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  2. @Poodmund update please the name on the antennas google table, it is HG-32, not HG-25
  3. hi is there a way to bring back stock ec unit .with kerbalism solar panels electric production shows in kw which my amp year mod doesn't understand apparently.
  4. The receiver might be active, but is it actually receiving power? You can usually tell by it glowing red, but looking at available power on the thermal receiver
  5. Thanks for the reply, it works! Turns out I should not right click 'save as' from Github as it includes the HTML information. Oops!
  6. I've been using a Mk. 2 thermal receiver, definitely making sure it's active before activating the engines. I should also mention this is launching from the runway.
  7. Val

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Moved an interesting, but off-topic discussion to it's own thread.
  8. What are you using as a thermal power source? Is it still active, does it have fuel?
  9. StarCrusher96

    Galaxies Unbound Series [InDev]

    Hi I think I did mention everything was shut down and the downloadlinks were no longer open? This is also a development page so it kinda seems logical there isn't a downloadlink. KSS however, is dead. Keeping it up and running is against the reasons why it was shut down. so I'm sorry but I will not/never open those links again. As for GU, the first part is sort of ready and i'll release it somewhere in June. I'm following a schedule of planned releases for each part, so i'm sorry to ask for a little more patience. Keep in mind. GU is NOT a recycled KSS or KSS2. Keeping those links open would give me additional work anyway. KSS is dead (for reasons) and it will never return. There are many other great mods if you want something for 'the meantime'.
  10. DarkPK

    Is procedural rocket engines possible?

    Aside, before these engines become a mod pack, it was created using only the base game. That is what impress me the most!
  11. DarkPK

    Is procedural rocket engines possible?

    It does shows the crazy potential of Procedural engines in making realistic replica of rocket engines.
  12. Ummm I never said what you quoted once. I said one thing that maybe you could construe to mean that. If DX12 would give large performance returns for KSP (just because it does for one game doesn't mean it will for another, its variable depending on the game), and KSP would need a new engine to make use of it, then fine. However, based on your arguments, I think it could be better stated as KSP needs better multithreading/multicore support. If I understand correctly, DX12 allows more stuff to be offloaded to the GPU. KSP is already not so great at utilizing other CPU cores, and I doubt DX12 would help that. Yes, but the title starts as "KSP 2.0 why we need it...", and your justification is: " Simple, the KSP Engine is woefully inadequate at this point. It was great for it's time, it's serviceable, but it's old. It cannot take advantage of the leaps in PC gaming hardware and DX updates.  It has memory leaks, it has inabilities that keep the KSP experience... limited." So in there, the DX updates is not emphasized and seems to be a minor reason. You mention a limited experience, yet most of what you mention can be managed by the current engine, as mods do it with the current engine. Well, not speaking to the engine you can get much better graphics out of KSP, and more immersive gameplay seems possible (this latest DLC seems to try to address that), given what mods do (and some of what you mentioned you don't even need mods for... like driving up to your spaceplane before getting in). Better performance... a while back they had an update that improved performance, and they added some multicore support... but yea, I guess a new engine would be needed to fully take advantage of multiple CPU and GPU cores... but would they need to abandon Unity for that entirely? if so, that is asking a lot. So if I understand your point, "Why we need it" is that a new engine could deliver better performance, yes? And yes, if they're going to do an entirely new engine, they need more features, if its just a KSP clone that runs smoother... that would be disappointing given all the potential there. I guess I confused your wishlist with reasons that there should be a KSP 2.0, as if KSP 1.X couldn't deliver what you were requesting. If I understand, you acknowledge most of what you ask for can be managed on the current KSP engine, but KSP could do it better and smoother, correct?
  13. Xurkitree

    [1.2.*, 1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] RLA Reborn

    It should be backwards compatible no problem. I have a copy of RLA Reborn for which all i did was transfer from OPM 1.6.1 folder to the OPM 1.7.0 folder
  14. jrodriguez

    [1.7.x] BDArmory Continued v1.3.0 [05/01/2019]

    As far as I know the current logic supports multi-weapons but only one target. I agree. I think this would be a very interesting feature to add
  15. Eidahlil

    [1.7.x] BDArmory Continued v1.3.0 [05/01/2019]

    No. I really want to say "not yet". I've been wanting this myself for a while, but it is quite a complicated change to do in maintainable way, so we'll just have to see if it happens. :)
  16. VoidSquid

    Satellite space program

    Having my space station with science labs in LKO, I usually try to get my missions back, rendezvous, and transfer the science to the labs. And yes, it adds some dv-requirements and complexity, I like that, just for the fun of it.
  17. Xurkitree

    What was your most ambitious mission?

