrite the cables on my routes (yeah, more than one) on my home network. The kid managed to shove my professional machines on a unprotected switch, exposing everything to the WiFi (that subnet meant to be firewalled, but also unreachable on the switch from anything else but the Internet connection dedicated to it). You know what I said to him - I don't need to publish it. To tell you the true, I can't publish what I said to him, I would get at least 6 Warning Points at once!
  22. Hey so I can't upgrade beyond version 1.31 (I didn't use steam to download it, I downloaded it from the main site) Does anybody know how i can upgrade it to 1.81 or whatever? Thanks, hurstbergn
  23. @bcink As always, your work is delicious. Like donuts. Space donuts... MmMmMmmm... spaaace dohhhnuts... (drool)
  24. Rebuilt all working parts (Landing leg and lights still not working) with Unity 2019.2.2f1and verified they work plus some small tweaks to the notes.
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