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  2. Another question: Have you considered making it so you can toggle on/off the RCS redirector thingies on the LEM descent stage? The problem is they get in the way when you're trying to mount anything other than a LEM ascent stage on top, which makes making stuff for the AAP difficult. Which is another thing, have you considered adding more LEM variants for the AAP? You can make LEM shelters, etc right now but it would be nice to have proper dedicated parts for them. You wouldn't need to do too much work, just a version of the LEM ascent stage without fuel and more living space, maybe a bigger airlock assembly, and larger equipment racks. And adding in dedicated wheels for a MOLEM would be amazing. The MOLEM is an amazing vehicle and severely underappreciated.
  3. Using the stock drill, collect stock ore which can be converted into HTP, is probably the easiest method. Personally, I think the stock ISRU is a bit cheaty because in order to make Liquidfuel and Oxidizer you logically need a near-surface water/ice source or you need to dig deep to collect rock which still contains hydrogen. The more warp power, the less power you need to charge and travel FTL. The Folding one is more aerodynamic, the heavy (which has the higher drag) has a 50% higher warp power bonus and the small has a low diameter to base ratio.
  4. I agree with this. Unity is a good general-purpose game engine that's made many great games including KSP possible, but KSP is far outside what most games do. Few other games can have you walking on the ground one moment, and the next moment travelling at a thousand miles an hour mere metres above the terrain before travelling realistic interplanetary distances. Even just explorable ground area, not much is on the same scale as KSP. It's amazing Unity can handle it at all, but I feel KSP would seriously benefit from an engine built for that kind of cosmic scale, either created or licensed from somewhere (SpaceEngine perhaps). The rest is just features, some I agree with, some I don't. But a new engine is what would make KSP 2 really a new game, and not just an update with a pricetag.
  5. I will try this the next time I play. Would using the stock mining drill and converter be sufficient, or might it be better to use one of the IE more efficient in any way? Does this require more or less power? I imagine that using more than a single warp engine would be cumbersome on a spaceplane. Likewise, aside from warp mass (which looks like it is 4/8/12), is there any difference between the small/folding/large drive? They are, more or less, small/med/large drives, correct? Folding doesn't do anything the others do not do (aside from have an animation)?
  6. Notice that you can stack Warp Drives. By doubling the warp drive mass it will significantly charge faster and reach higher (and slower sublight) speeds.
  7. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] Better Science Labs Continued

    Good to know, I'll be reviewing the perl script and including it soon. I'll also remove the bash script to avoid confusion Please try this, replace the entire BSL directory, and run the script, let me know how it goes:
  8. HTP is actually real easy to produce with the Anthraquinone process (with the ISRU Fabricator) with a source of hydrogen gas and source of oxygen gas. Alternatively, you use the stock ISRU converter to produce Oxidizer from Ore and convert it into HTP using the IFS Cryotank Oxidizer to HTP converter.
  9. Nikolai

    Recovering Snoopy

    I think so, but I also think that it's possible that it will create more difficulties than it solves; neither Snoopy nor the retrieval craft can be considered a fixed platform. I'd love to see a real in-depth analysis of what it would take to make this work, though.
  10. Most of what you bring up, you keep saying "I don't think DX12 is needed..." DX12 support would GREATLY improve performance as the way the programming makes the system more fluid and reduces the demands of the CPU and places more graphics onto the GPU. Thus, not only would the game look better, it would run better. You could have more parts. The crux of my points was features I want to see in KSP 2.0. A better graphics engine, better performance, and a more immersive gameplay. While mods and such can replicate much of my requests, due to the game engine limits and using DX9 limits the extent that Kerbal manage. Period. That should cover the DX discussion if you have any questions. Thus, they need to overhaul the entire game engine, and that's not a light undertaking, and while their at it, they can make some changes
  11. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] Better Science Labs Continued

    @winterchillz I dont' run USI Life Support, if the issue you have is with that, please ask for help in the USI forum. Also see @COL.R.Neville's post above, it might be helpful
  12. Flibble

