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  2. [1.1] BDynamics Mk22 Cockpits v1.1

    Yes, MM = Module Manager ... in your GameData folder you will see 5 files with ModuleManager in the file name, delete the ones that do not end in .dll (configcache, configSHA, physics and techtree ... do not delete the .dll) Partdatabase.cfg can be found in your main KSP directory, 4 files down from KSP_x64.exe (or KSP.exe if using 32 bit), delete this and it will be regenerated when you next start KSP ... If you don't delete it then the changes may not take effect Hope this helps
  3. Is There a Formula For...

    It's not always possible to make it tip-heavy when 90,000 tons of engines and fuel are below the payload, so a skipper engine may not be enough control authority on a rocket that big. Either some swivel fins or some thuds may help.
  4. @KSK You have convinced me that I was harsh with the moral vacuum comment and I withdraw it. I don't know enough about the man to make that judgment. I reacted strongly because I feel that all people, regardless of belief, should not be lied to - particularly for financial gain and particularly about science.
  5. The Steam Awards

    "Just another 5 minutes" was a category from last year's awards. This year they have other categories.
  6. Add-on Posting Rules [November 24 2017]

    Updated the rules with 1.1 Including other licenced work with your add-on.
  7. Yes, good thinking there. That would be very handy.
  8. There's a slider to change the size of the spheres, but even more useful than the visual indicator is the numerical readout of torques. Note that it can tell you torque from RCS translation and rotation (the nominal purpose of the mod) in all six axes, but also from engines and parachutes. As a bonus feature it can tell you how much delta-V your RCS system provides (haven't seen that little nugget in any other commonplace mod yet)
  9. Oh I love the picture! I wonder what the question is though, who makes this part? Nice! Thanks! More house-cleaning. Just remember, never look at Orbiter models!
  10. Why are people against mods?

    ...and by official IRC, they mean Official IRC. I saw Nova active there once.
  11. Stealthy orbital insertion?

    liquid hydrogen is extremely difficult to store in long space flights, it needs to be collected from around the storage container, condensed to high pressure, actively cooled and then returned as a liquid back to the tank. This requires energy input and produces energy output in the form of radiation. IN addition the glancing of solar wind produce a 10K temperature on the prograde edge that the vanblack would absorb and emit. While there is very very little matter in space, the matter that is there is extremely energetic (kinetic) and temperature is directly related to the energy gained from collisions. An object that is not absorbing solar and discharging hydrogen would have a noticably cold and hot side, this would clearly identify it as a manmade object. In addition the liquid hydrogen recycler would have a radiator surface that identified it on a cold background, also manmade. The assumption here is that the target race has a great IR telescope (like J Webb) and could pin point the difference between hot and cold. In addition since SC is intersystemic it would be identified as a local abnormality. Rather than making it less likely man-made, the effforts to hide its radiative heat signature would make it more obvious.
  12. The most kerbal flat-earther I have yet to see

    So it's a really big water rocket. Like the ones I played with as a kid. You put water into a rocket-shaped container, pumped it up to pressure, and released. Is that what a "steam rocket" is?
  13. Science blogs and podcasts recommendations

    Podcats: - Omega Tau (English and German, fairly technical. Also one of the few cases where multi-hour episodes are worth it.) - Science Friday - Planetary Radio - Astronomy Cast Blogs (sort of): - Astrobites - The Space Review I'm tempted to suggest something like the Galaxy Zoo or Sloan Digital Sky Survey Blogs, or AAS Nova, but those might not be quite what you want?
  14. The cargo bays are scheduled to be included with the horizontal landers. As one of the lander variants will be aero-shell based, the cargo bays will be a large portion of its 'free-form' part selection. The service modules (and probe-core buses) have been a bit problematic to settle on a feature set for. Most of the features that I would want them to have can't be easily integrated into a modular part, and would cause other problems even if they were from compatibility/patches/etc. As it stands, everything that could be done for the service modules is already available (tanks/engines/rcs/solar/probe), and with more freedom than if it were combined into a single part. They are still on the long-term plans (except the docking port switching bit), but I've got to sort out exactly what they will do before I can do any real work on them.
  15. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @Bornholio I have in fact been removing a lot of parts from Ven's , SXT, and Squad. (Mainly various tanks, I tend to only use procedural tanks anyway). I can't stand the MASSIVE amount of clutter that you end up w/ after having so many part packs. Again, I mainly only use them for the engines that they provide. I've just deleted semi-sat wheels, connected living space, ship manifest, and deploy-able engines (I was using cryogenic engines but I deleted it and forgot to remove this earlier). Still getting crashes, particularly when leaving the VAB and SPH.
  16. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for believing New Mexico is part of the US, we don't know what that place is
  17. Project has moved back to the original thread here:
  18. Cópia descarada do tópico "ban the user above you"

    banido por fazer eu ter dor de barriga... de tanto rir... ಠ__ಠ
  19. electricpants's Li'l Worldbuilding Creations (3 New systems!)

    Alrighty! I have three new solar systems for this thread! They are: The tiny L-dwarf Diustasci (Bodies' names are randomly generated) The G0-type star Kane (Bodies in system named after Hawaiian deities) The F-type star Sunna (Bodies in system named after Germanic deities)
  20. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for Confucius.
  21. Why are people against mods?

    I'd just like to clear this up - there is no official KSP Discord. Wherever you were, it was a 3rd-party channel. The official channel is the IRC channel, which you can access by clicking "IRC Chat" at the top of the page.
  22. The COM and Thrust markers should have a toggle that switches between the current markers (useful for easy locating) and fine crosses that extend across the entire editing scene to better help alignment. In addition, the Thrust marker should show the extents of gimballing on thrust to help plan for controllability due to shifts in mass.
  23. You are all wonderful people

    There is no official KSP Discord. The Reddit community is maintained by a completely different set of people and has no official endorsement by Squad or Take Two
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