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  2. You can put ANYTHING in a container, as far as I can tell, and KIS is reasonably good at keeping the state of weird parts put in the container (e.g. procedural parts) although they kind of "expand" once you drop them - need to be careful about that. Get a big enough container, and you can pack an entire colony in it - reactors, bases, hubs, connectors, radiators, science-y stuff, you name it. Tweak the KIS config, and you can do it all with one Kerbal too (I hate having to run groups of Kerbals around to move stuff over 1t) @KISConfig:NEEDS[KIS]:FINAL { @EvaPickup { %maxDistance = 1000 %grabMaxMass = 10000 } } Pretty much lets me move anything, anywhere. Combine with my container that holds something like 38 megaliters, and you can get by with sending a single container. Probably cheaty, but hey, as long as you don't brag...
  3. AH YES, that must be it, just read the manual too, seems like there are plenty more parts that you can put in containers instead of just the ones shown in that category. But anyway, does the beer, boombox, book, serve any purpose besides being fun?
  4. Yeah the not unlimited bit but also you can't use MKS drills afaik, you gotta use the JAW from the asteroid mining mod
  5. Considering the scope of this game and how long I've been playing it, there aren't too many things that really annoy me.....but there are some I would put memory issues as the worst offender, but others have mentioned that already. This THIS This bit of UI design makes me irrationally angry every time I see it, It offends me on several levels. If I accidentally open the contents of a science container (especially one with that many results in it) I then have to click through every single result just to close the window. It's actually easier/faster to do a quicksave and reload or switch to another craft and back again just to close it. Even when you're not pillaging a planet for all it's sci in one go, and just have an action group that runs all stock experiments, that's still too many clicks required just to close a window. A simple close button in the top right corner would make this a lot better, but even with that it's just a bad bit of UI. It's ok to get UI design wrong when you're creating a novel bit of UI, but this is just a standard "list and view", a UI concept that's as old (older) than HTML. There are standard conventions for this sort of interface. It should have a list view, where you can see all the results as a list (preferably with options to group and sort it by various attributes like which biome or body it came from, experiment type, science value etc). From the list view you should be able to click on each one to view the details and take actions (although you should also be able to make common actions (ie delete, transmit, process in lab) from the list view). And from the details view you should be able to return to the list view. And from any view you should (WITH ONE CLICK) be able to close the window. It also would be nice if the window would remember it's position on the screen and not always appear centre stage like it's the most important thing ever! The other thing in KSP that upsets me is watching your base do an impersonation of a glacier and gradually creep down hill. I say "hill", I don't think a 1.2 degree incline should really be called a hill, but even on such small inclines, surface craft will still gradually move. There needs to be a mechanism which locks stationary craft in place until an internal or external force acts on it.
  6. If I underatand that correctly, reactors will dynamically reduce power to meet demand. That sounds great, with less micromanaging of xenon/argon/lithium ships. Will radiators be activated/deactivated automatically to match the reactor's changing demands? Will that automation work during a timewarp? Full reactor power at the start of timewarp to fill batteries, then scale back to run whatever laboratories and SCANsat sensors are turned on.
  7. That's not an inaccurate description. Wait until you see the signatories and terms of the nuclear weapons ban.
  8. Hey guys, does anybody know what value in a scatterer config file could cause the night sky of a planet to have a bright rim like this? I'm playing around with scatterer configs and I do not seem to find the value that turns this off, and lets the dark side of this planet be realistically black. Thanks for any hints.
  9. Not always. Sometimes people don't listen to reason. Then they gain nothing.
  10. kinda true about stock wingset. unplayable. for this reason Airplane Plus is pretty much stock for me. i really hope procedural wing will be implemented in ksp2.