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Val and Bob took the photography plane up today. They gathered some useful science, but unfortunately most of it was lost in a rather poor landing. Still any landing you can walk away from... They both promptly went on leave after being debriefed, which may or may not be related.
  13. RocketSquid

    Off-kerbin hiring

    Sorry, I worded the first post pretty poorly. I was wondering if there’s a way to have kerbals spawn somewhere besides kerbin, other than rescue contracts.
  14. kerbiloid

    Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    Pluto. Still hurts from 40 AU distance. Will the Martian Vikings reveal the Spirit from Curiosity on Opportunity.
  15. linuxgurugamer

    A.P.U.S. Aerospace Passenger and Utility System

    If anyone is interested here is a link (valid for 30 days from May 22) to the online AutoDesk viewer showing the FBX file listed above.
  16. linuxgurugamer

    [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    What are the differences between what you did and what @Starwaster did ? I was thinking of including this in a small pack of mods that make sense together , along the lines of SpaceTux Industries Recycled Parts, but if you are going to do anything, then I won't include this. Otherwise, I'd appreciate seeing any changes that you made
  17. Mikenike

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    This isn't really a good question, but how many forum users view the challenges a week?
  18. linuxgurugamer

    [1.4.x] NovaPunch Rebalanced - Out of Beta

    New release, Fixed agent Silisko (thanks to @COL.R.Neville for pointing it out)
  19. Today
  20. dnbattley

    Precision Booster Landing Challenge

    Does landing in a single take (i.e. with no quickloading such that the "revert to assembly" option remains available) - as well as no Trajectories mod - offer any special score bonus?
  21. KerikBalm

    The Korolev Crunch.

    ^This^ Aerodynamic separation forces are super reliable, they are often what cause the crunch to start with, so a solution to the crunch is to alter the aerodynamic forces. Of course, sepratrons can be cool too... but 1-2 basic fins are super cheap and lightweight.
  22. I only used nitrogen. This was before the normal zpinch was changed to be ineffective in the atmosphere. Here is the craft file I used. It worked and handled well enough go to and from Kerbin, Even, Duna, and the Jool systems (including Tylo with some fancy takeoff) It has a single trialpha reactor and a folding warp drive (I'm not sure if a small drive is any better?). It was a bit underpowered because I couldn't seem to start warp very fast or as often as I would like. But I could land it fairly easliy everywhere. ISRU, the only thing I at thus point had understood was using a refrigerator for nitrogen. I don't know how to make HTP nor do I know much how to refuel it on airless planets. ---- I've tried to modify this to include the positron reactor, thermal nozzle (I've tried the Krusader and the thermal turbojet), singularity reactor (which I've edited the part file to allow scaling below 5m to fit without being abnormally large) to create positrons, as well as a MHD generator to generate power from the positron reactor (didn't work because of overheating when I try to do much of anything but use the thermal nozzles). Likewise in the above attempts I've tried to include the positron creator part (without the singularity reactor), even to the point of editing the part file so that it has a net gain of positrons when used with the MHD generator, but still this doesn't accomplish what I want because of overheating when I charge warp.
  23. Mikenike

    Kill kerbal

    Fractal, yes, I was testing an "ejection" sequence and I got Jebs parachute open, he impacted the ground at 20.4 m/s.
  24. Mikenike

    Help me with Boats Please

    I currently am, but wanted to see some round trip designs to help inspire me.
  25. i am so excited about APU!
  26. Weird what propellant did you use with the Zpinch? Ideally, use should use at least 2 propellants, one for atmospheric use and one for space. The Z-Pinch Airospike can additionally use atmosphere for during low atmosphere flight, switch to HTP to boost itself into orbit and then use a Mono Atomic (like Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, etc) propellant for Space orbital manoeuvres.
  27. linuxgurugamer

    A.P.U.S. Aerospace Passenger and Utility System

    For some reason, I thought they were bigger, he says that they are capable of carrying 1.875m parts, so it's bigger than that, but not much
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