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  2. Yes, i know that this is a rocket game, but airplane parts in a rocket game = spaceplanes, so, new parts? if we do get new Airplane parts i would like: A bunch more cockpits More fuselage sizes More wing pieces MORE ENGINES! 5.everything but twice. also, complete cockpits (even if we dont get airplane parts)
  3. something new is said, too tired and too dutch to translate right now. Stuff about life support and next-gen engines
  4. Been reading a little about Project Orion since that KSP2 announcement, and it fits that first panel exactly. "Yeah, you can SSTO to Mars!" "Ok, but SSTOing nukes will cause massive fallout on Earth's surface..."
  5. Hello, i'am TheJoolian. Since i started on August 15 with my first post "About my Mun mission" on Mission Reports, i started to be just a super-KSP fan. I like this game. I always like to build replicas and awesome rockets (or planes,SSTO or a VTOL). Yeah i'am being just a normal KSP-fan in the forums . Joolian Rocket Builder.
  6. Went to a hangar dance last night, with a mini airshow ahead of today's Flight Fest. I wish I had brought my Canon. I suppose I should have gone back today, but had other things to do (like sit here and browse the KSP forum...). This was about the best my iPhone 7 could do with the flying at dusk... Although some of the static shots were okay... It was cool to see the last pilot roaming the dance (a weathered older fellow with a long history with the RCAF, including as a trainer on the Tudors). I overheard him at the bar saying "Now I'm done flying, I can have a drink! I'll have something cold, wet, and tasting like barley..."
  7. The biggest thing this game will bring is a rewritten code done with modern technology by professionals in the industry, I love this game but my dream all these years was always to see some bigger and better funded studio to pick up the idea and do a better game out of it, now we're getting that without even having the ip to change.
  8. they did made a second version called "Bedrock edition", its almost the same but internally its different. now the same is happening with KSP2, but in a bigger extent. remember that great games like half-life had sequels that did well, and the community liked them. also, theres a limit of how much the game can be updated without having trouble with the "core flaws" or the game, and at some point the game would be completely rewrited, basically the same as KSP2 but in more time.
  9. Indeed, but only if connected to the 'Net. that's the fundamental part of my question. Send up my relay BEFORE sending up Bob+OKTO? If Bewing means that "if Bob is present you can set Prograde on an OKTO that is not connected" then I'm all good. I was just clarifying. I understand that maneuver nodes will be out, but I don't need those in this case, since Jeb will be joining him later for the trip home
  10. If you're running this with Kerbalism's changes to the way science works, you're going to have to increase your science rewards by about 150% at least. It is unreasonably difficult to return from the Mun with pre-2.5m-rocket technology in this scale.
  11. I hope that's the case, I think they did that to give to the trailer a more nostalgic look to engage more with the veterans of the game but that Poodle that uses the old mesh instead of the reworked one is bothering me more than it should.
  12. I just found this after deciding to revisit KSP after more than 3 years of absence, these planets look absolutely stunning, and very inviting, great work!
  13. Well one thing to consider is whether the added weight of Tanks/Fuel/Oxidizer/Engines outweighs the added potential of even WORSE damage from a crash. Remember they are testing the saucer prototype on the Mun. Where the gravity is much less and it looks like the saucer had a relatively low test ceiling for the hieght it was tested at off the surface. Does all the extra weight for the backup propulsion actually counteract the enhanced risk of a crash? Would it offset the extra risk of explosion compared to a low speed impact? Remember that the pilots that were lost died when the prototype gravitic drive exploded when they couldn't shut it down in time, rather than in crashes with terrain... Edit: It's not the nuke powering it that's the problem, but the part that turns the electricity generated by the nuke into an anti-gravitic force...
  14. Kerbals has an tradition to strap 4 LV-N on the sides of an hitchhiker container. I guess their DNA have 4 strains and an backup tape level error correction. Radiation still kill cancer cells, in short its good for you up to neutron bomb levels. Anyway no issue building it on Minmus or using Saturn 5 as strap on boosters.
  15. Nothing wrong with a relaunch if only to modernize graphics (which KSP2 has added me already!), though as a standalone v2.0 would transverse KSP into a classic, better and un-ruined.
  16. Awesome thanks! I'm having trouble with performance even with the beefy machine I have.
  17. Yes, usually space planes or other craft that are difficult to shield from re-entry heating. Or pieces of craft that stick out from the shielded airstream, such as experiments attached to command pods. Hope you grabbed the science before re-entry! Yes, probably. Yes. ... They do? That's news to me (especially "aerobraking at Jool", last I checked that was a recipe for instant incineration whether you had a shield or not). It does? Significant alterations to how we build and fly crafts are not gameplay consequences? I guess I'll jump to the end of this section of the post. Ahh, back to tilt. Yes, it enhances, in the same way Minmus's inclination does. You learn a new trick to avoid paying extra delta V in certain situations, also corresponds to the properties of real world astronomical objects. ...
  18. I guess I don't understand how this works. Is it like dropping a gigantic anchor from your command module? or does it look at landing legs and wheels, or whatever touched the ground, and creates so much weight or friction it can't possibly move?
  19. For myself, and maybe many others (maybe not) - the single thing that ruins the game experience and immersion most, is the performance of the game. The further you get into your career the more laborious it becomes to do stuff. I desperately hope the developer make this their #1 priority over anything. Yes, I would like an actual proper campaign that's not hodge podge pieces together, better graphics, more interesting textures and details on planets and moons... but for any of that to be enjoyable - you need good performance. Anyone else with me on this?
  20. KSP doesn't work with multiple decouplers on parts. Only the (in your case) bottom one will attach to the core rocket. The only way to do something like what you are wanting would be to attach the top liquid tank to a radial decoupler, then the SRB's underneath with an inline decoupler to the LF tanks, then maybe add struts from the SRB to the core for stability. Alternately, you could figure out how long the SRB's burn for & match the amount of fuel in the liquid tanks to match the SRB burn time & decouple everything together
  21. Yes. Probably. Yes. No. Because my experience is different from yours. I spent hours working on my Eve lander AFTER the hours I spent making it able to lift off of Eve. Those hours were figuring out how to get it to land on Eve without exploding. And believe me, my first attempt was to "slap on heatshields" and it did NOT work. When I finally got something that only lost a few solar panels, I called it good. As opposed to before 1.0, when I literally came in from interplanetary and hit the peak of the highest mountain on the first try.
  22. People play the game in different ways, I tend to drop heavy stuff from Minus orbit, standard base with standard booster, 6 km/s with the ore. Laythe base in orbit around Minmus topping up from an tanker after resuply on Minus base and docked with booster. Chemical engine burns during most of the injection burn and get dropped, an 9 LV-N second stage burn while cross feeding into the core with all the radial LV-N. Jool in an year or before this election cycle:) Ore was be converted into fuel trying to get into Pol orbit using Ike, had it not been for reentry heating I would jut aerobraked and Laythe. This was not very practical as the added weight of the 5 inflatable heat shields and structure would still require significant braking before hitting Laythe. It would also add an very high risk. Concision from the hardbrake 2 study was negative. The pilot union protested because This looks better than most instagram photos but was overruled.
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