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  2. Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships!)

    Looks nice, though I would recommend more weapons The images look a little glitchy though, especially the Oerlikon. Is that part clipping or am I going blind lol Part count? (I like statistics. Don't ask why. Height, length, D-V, and especially part count )
  3. F-1 derived Hydrolox replacement engine with Densified fuel???? How about just Densified fuel? And thus needing the insulation and thus needing further tweaks to the CFGs? I mean we have known for oh at-least a couple hundred years about making things cold makes them smaller
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    I'm not exactly that great at code... but thanks for the help anyways.
  5. game submission thread

    it's for Forum games you are going to making. yes, you should get that.
  6. Is it able to land on "The sun"?

    Yea but the problem is there is no cheat that tottaly disables demage at landing
  7. My technology Kerbals have build a new Orange rockomax Fueltank, without oxidizer in it but with the 2x Liquidfuel. They telled me something about copy folder and config editing, i dont know what they actually did. Now i have 2 different Tank that looks sam, but have other fuels in it.
  8. [1.2.x] Soundtrack Editor 4.3 (2017-03-01)

    @Locusi Anything placed into Gamedata is loaded into memory. Since soundtracks can achieve 300mb+, root KSP directory seems better suited and matches the "use sparingly" policy.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    "there's a mod for that" - @Sigma88 wrote Sigma Dimensions which provides the underlying code to enable rescaling. Then you add a set of configs to tell Sigma what to do. @Galileo wrote an excellent series of Rescale configs for various sizes : 2.5, 3.2, 6.4, 10 and10.625. That's all you need if you want to rescale the Stock solar system. For my game I used SSRSS combined with RSS to get a Stock-Sized Real Solar System and scaled that up to 2.5x - essentially giving me a quarter-sized real solar system. If you want to try this, I suggest starting at the SSRSS page as Galileo provides complete instructions for adding all the mods. I chose to use a custom 2.5x setup borrowing heavily from Galileo's work, but with many tweaks of my own. The biggest difference is that I moved the KSC to the equator in Northern Brazil so launches start at 0.0 degrees inclination. If you want to try my configs for 2.5x I'm happy to share those.
  10. Garble the post above you!

    Agustí Đièèè
  11. Hello from the UK

    I've been playing KSP for years now and even make mods.... but I haven't done more than a few missions in career. It's on the list of things to do. Welcome to the forums.
  12. Do you want help?

  13. Where the hell are Jool's inner moons?

    Hale isn't quite the bottom of Sarnus' gravity well (which isn't that deep anyway). Similarily, Amalthea is nevertheless at 180 Mm from Jupiter. This isn't much compared to the Earth-moon distance, but we are still 2,5 planetary radii away from LJO. After all, you only need a "Kerbalthea-Laythe" transfer to get to nearly any intercept, thanks to Laythe's gravity assists.
  14. Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    None until now. But that really means nothing since nothing is known about its forming yet. But it can add to our knowledge in the future when a larger database allows for better explanations and models. Not from "our" solar system because it is too fast.
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    hmm.. @Tyko Is there a mod that re scales planets? or do you have to code it yourself? Just wondering about that.
  16. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for replying while I was banning someone else.
  17. Aligning The AGU With A Target's CoM?

    I'll use 4 engines, with radially-attached stacks. This means I can adjust their thrusts individually for fine-tuning. If I can get it right, then throttle's easy.
  18. Ban the user above you!

    banned for not not not bolding
  19. What did you do in KSP today?

    Brazil 2.5x adventures continue: Placed optical/biome scan sats in polar orbits over Earth and the Moon. After that I landed what I'm officially calling the "cutest little lander evvaaaah!!" on the Moon. Playing at 2.5x is really forcing me to think lean on craft design and I'm loving the challenge. Additional pix if you're interested:
  20. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for doing the same - we expect full 5 page 8 pt. single spaced reports for each ban. As here.
  21. I might be a good idea to decouple your booster far earlier, and do a larger burn lower down to shorten the orbital period if you plan to deorbit it before doing the ejection burn. For that matter, you could use a larger booster if you have the extra delta-v to abort your system exit.
  22. I survived!

    i did not! this is the same save since 1.0 and in total probably a few whole months have gone into my game, each video is about 4 to 9 hours of video and 10/11 hours of play
  23. What Platform do you hhave KSP on?

    My memories of playing Starcraft as a kid consist entirely of playing it on Nintendo 64. The FPS a slideshow. I'll never forget how the entire game would lock up for like 5 seconds whenever the Zerg were about to attack. All those "move" commands and the resulting path finding bringing the poor little 64 to it's knees. Still; My memories of it are mostly fond. I guess at the end of the day, a crappy port is better than no port, at least I got to play it.
  24. Ban the user above you!

    Bananed for extremely short ban explaniations.
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