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  2. Long time flight sim player here (2000+ hours poured to FSX) Best recomendation I for you is to wait till the new FSX comes,giving that it's coming to Xbox it should run just fine on your PC But if you can't wait i would suggest you try out the original FSX on steam.Yeah its really old but it works pretty fine with the only issues being that it's on 32 bits But if you are taking the second option be sure to install a mod called FSpassengers,its paid but it has a free demo that allows you to fully use it only on when taking off from San francisco.But either way it makes the sim a lot more realistic There was this other flight sim called FSW that was a bit of a mess and it's no longer getting attention but it is a decent GA sim but the only thing that saves it are it's missions(and actually I don't even know if its on sale anymore defenetly not on steam!) My personal advice is to wait for the new FSX microsoft didn't let us down (yet) with their flight sims and it looks really nice right now
  3. Hmm... that's odd. The mod is still supported, I'd ask directly in the mod thread for help:
  4. The high point of my career today was my Moho probe finally arriving. The low point was the jettisoned LES tower destroying a launch vehicle in probably the most ironic failure to reach space ever. Details in mission reports Debris plus the surprisingly intact Mk2 pod after the LES tower rapidly disassembled the rest of the launch vehicle Also had an early attempt at a spaceplane - which USED TO make orbit since at least KSP 1.5 but suddenly isn't wanting to in 1.8.1
  5. I am sorry to say that I unfortunately don't have the time to continue, so if that's okay I 'd like to drop out.
  6. Main resume of main steps: 0y to Lift-off zero fuel on 4 main tanks. After 402d arrive at Jupiter orbit 2000km 6y+380d all refuel is done at Jupiter, get out of Jupiter SOI and do the main acceleration. 13y+232d speed 125,000km/s 47y+46d Start the main speed break 59y+294d break the last 500,000 m/s to Begin the final star approach to enter in a inner star orbit 63y+225d start the target planet re-entry
  7. Solution is indeed to stop the rolling authority on the wings. - Or putting the wings on the other side of the aerodynamic center. Can I do this in vab already? I think the reaction wheel is enough control for roll during launch.
  8. Update 02:266 The Heat is On Ongoing Missions: MOLE Station - Mothballed Mun Outpost A - Mothballed Minmus Outpast A - First crew completed 30 days on 02:243 & returned home, leaving the surface experiments running. Current plans call for a second crew to be sent later this year, while a rover is currently en route. Dres Sojourner - Should arrive at Dres' SoI on 03:025 Vorona-Eve - Will arrive in Eve's SoI on 02:280 Pioneer-Eve - Will arrive in Eve's SoI on 02:280 EDSR-1 - Will arrive in Eve's SoI on 02:279 EPL-1 - Will arrive in Eve's SoI on 02:279 Pioneer-Moho - Arrived around Moho and entered orbit on 02:256, establishing a highly inclined 45x5000km orbit and sending back loads of data. Mission was a complete success and Pioneer-Moho remains in orbit as a comm relay for future missions. Manned Launches: KSC Dawngrazer MPV-5 02:227 - The decision has been made to finally deorbit MOLE Station. Prior to that, Kelrik & Val are being sent up to strip off any valuable equipment they can rather than allowing everything to burn up. At least that was the intent. In the most ironic accident ever to befall a space program, seconds after LES jettison, the expended LES tower crashed back into the Dawngrazer & struck somewhere around the upper fuel tank/decoupler/orbital engine area, breaking up the entire launch vehicle. Despite the lack of a LES, the abort sequence still separated the capsule from what remained of the lower stages and the crew splashed down safely 279km downrange. After this incident, the salvage plan was cancelled due to cost - each Dawngrazer MPV costs nearly 22000 funds with only (at most) 9300 being recoverable, and launching a second MPV just could not be justified with the equipment known to be on the station. Unmanned Launches: WSC Girrok KSM-1 02:229 - The Kerbol Stellar Monitor launched into a polar orbit from Woomerang. After attaining orbit, the Ap was boosted to 60000 km over the south pole to provide a clear view of the sun for long periods of time and also to provide improved comm relay functions to the southern hemisphere. The automated solar monitoring experiment was completed on 02:246 and transferred to the reentry probe, which decoupled & fired its retro rocket