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  2. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    While alarming, this is not entirely surprising. It is in the nature of earthquakes to have a number of quakes in series as stress hotspots are passed down the tectonic fault. There may be still more quakes to follow, hopefully of diminishing magnitude and at increasing distance from population centres. I hope that this disaster is soon over as painlessly as possible.
  3. Interplanetary Marksman Challenge!

    OH MAH GARSH This I have to try... lemme see if I have anything to use... AHA! Now to refit my orbital bombardment station for C-O Struts! And not de-orbit it!
  4. Xenon, if you're there, please make sure to make Alu orbit Sarnus for an OPM change. Or make it a separate dwarf planet.
  5. Well, it looks like we have dodged 3 bullets (so far) this hurricane season - I dread when our luck runs out. So, I'm preparing to incorporate @wile1411's code snippet, but when I look at it I'm not sure how the results will be more useful than what we already have. I suspect this is because I'm misunderstanding the function of each thingy we're looking at regarding altitude. Specifically, I need someone to explain the differences between these tidbits as they relate to game play, and why players would want to graph them. I guess I should know all this, but I'm feeling particularly slow and thick today, so thanks in advance. vessel.altitude [What I've called: "sea level"] vessel.heightFromTerrain ["surface"] vessel.altitude - vessel.heightFromTerrain ["terrain"] Just as soon as my VS installation is done, I will do a build and some testing.
  6. 1. Intel new Generation will be revealed in a few days, wait that long. 2. Why did you go with a more expensive Intel Quadcore? Before you had a in most cases superior Ryzen which is also cheaper. 3. This blowerfan card will be extremly loud, the watercooling for CPU isnt, too. I would recommend a custom model for the GPU and an aircooler for the CPU, e.g. a EKL Brocken 3...
  7. A problem (answer fast): The EVE is working, but not the Scatterer, and yeah I have all the dependencies and the right version of everything. What should i do now?
  8. Are there any Astronauts on the forums?

    Will I follow this? Oh hell yes.
  9. Recovering upper stages - in orbit?

    And that changes nothing about the fact that the stage is already in orbit. You didn't pay extra to get that stage there, it's basically junk. Someone can now come along, and recycle that stage. Or a new launcher could have a stage already developed with in-orbit reusability in mind. Either way, you ranted about something I didn't even begin to get into.
  10. [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    it would be cool if he updated it though because I would love to make the work bees from star trek or thunderbid 4 from the 2004 thunderbirds movie
  11. yes, that's the plan, but I have a toddler and I can't get things together until nap time
  12. Can you upload the mission architect file? I'm having trouble following. Maybe I can give you more valuable information we're looking at the same thing.
  13. Just for the record, 2.5x GPP is a thing... a beautiful and glorious thing that I'm currently enjoying in a career with both BDB and SSTU.
  14. ULA launch thread

  15. KSP interstellar help.

    there are several tutorials linked in the OP. Also if you have specific questions you can ask in the mod thread.
  16. Console

    They're working with a new company on a completely new port that won't be as buggy as the current console version. So a new console version will come out when the new port is ready.
  17. The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When you call the Moon the Mün. Like.... ALL. THE. TIME.
  18. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing

    This is another mod to add to the awesomeness list. Thanks @Icecovery! Peace.
  19. Any of you guys play these games? And, if you do, how far have you gotten? I'd love to hear your feedback, and maybe we can start a KSP clan in one of them!
  20. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    Good lord, another earthquake struck this morning (a few hours ago from the time of this post), magnitude 6.1 about 275 miles/443 km southeast of Mexico City. No reports yet on anyone hurt.
  21. [WIP] [1.3] Realistic(ish) Stock Planet Overhaul (Development Thread)

    No problem, as long as you use the ideas that you find useful, to generate improvements for the game and for the whole community, it is a pleasure to give ideas =)
  22. Where is Nibiru today?

  23. Hey guys, running 1.2.2 ATM and was wondering if anyone has had issues with Mechjeb throwing NRE's with the Engines?
  24. Recovering upper stages - in orbit?

    Essentially ACES is supposed to be like this, i.e. still usable after payload deployment. ULA has talked about adding the ability to refuel ACES on orbit but I think the biggest advantage that ACES would have is a more reliable disposal burn. ULA has also mentioned a 1 up/1 down launch strategy that a long duration upper stage like ACES would be able to help accomplish. For GTO, everything is in a very similar orbit so it's not too big of a stretch to do something like this.
  25. Recovering upper stages - in orbit?

    @wumpus managing a huge half-empty tank in microgravity is... complicated. The CoM just won't stay in place relative to the control thrusters. IIRC they even vented all remaining hydrogen before tank jettison. This, I guess, was the reason why its possible use was as structure, not as a tank.
  26. What did you do in KSP today?

    Been playing around with a Mars mission of some sort, decided on an orbiter. Using my sandbox save because I'm sick and tired of "progression". I built a Delta 7000 series for this. It may not be entirely accurate in dimensions (except for diameter) but I have the burn times and engines correct which is really what counts. This thing is very tough to fly, took me several tries and I have to bring it up manually because MechJeb refuses to use the full control authority and it's bottom-heavy; flips the damn thing all the time. It's very interesting to me in that three of the SRMs are left unfired on the pad and instead brought up to altitude, with appropriate nozzles to improve isp, and the thing still leaps off the pad with some 1.97 TWR. No matter, a gentle hand eventually brought it to a 400x1000km parking orbit. I tilted it very early (for me) at about 25m/s and then let it follow prograde, seemed to work pretty well although there were some corrections to be made once out of the atmosphere. I'll plan out the mission later, was really just testing the launcher. Still, the remaining delta-V in the Delta-K stage and the Star 48B should be plenty to get this guy to Mars, and there's plenty of hydrazine left to spin it up. Still have some cosmetic details to deal with as well, those decouplers and the floating connections look stupid, and I'll have to switch to the correct model for the Star 48, plus put a platform for the sat on top of it. Maybe some spin motors as well...
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