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  2. Thank you for the contribution @linuxgurugamer! I'll get that merged in asap. I'll also be releasing a version for KSP 1.8.x in the coming days, things have stabilized enough on my end to be able to do that now. Thank you all for your patience!
  3. Hey, can you put like a Manual, or Craft files? It's kind of confusing when i try something like Agena or Explorer. Sorry if there is a manual and i'm just stupid, can you point me in the right direction? If not i understand
  4. Hello @Pamynx, please come back, and give life again, to this wonderful mod that, is very well indeed appreciated by the community. Lets us know if you are stuck at a specific point or whatever might be missing to update it to 1.8.1.... Thanks!
  5. I use these. Check the last page of posts for any community supplied fixes for recent KSP versions... I know I was using them in 1.7.3 and they seemed ok... They *should* work in 1.8.+... I havent built a modded 1.8.1 *play* install yet tho, so *I* havent tried them. EDIT: Actually some recent discussion on these legs for KSP 1.6.1 and mebbe later, is here: ... might be moar recent posts later in the thread... just have to research a little vOv
  6. Well, só Junos start to choke when the instake airspeed reaches Mach 1.25 (more or less), until the point they get a flame-out.
  7. Hiya. Am having some difficulty with Kerbcam. Sorry I don't have great steps to reproduce. The steps are to put a rocket on the pad and just use the basics of Kerbcam, like create a path, add nodes, save path, play path. All that works fine. However - if I then Revert to VAB, KSP is utterly hosed, and hardly worth describing ... but basically I get a semi-populated flight screen that's all black and has things in weird places and the game is whack, so all bets are off at this point. It's tough to exit the game but I managed to get a log that has lots of mentions about Kerbcam errors in it ... hopefully there's something useful there. I fully realize that my steps to reproduce are utter crap, so if you need me to I can attempt to narrow things down. Thanks again for all your work on these mods!
  8. Updated my mission report to include descriptions:
  9. Can somebody confirm this? I didn't expected this because of the Unity Upgrade in 1.8
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  11. You seem to have bought the game on Steam I'm sure the people on the game's steam forum can help you a lot better than here
  12. It's the 6th of the December but I  don't care 

    You gotta get in the christmas spirit early!

  13. I'm using it just fine in 1.8.1. Just because a mod isn't officially updated for the current version, doesn't mean it doesn't work, especially with part mods.
  14. Yeah I noticed that one, sadly it seems to no longer being maintained after 1.7.1.. And the source isn't available so it can't be picked up :(.
  15. Well I find flying quite boring and a "drag". So I prefer to land vertical. The problem is (as always) topping over: the easy solution would be to use landing legs. However the current landing lags are not even large enough to reach the bottom of a mainsail - so how am I going to actually "land" with these? I'm playing 1.7 right now, though I'll jump to 1.8 as soon as kopernius (and outer planet mod) have been updated, so if anyone knows of a mod for 1.8 I'd be ever so grateful.
  16. Today's Terrible Test: ~ What happens if you don't wear seatbelts ? YOU SURVIVE ! "Fly" safe.
  17. I'm an idiot. Will try that. OK I figured the popup was KSP's doing. I think I can get where I want with Action Groups + SmartParts. Thanks for the feedback!
  18. The camera rotates and you can quite clearly see it's not a blue star bent into the Einstein ring. Black holes also do not have a blue glow in the middle.
  19. Hi @Bhansenlt4 and welcome to our forum. I have moved your question to its own thread in the support forum, where it's more likely to be seen by someone who might be able to help. Does this problem come up when using the throttle on other kinds of engines?
  20. Finished another update to my career after taking a few days to get anything done in it. Full report here Performed everything from minor but necessary tasks like setting up a comnet around Minmus and tourist landings then on to more important tasks like probes to Eve and stealing an experiment engine to use for a trip to Moho instead of the intended "test LV-N in orbit of Mun"
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