to drop Pe into the atmosphere. Reentry occured 10 days later, on 02:257, landing just over 200km from DSC. DSC Dawngrazer Pioneer-Jool 02:234 - With the development of RTG's, the decision was made to modify the existing Pioneer science probe by replacing the twin solar panels with a pair of RTG's on extendable booms for use in outer system areas where solar is less viable. Since the dV requirements are quite a bit less than Moho, the NERV engine was kept, but the drop tanks that were fitted to the Mk1S-ER were dropped. Due to the tight schedule, Pioneer-Jool spent just a single orbit around Kerbin before performing its transfer, leaving Kerbin's SoI on 02:235. Course correction plotted for 03:018. Too late to correct, it was discovered that the Girrok second stage was not equipped with self-destruct charges, leaving a large piece of space debris in a 142x392km 6.5 degree orbit, which will need to be dealt with at some point. DSC Girrok MiUR2-1 02:265 - Launched a Minmus Utility Rover to Minmus, currently enroute to Minmus. Aircraft: DSC - CSX-01A Falcon 02:264 - After borrowing some more experimental NERV engines, Jeb has come up with a way to break his punishment of only testing aircraft: build an aircraft that can fly to space! The first test was only a high speed test, taking off from DSC & cruising to KSC, breaking mach 3 along the way. Frustratingly, it nearly ran out of fuel just barely breaking mach 3 & 30km flying from DSC to KSC. I landed with about 7 units of LF remaining. This is a design that goes back multiple KSP versions, and I never had a problem reaching orbit before but now it barely breaks 30km & mach 3. Debris: Pioneer-Jool 2nd Stage - 02:234 - 142x392km, 6.5* inclination Other: On 02:251, Kelrik & Ambera took out an experimental MiUR-2 (Minmus Utility Rover-2 seat) to test at DSC. Fitted with the best technology currently available, a mix of Monoprop fuel cell & solar power and emergency RCS braking & downforce thrusters, it promises to be a great addition to the Minmus Outpost.
  9. Have you ever done something and then kicked yourself for not doing it much earlier? This is Fulcrum: (click the first and then use arrows for a slideshow) It works surprisingly well!
  10. Well, O.K. Maybe it's something else. I used the definition of "lift" and "drag" that is also used here: And here: it says that e.g. the space shuttle had a lift to drag ratio of ~1 at hypersonic speeds and ~4.5 at low speeds.
  11. This looks cool. A potentially feasible method for building the pyramids. Don't think I ever saw this even though it's from 2013.
  12. I think that's a decal mod. I cannot tell, as the image is very small and has a lot of whitespace. Is it possible you could find the original image and post it instead?
  13. To the images themselves, really useful to build replicas (especially planes with RO/FAR). (I used external app to do so before). And pretty sure other people could enjoy this feature as well.
  14. I notice that I keep getting the "same" (launch a space station at xyz - while I already have more than I can manage) mission I do not wish to have over and over, and due to the limit of 3 missions max I do not get other missions. How does the mod limit the amount of total missions you can get to 3? - and can I improve that number with a module manager patch?
  15. NewEgg's making me do one of those picture captchas that just replaced the images with more after you click on them again. Every. Single. Time. I log in.
  16. I've just started rebuilding my mod install for 1.8 after a hiatus from KSP, and it seems like this mod is still working on 1.8. I have noticed however that it seems that the volume of the jet engine sound remains constant, no matter how far away from an active jet engine. I built a small test craft and started the engine, and let it fly, then bailed my kerbal out. the plane flew off without crashing, and made it to several Km away, but I could still hear the engine sound as if i was focused on the jet itself. I literally only have mechjeb, restock and restock+ and jet sounds continued installed so far. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a link to an updated version that I've missed / not aware of?
  17. ok i still does not work mi going to send screen shots of what i do Is there anything wrong on how i download the mod? and still this happens 1.8 more like 1.7.3
  18. woooow really feeling the 1.7.3 hype!!! this is awesome Andrew thank you for your work!
  19. Juraffics? So a website consisting of a bunch of gifs could be a Juraffic Park...
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