    This is probably one of the more ambitious, but not exactly at the top, of the missions I have done. A Jool-5 in a Career Mode, Science rewards at 30%, Life Support mods (although I had Deep Freeze to mitigate some of it), ISRU based, all while taking footage for the video submission. Another very ambitious mission was this - an unrefuelled, 1 kerbal Grand Tour, done right after a previous grand tour, just because the refuelling attempt I had to make on the first one around Moho (i started the Grand Tour blind you see), so I decided to no u the damn thing and go for a low mass. My most ambitious mission is done actually, but due to reasons i can't tell you about it right now...
  18. go to basement with a bag of cat treats. shake. when they all show up dump em out and run for the door before one of them gets bored. though i question the logic of putting cats in a basement during a flood warning.
  19. Today
  20. jefftimlin

    [1.4.x] BetterLoadSaveGame 2.3

    Hey thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you've found it useful! I'll have a look at updating it soon, probably this weekend.
  21. mikey117

    [1.7] Advanced orbital info tab

    For Minmus i personally try to get a low orbit rescue mission early game. I will then rescue the kerbal and leave the pod in orbit ,as the low orbit ones tend to be on an equatorial orbit. You can then target this vessel for a reference point to set up inclination change.
  22. So, like, it needed a heatshield? what a novel concept... When 1.0 came out, I actually had to watch heating very carefully with my spaceplane SSTOs. Now, I pretty much don't worry at all. If I come in steep enough that its a problem, the strong aerodynamic forces that risk ripping my craft apart are more of a problem. IMO I'd prefer 1.0's heating to now I agree:
  23. So we can't have two weapon groups firing on two targets simultaneously?
  24. jrodriguez

    [1.6.1] Realism Overhaul v12.6.0 [23 May 2019]

    AWESOME! Kudos for your amazing work guys
  25. KerikBalm

    What was your most ambitious mission?

    Probably my missions to Duna-Rald-Ike in 3x, establishing modular surface bases, with a motherhsip that has a rotating centrifuge, assembled in orbit. One of the module tugs for a surface base: The a fuel tanker launching from Mun base, to refuel the mothership: Taking the duna dropship to orbit, piggyback style: That was the no-nuke version, I had a nuke version too (from before a game update) An earlier version, using KPBS, arriving at Duna (I've done this mission a couple times, its a lot of work, but the pinacle of my career mode before I get tired, or a new update comes out): KPBS based suface base on 3x duna: Its hard to see, but the mothership in orbit, with the surface base module tug, and a dripship docked: The surface base construction starts on Rald: it goes back up to load another module: much later: All done with the pretty brutal dV requirements of a 3x rescale, but stock parts.
  26. Fist off i will state that i am on console(xbox) just to try avoid the generic ,"theres a mod for that" answer. So I have an annoying problem with my current career save. Every other time I have played career ,when getting close to the first Duna transfer window the game has always given me a good selection of Duna world first contracts. This time around I'm planning on sending a decent sized expedition, consisting of 6x different vessels currently in parking orbit awaiting transfer window. The problem is the game is not giving me any worlds first exploration missions. I currently have one for gaining science around and performing a fly by. And it is offering me random satellite and station contract for Duna and Ike. Just no world first. So basically I'm looking for advice as to any particular reason why this might be or if anyone is aware of any kind of pattern to trigger the missions etc. For example should i maybe cancel /complete the flyby mission then hope it gives me better ones? I would really like to get some good missions to cover my launch costs as even with reusable first stages I'll be forking out just over 1million funds for this trip. Any advice would be appreciated.
  27. Syrius

    Konstellation HLV

    I did not know that about Linux... He is one of my go to sources. I love his stuff. Also good to know about the HLV. Will have to download it. I was working with Silent on mods... basically converting NASA stuff into designs he could build from. At the time I was working at NASA. Syrius
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