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  2. Forgot to post it yesterday, so here it is: I attempted a Scaythe manned mission with Mars 1 rocket I built specifically for this mission. Nothing went wrong with the transfer, it was rather easy to do so. The landing, however, was rather difficult as Scaythe felt very similar to Tylo, although its gravity was smaller. Then I noticed that the gravity is too high to use jetpacks normally and thus, I could not get into the pod conventional way. Nevertheless, I managed to get back into the ship by using extreme climbing skills of Bob! ^ The flag was destroyed by gravity kraken Being quite angry at the fact this happened, I also decided to commence Scindo landing which was an optional goal of mine if I had enough fuel to do so. Contrary to Scaythe, Scindo was similar to Minmus in difficulty. Also, beautiful biomes! The mission was a big success as I received over 3k science from it, allowing me to "buy" more stuff for my ships, such as energy stuff! Meanwhile, after spending 33 years in deep space, this ship came back to Rhode in almost one piece. Quite a day, I have to say.
  3. Yeah, thats true, but at the time you set the alarm, couldn't you calculate, based on the current rate of conversion multiplied by the amount of available storage, a time when the resource would be full?. of course it could not take into account any changes to conversion rates caused by things like insufficient power, so you might get to the alarm time to find the resource nowhere near full, but I think it would be fare to base the calculation on what the current conversion rate is, and leave it up to the player to build their mining operation such that they have sufficient power to continue at full operation during the night.
  4. Hm. Works really well. Thanks! So far I have experienced the Kraken only in a destructive way. Thanks for providing this. I guess the core of the drive is the wheel. Funny ;-) Anyway, this is more like using dark magic. So I am looking forward to more traditional engineering solutions, too ;-) My traditional solution looks like this: Looks simple, but took at least 30 hours of testing and optimizing to make it work.
  5. He does rather. And as for Walter Leland Kerman Cronkite - I don’t think KBN News were invited to this one.
  6. I don’t even know whether to put this modification ... I want to, but there are a few things that cannot be circumvented for RSS to work correctly: 1. The size of Kerbals. They were still shorties, and they remained far from real human. 2. The scale of the parts, but the engines and fuel banks can be increased. But such details as command modules and various residential structures remain for small Kerbols as before. Real humans won't even fit in there ... I’m already silent about the fact that these are almost the same eggs as without RSS, just here the rockets need to be built thicker and the orbit will be long. Maybe it would be better to just play with the stock Kerbal system? While adhering to "common sense" those building rockets of size adapted to the size of Kerbin. That is, you just need to keep in mind that ~ 30 tons of a Delta-V ~ 2400 m / s rocket will be enough to enter Kerbin with a small capsule or light cargo. Instead of exaggerating everything and building monsters like many inexperienced players do it.
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  8. I might be wrong here, but the first problem I see is that out-of-focus vessels are basically ignored by the game engine and resources on that vessel can't be seen by KAC until you load them (and only then are the resources recalculated). This, of course, defeats the purpose of your feature. I suppose it's a similar reason to why you can't execute a maneuver node without jumping to the vehicle.
  9. Thanks, the UI scale thing really helps on 4K monitors! I did notice one little oddity though -- unexpectedly, this change not only caused this mod's windows to scale up, but also some other mods I have installed as well! I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature... lol... it works great when those mods weren't already scaling, but not so great if they were already scaling themselves up.
  10. Is it possible to get extremely old versions like 0.7.3? Also, are there any experimental versions prior to 0.7.3? I saw images of versions prior to 0.7.3 on the wiki.
