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  2. TMasterson5

    TMasterson5 Mod Family

    As the OP says, that would depend on the part youre looking for, as well as its function.
  3. Fraston

    How to change explosion size?

    Is there a way (if so how) to change the explosion from crashing's size within the game's files? In the debug menu, if something explodes it says "X Exploded! Blast awesomeness=0.5"
  4. This. peltier elements is already used in small coolers but they have an low efficiency. Has been some other types of solid state coolers, and yes you can run an cooler with heat. its not an free energy machine more than an solar panel who is free energy after purchase and installation More efficient coolers and AC would be an major benefit however.
  5. Vi førsokte å stoppe det, vi mislyktes...
  6. You are correct, forgot about laser-thermal who is excellent, much better than nuclear or solar thermal. The starshot bouncing laser is also fascinating but think laser thermal is more practical today.
  7. Fairing size is more of an practical issue, you can easy make custom payload mounts and many payloads use that. Yes its an structural limit on the mass the upper stage can handle but you could reduce the maximum g force by shutting down some core stage engines before burn out.
  8. Daniel Prates

    [1.3.1] Docking camera (KURS) (14.feb.18)

    Oh, this is a good one for you to mantain, @linuxgurugamer. I did a test of in in 1.7 and it works fine. Well, kinda. Only the greyscale screen color. The other two colors only show a pink screen.
  9. Test build for debugging the logic. No othe mods apart from dependancy files. Running KSP 1.6.1 Unkerballed Start 1.0.4 Missing History 1.7.2 ReStock 0.1.3 Did you release 1.0.4 twice to Spacedock without a version number change ? Is the source code up on Git?
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  11. Fraston

    KSP's Vending Machine

    Receives a satisfying shock. Inserts a Ushanka.
  12. Fraston

    Rate the location....

    Hudson? 4/10 if not, 7/10 if it is.
  13. Fraston

    2 words names for crafts

    Insufficient battery.
  14. Well, There are 4 Docking Ports on the ISS. Those 4 Docking Ports are located at the Russian Orbital Segment and They're located specifically at Zvezda, Rassvet, Pirs and Poisk. The only thing I know about your "How are the modules connected" I am assuming you mean "How does the Station function with the modules" The only thing I know about is that the Soyuz Vessel controls everything. Correct me if I have any Information wrong.
  15. air from atmosphere is going to to heat engine...
  16. Very useful, as you could theoretically make much more efficient refrigerators with this, but it hardly breaks the laws of thermodynamics.
  17. I can only answer about the USOS. The modules in the USOS are connected with a Common Birthing Mechanism, and there are the PMAs, which have NDS ports on them for visiting craft.
  18. What are all the different types of docking ports used on the ISS. How are modules connected and what port do they use
  19. Tonka Crash

    [1.7+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.3

    They were deprecated 6 months ago and finally removed in KAS 1.2.
  20. There are small lakes in the various locations (such as Deserts and Grasslands) are were it is possible to get s Splashed Down Science Report on land. OR, . . . . are you saying they are there, but (X)Science wont report them? And . . . Which experiments from the dmagic science mod are not showing up? Do you mean Recon Scan? and SignIt? There is a Science.cfg file in the mod which disables these reports from popping up. (And lists the reasons why (X)Science does not support them) I believe this file covers all the things you brought up. If for instance you KNOW there is a place in the mountains where you can get a Splashed Down report, you could delete that line in the file, and (X)Science will show it. (It appears to be currently filtered out).
  21. Gaba_Kerman

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. You know how to design spaceplanes well but design one so large that it destroys your PC. I wish that I had any semblance of an income
  22. musdancat

    [1.7+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.3

    Where are the EVA struts?
  23. I see the Gigan rotation wrong, will fix that now. For the tanks, they are ok? Otherwise Falcon heavy will look wrong with the raceway. Can I see a pic ingame of how FH looks in your install?
  24. I agree this sounds like a bug. When in the command module, hover over Sanlie's image and see if it says he or she is a scientist. maybe somehow they changed roles for some weird reason. I don't know about action groups but I don't THINK they do. You could test it quite easily buy NOT using that action group, and seeing if Sanlie can restore now. If all else fails zip up your persistent.sfs file and upload it somewhere. When I get a chance (likely late tonight or early tomorrow morning) I can load it and see if anything jumps out at me. Not also, if you want to do some digging your own self, the persistent.sfs file is a huge text file with code in it to describe the game state, including a section for the ship, each experiment, and Sanlie with all the traits and abilities listed. Compare Sanlie to another scientist and see if anything jumps out.
  25. Boris-Barboris

    [1.2.2-1.7.0] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.12

    Nobody actually knows, and that is why it is not a default. Mod authors should make decisions like this, not third parties like myself. I'll add this bit to AA's FAQ.
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