  11. Soyuz is a piece of completely outdated 1960s technology.
  12. Make sure that you don’t have any MiniAVC files. Easy way to be sure is to install ZeroMiniAVC mod which deletes them
  13. World be best to store in the save directory so that the save can be fully backed up by copying the folder You run the risk of your save files being out of sync with the persistent.sfs file by doing it that way
  14. I know that, but I don't want to have to save/load data when a game save/load happens, I'd rather do it independently of that, so that save/loads are more frequent. Thank you! I will implement this right away. It is indeed not good to not support multiple save files. HighLogic.SaveFolder returns the name of the save right? I'd rather stick to saving the config nodes to a separate file in my mod's folder, so when the user deletes the mod folder, the data about the transmitters is also removed, and there is no residual data in the persistent.sfs.
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  16. Today in my career game my Eve rover arrived at, you guessed it, Eve. However, the entry, descent and landing did not go as well as I had hoped. During Eve entry, the vehicle was behind a 2.5m heatshield and covered by a fairing for protection. I even added RCS thrusters for additional control. However, despite multiple attempts, the aeroshell uncontrollably flipped around during entry, causing the fairing to overheat and explode, followed by a significant segment of the rover. There seemed to be no way around this, so I had to settle for a rover missing half of its wheels. All of the experiments survived, and the vehicle parachuted to the surface successfully, but it was unable to move. At least I got a decent amount of science from one biome. Always remember to test your designs fully before sending them off! In this case, the rover's entry trajectory was intended to be hyperbolic, but I only tested EDL from low Eve orbit, where it worked fine. I think next time I send something to Eve I'll propulsively brake it into orbit before atmospheric entry.
  17. My point is not whether it's possible but whether it's useful. The OP wanted to do some stuff on the surface of Eve and return. For that there are better option than an SSTO.
  18. You can always boost the difficulty level of the game. Every time you drop the contract rewards for science and funds by 10%, it gets a lot harder.
  19. I did a lot of logistics work, specifically involving fuel. First, I decided that the Rockomax Jumbo-64 fuel tanks I'm using for refueling missions aren't big enough anymore. I put together a new model based on the S3-14400 tank that has twice the fuel capacity of the Jumbo-64. I launched the new refueler probe 10% full, which is enough to get to Minmus while being light enough that a single-stage booster can get it to orbit. The design worked great so I launched two more tankers. I realized that I don't have enough docking ports at Minimus Station so I sent these with their own docking port adapters to expand the station. The new S3 boosters are fully reusable and the new spider legs make it much more stable on landing than the previous 2.5m booster. Landing near KSC returns 98% of the $75k cost meaning each tanker only costs 40k funds net. Over at the Mun, my crew shuttle pulled out of Munar Station and headed back to Kerbin with 5 tired kerbals aboard. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a live test of my new SSTO space plane. Kafel Kerman hopped in and headed for Kerbin Station to meet the incoming crew shuttle. The docking at Kerbin Station was a no-go. First, I haven't put RCS thrusters on the spaceplane and there's no way I could dock a dorsally mounted port without them. I also realized none of the ports on Kerbin station have enough standoff for the port to fit without hitting something. I'll need to modify the station, or maybe just replace it. It's getting pretty old. Anyway, Val docked the crew shuttle directly to the space plane and transferred the crew over. Then she parked the crew shuttle at the station and EVAd back for the trip home. I may have overshot the landing a wee bit, but that's what the chutes are for, right? I'm sure coming in nose down at 180 m/s is no big deal for these guys. The five kerbals were happy to watch their first sunset on Kerbin after a long trip out to Minimus and the Mun. One last thing I did was mess around with a Duna space plane over in my sandbox save. This was tough to land in the thin air, but sailing over the Dunatian landscape below was very peaceful. Watching Ike rise in the distance was certainly the highlight of the flight.
  20. I agree with @linuxgurugamer, this plugin can be a PartModule that saves the list of all connected transmitters or receivers (with respect to its receive/transmit type). One transmitter can have list of multiple receivers and a one receiver can only have one transmitter (unless some kind of list for fallback transmitters is added to compensate for loss of power due to lost line of sight, power failure or other disabling conditions). All save/load happens on OnLoad and OnSave which write into Persistent.sfs file that holds all save game config data.
  21. If you can fling it to the Island Airfield, then it's a slightly surreal entry to this challenge
  22. I don't get it, sorry, I'm probably too stupid for this. I'm outta here.
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