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  2. In my experience the ability of the robotic parts to take up mechanical load is rather limited while they are allowed to move. But they get much stronger when the parts are locked, even more so when combined with autostruts. In the locked state autostruts are able to traverse the robotic parts, so you can autostrut a part on one side of the robotic part to another part on the other side of said robotic part. Constructs like folding wings that are folded inside a fairing during launch, folded in behind the heatshield during aerobraking on Eve, and then unlock-unfold-relock while hanging off parachutes, or rover wheels that are folded in during launch and unlock-unfold-relock in orbit work quite well for me. (Don't activate autostruts on the robotic part itself, that's bugged in a way that may prevent the part from moving. See: Bug #23492 The usual disclaimers when using autostruts also apply.) The one time I used a docking port on an robotic extension also worked reasonably well. See my comments here:
  3. - In the last 2 days, I was setting up my environment to use this real-exoplanets pack on 1.8.1, which is almost done, not yet. - Really soon for Christmas we will have as present again all add-ons outdated for 1.9.0, but once the changes will not be so severe like in 1.8 I hope a smother addon adaptation, so trying to concentrate on this release, 1.8.1 for now. I would like to upload my ship pack/solution used to this challenge, but for that I need to release somehow, a kind of pmborg "addon" to support the ship. - The ship that I have done, to win this challenge, don’t have any cheats, just have some changes in several mods, those changes are related with: No mod support for 1.8.1 yet for some mods, but I forced the support for parts that I want/need for the ship. Some parts I need them bigger, and just tweak the tweak scale even more here and there. Actually @allistahave done a great job adding some of my tweaks already a big Hangar for the space plane. @FreeThinkerThere are also some tweaks that I have done in KSPI, in big spheres and in the engine to scale them from 40 to 45, let me know if you are interested in update KSPI with it or if I keep this addon upgrade, later on I can share the details if needed.
  4. Did you mean something like flaps of FAR? I think it's a good idea! Thanks for your example! Wow, that retro style is quite a master-piece...
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, weren't the metallic hydrogen engines comparable in performance to some designs of NERVAs? If that's the case then it's just a matter of game design, it's confirmed you have to make your advanced fuels through colony advancements probably Metallic Hydrogen is better for the gameplay context. The same can't be said about the Warp Drive that has performances like nothing else currently theorized or planned.
  6. Just want to say thankyou for your post, pslytely psycho (and I love your "handle" so much I just typed it out by hand!). I too went the unfortunate career route of "become one of the country's top experts in a specific technological niche *just* when everyone is giving up on using that technology altogether". =:o\ (In my case, it was "Clearcase Multisite" performance and trouble-shooting.) Your story both saddened me and warmed my heart. It's good to meet a brother in arms. For me, that was over a decade ago. Since then I've been working in retail. The pay's lousy, but it's much better for my physical health. (Warehouse work is a like a gym membership where *they* pay *you*! =:o} ). Except at this time of year, which is hella intense. =:o\ [SALUTES] both to you, and to @linuxgurugamer Can't wait to see what the future holds for Kopernicus, and KSP mods in general... [SITS RAPT, WITH FISTFULS OF POPCORN RAPIDLY VANISHING INTO MAW]
  7. Looked through the code. It actually should work without problems! Why not use the "Control From Here" of the Construction port? I always dock orbital containers that way with the help of an alignment indicator. It's in orbit I struggle with containers the most. So what I make is a thing that helps to grab/move/attach a container without the need to dock; and without the risk of accidentally spinning it. It's like a magnet bottle for a container that holds it within some volume. It is also able to attract/repulse objects with variable force, so you can grab a container from the ground in the gravity field, then place it gently elsewhere. If anything, it it works almost like the Gravity Gun from Half Life 2
  8. See now its part of the cap and not the stage, makes more sense.
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  10. Go small. All things being equal, the lighter it is, the less speed it needs to get airborne. Additional wing area helps as well. Check out some of the biplanes on KerbalX. A lot of these will fly quite slowly. I was able to cruise at around 30 m/s in this one:
  11. That argument could be used for any proposed space exploration, to the Moon, Mars, anywhere. But ... finding water on the Moon and establishing a fuel manufacturing facility there is an extremely complex task, and would be the best reason I can think of to send humans anywhere in space. Repairing deep space probes and satellites is also a good reason. Humans going to Mars is a distant dream, that in my opinion may never happen as robotic technology and AI improve. Correct. Everyone agrees the SLS is small and expensive, but it is currently the only properly rated means to get humans to lunar orbit and back to the Earth's surface in a single launch. Eventually it will be replaced, but that would be at least a decade away, and NASA does not want to wait a decade. The key to executing Artemis is to keep the number of launches of the SLS to one per mission, all other LVs WILL be commercial. ie the Boeing lander concept will not be approved. In my opinion, even the launch of the Lunar Asset on Artemis 8 should if possible replace the SLS Cargo with a commercial vehicle if available (think BFR or New Glenn), or EOR of multiple commercial launches. @tater your arguments against SLS are all correct, but alternatives entail delaying the whole program for many years. Some of us are happy the program exists and is showing some ambition.
  12. I May Be A Noob But Im A Kerbal Engineer.

    One Day I Will Be Elon Musk Lol.

  13. I highly recommend @katateochi's KerbalX Craft Manager. It has a ton of great features including much larger sized previews.
  14. I have no interest in a fully speculative KSP; it completely defeats the purpose of the game for me. For me, it is what is plausibly doable in the near future versus what is, at this time, absolute and pure speculation. I fully believe that we really do not have any idea what is possible, but we do have some idea of what is possibly doable in the next few hundred years. Yes of course, some big technological leap could happen, but I imagine that if it does, it will not be anything we predicted. And when it does, it will be time for KSP 3 anyway. There are other games out there that allow you to build those types of spacecraft--and there is nothing wrong with that--but that is not the KSP vibe that keeps me interested.
  15. Quite so. A rather elegant solution, really: it’s entirely self-contained, no need for “shore power” to retract the legs, makes for a more streamlined process, etc. I would venture a guess it might also power some systems on board the booster, too, like if they monitor its status using existing sensors or some such.
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