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  2. Huh OK. I tried with liquid fuel, LFO, hydrogen, Lox, methane and methalox I think it was. Had no clue the chemistry of the propellant would have any bearing on things whatsoever. I'll try a non reducing propellant when I get home.
  3. It wont automatically drop out of inventory. You have to manually delete all parts you don't want to use anymore. Its been awhile, but IIRC, a part reliability goes up the first few times you use it. (ie. "Gen 1, Used 3 times" is slightly more reliable than "Gen 1, Used 2 times") But after x uses it starts to go down in reliability. (its getting worn out) I "THINK" it was after 5 uses. Actually its "Oh Scrap" mod that does the reliability checks. THIS mod is strictly for storing those parts for re-use. Oh Scrap has a line in the parts failure config files that says: "expectedLifetime = 6" for many of the parts I saw. So I would assume reliability for these parts will increase for each re-use up to 6th times. Then starting on the 7th re-use it will start decreasing. I don't know, How much or How fast, it decreases probably need to ask about that in the Oh Scrap mod topic.
  4. Tonas1997

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    I'm trying to extend TweakScale behaviour to the KopernicusSolarPanel module; while the solar panels scale up, there's no change in efficiency or power output as there is with stock configs. So far, I added this to the appropriate file: TWEAKSCALEEXPONENTS:NEEDS[Kopernicus] { name = KopernicusSolarPanel efficiencyMult = 2 chargeRate = 2 } While this mainly concerns TweakScale, I'd like to confirm that the KopernicusSolarPanel module still makes use of these properties (efficiencyMult and chargeRate).
  5. TheSaint

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    Paul Hollywood still won't shake his hand.
  6. OrbitalBuzzsaw

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    As I said, not done yet. I find stations more realistic than surface bases, especially over small bodies like Minmus / Bop where it's so easy to land that bases are more or less pointless (no Minmus base on this save)
  7. Because the updates describes above are probably in the around-september timeframe, I have validated the 1.7.x status of the mod. Not super exciting but... KSP 1.7.x Updated ModuleManager to 4.0.2 Updated CryoTanks to 1.1.1 Updated B9PartSwitch to 2.7.0 Updated DynamicBatteryStorage to 1.4.2 Updated DeployableEngines to 1.0.1
  8. Death Engineering

    [1.7.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    @Angel-125 Great mod and my new go-to for my Kerbal feeding needs. One thing I've found is the Radial snack container is missing when the "Restocked" mod is installed. Logs:
  9. I just checked in version 1.7.0 -- in Main Settings/Input/Kerbals, at the bottom of "Character Controls", P is available for reassignment. I haven't checked back to previous versions but I'd be pretty sure it's in 1.6 also.
  10. Oh, and first party CKAN support now! Rejoice.
  11. ahhh I didn't look closely at the name of the bodies file and realize it was for RSS support
  12. Cydonian Monk

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    After decades of training, tribulation, and triumph, Luke Skywalker has at last achieved the highest rank among the Jedi: Yeast Lord. Roll along on this new adventure from grain to grain as your favorite characters slice across the galaxy in an attempt to make the ultimate loaf of bread. Biscuits will be buttered, flour will fly, and this Christmas, the Yeast will Rise. Bread Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  13. Toughluck3232

    [1.7.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (April 23rd)

    I have got to say, this is one great mod. It's very high-caliber. Keep it up!
  14. Voluntary help is always welcome. Contact me when you are ready
  15. Lo Var Lachland

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Well I'm running 1.6.1 so I don't need the latest I think...
  16. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    I think it's fairly lightweight performance wise. I'm also using Scatter and SVE. The last time I looked (a couple days ago) there wasn't an update of KS3P to go with the latest Scatterer. I tried the current KS3P and performance was really bad, so hoping of the new version to appear soon, especially as the new Scatterer has some nice stuff for water (shadows and refraction). There is a major rewrite of KS3P in the works that is supposed to have improved performance, as well as some new features, including in-game GUI for adjusting settings and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
  17. Gonna Replace the DV-7 with the Tiger 5 Also how do I use missiles
  18. Flying dutchman

    Shallangé two

    Well you could make it harder like this: For ascent from kerbin you can only use poodles or other purely vacuum optimized engines. Then for the rest of the mission from lko to mun and minmus you have to use monoprop engines and the pod must be a mk3 cockpit. Just a thought..
  19. Yo, my prebuilt Omen PC has a faulty drive (as I learned from a question last year) and it has had to be reset twice within 3 days, so I figured it is time to upgrade. Does anyone have any advice as to which hard drive I should buy? (Going for a gaming + audio/video editing focus if that helps) I'm also planning to dual boot Linux mint and windows 10.
  20. Is almost like there's more QA on this mod than the main game. Which is crazy, so clearly not the case
  21. Should work on either version, but was compiled against the KSP 1.7 libraries, so can only guarantee compatibility for that version.
  22. StrandedonEarth

    New Godzilla Trailer... Could NOT be more excited!!!

    We’re gonna need a bigger tub of popcorn...
  23. Ouch my condolences, that doesn't sound like the most entertaining of tasks
  24. Tyko

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Don't be too hard on yourself .... many (many) RL launch guidance engineers had similar problems.. At least you don't have to worry about installing your gyros upside down Can't wait to see how your work progresses. Handling staging seems like the biggest challenge for Gravity Turn.
  25. Lo Var Lachland

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    This may be an interesting thing...
  26. Noah the Smol


    Done made some more. Trying different styles of making textures, like using Adobe AE for rocky planets along with some made by rock textures in PS.
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