  11. Where’s Walter Keronkite when you need him? OTOH this feller certainly gets around...
  12. Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts Redux has 1.25m, 2.5m and 3.75m sized habitats, that can go up to 16 passengers each or so. Some of them come pre-packaged for launch and need engineers on site for orbit assembly. Keep that science coming! Ven's stock Revamp also adds a couple of habitation modules, one of which is a can capable of holding 10 Kerbals. If you are using something like Restock and don't want to play with the whole mod, just choose to install the new parts. Both mods have USI_LS support. Now..for supplies. 50 Kerbals consume around 540 supplies per day. You can use personal RT-500 recyclers in the station to bring that down to 216 supplies per day, for a mere 25ec/s. An 18t 3.75m supply tank can support that population for 70 days. Adding 5 PPD-F412M agroponics modules will cost you 21t and another 16.5ec/s, but will get your net consumption down to 38 supplies per day for the station, stretching your supply tank out to 394 days. To get this you will need a total of 6382 fertilizer. Assuming then that you launch your agroponics modules full of fertilizer, you will need to bring a 2.5m fertilizer tank with you (and some change) for an addition of around 5.5t. So, with this architecture, your support infrastructure will weigh around 50t total and need a constant 42ec/s to function. Total part count for it is 57-58 parts. 50x RT-500 Recyclers, 5x PPD-F412M greenhouses, 1x 3.75m supply tank, 1x 2.5m fertilizer tank, 1x 1.25m fertilizer tank (optional). For maintenance, you will have to do one re-supply mission per year or so, carrying 15k supplies and 6,400 fertilizer. Mulch is free. It is possible to exchange ec/s and weight for part count total, by substituting the 50 RT-500s for 10 RT-5000s. This will make your colony completely stable, since your net consumption will be 156 s/d and your supply production will be 178 s/d. In that case, your support infrastructure will weigh around 77t total and need a constant 204ec/s to function (much more difficult to do on Jool with a solar grid, but still tame for nuclear generation). Total part count for it is 16 parts. 10x RT-5000 Recyclers, 5x PPD-F412M greenhouses, 1x 3.75m fertilizer tank. That is enough to last you for 925 days or about two Kerbal years. For maintenance, you will have to do one re-supply mission every two years or so after that, carrying 15,000 fertilizer. Hope that helps, cheers.
  13. Everything is great and simple. Is it possible to add a few amenities? 1. Ability to move the mod control panel. 2. Add 2-3 mode switches. (E.g. Night/Day / Stream) Thanks for the mod
  14. Could we see a screenshot of what you're describing?
  15. Thank you for attempting to help, but by now the initiator of this thread has either solved the problem or moved on.
  16. What are the seas of JNSQ Eve made of, anyway? Every time I see them, I can't help but become curious.
  17. How am I supposed to know what things are if the Action Groups text is cut-off with an ellipsis and there is no hover text? This is stupid. The Action Groups are already confusing enough for new players, why hide text without providing hover text? Or, better yet, let me resize the width of the 3 columns. As of now, they barely use 25% of the width. So, what is the missing text in the "Toggle/Enable/Disable Same Vehicle Int..." entries that seem to be on every part? Or the "Toggle Independent Th..." entry on airplane engines?\ How am I supposed to figure this out? Do they really expect me to just know? Or guess? Or post on here every time? Terrible design.
  18. 1.24 (December 6th, 2019): [Change] Add a workaround for #354 to not get GUI freezed. [Fix #352] Incorrect calculation of resources on the equipped items.
  19. KSPDev Utils v2.1 2.1 (December 6th, 2019): [Fix] Properly handle the "zero variant selected" case. [Fix] Don't fail the OnGUI thread if any of the actions failed.
  20. That is why I reach for official craft file,I do building things in VAB however I am not satisfy with it. Anyways looking forward to the next update
  21. TKS and Salyut were both recently(ish) updated, you'll have to wait a bit for the craft files for these (maybe I'm completely wrong and they're already made, I don't know because I don't have any need for craft files). Plus, isn't part of the fun making the crafts yourself? Tantares is stockalike and straightforward, so if there aren't craft files it shouldn't be too hard for you to just make your own.
  22. Well just back to this mod,and I wonder where are the rest of the craft file like TKS,Salyut stations and almaz station.Since I am not familiar with building thingy.Cheers
  23. Probably going to quit this. I am enjoying the career mode, but I'm not so thrilled with the "build things cheap" Mentality. I've had a concept in my head for a while now and I think I now know how to pull it off. But first, I want to finish the main story of Orbital Negligence
  24. Abandoning Eve Crew attempt for now. I got the week of the 16th of so I can see how many videos I can get published by then. Looking at a trip to Moho and Dres, as well as the Eve crew attempt. Stay tuned for those three episodes
  25. Abandoning Eve Crew attempt for now. I got the week of the 16th of so I can see how many videos I can get published by then. Looking at a trip to Moho and Dres, as well as the Eve crew attempt. Stay tuned for those three episodes
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