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  2. The Economics of Platinum mining

    This is the reason why my country is very poor. Forget selling made products - just sell the ore !
  3. [1.2.2] Realism Overhaul v11.5.1 - 06/12/2017

    hmm... i'm not sure i am missing something but i can't seem to throttle up with the aerobee liquid engine on my sounding rocket so it wont ignite when i start it
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So, can I go back in time ? Can I fall from the edge of the Earth ?
  5. What i need to unlock all parts for Lunar (Munar in this case ːsteammockingː) orbit rendezvous? I loaded my old save i not played it for a while i felt a bit like chaeter but it's my save afterall i not want start game all over again ːsteamhappyː So what i need to unlock all this Saturn V like stock parts?
  6. 64-bit client viable?

    Another, somewhat more complicated way, is to add the following line to the game's launch options (properties->general tab->set launch options): "<drive letter of your steam install>:\<path to your Steam folder>\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe" %command% At the end of that line, you can add options like -force-opengl (self-explanatory) and -popupwindow (borderless window) if you're interested in either. This way, the shortcut created by steam, will always launch the x64 exe, with any additional options you may have selected.
  7. I suspect that what is happening here is that your flight plan has two manoeuvres; the "show on navball" functionality always puts the upcoming or current manoeuvre on the navball, so that as soon as you reach the planned end of your first burn, guidance switches to tracking the (future) second one . This is obviously far from ideal user experience, but in the meantime, you can mitigate it by switching your SAS to "Stability Assist" (rather than "Maneuver") near the planned end of the burn. Eventually we should devise a way to do that automatically, but this gets tricky. As far as the general problem of guidance to a manoeuvre is concerned, we are working with @Jim DiGriz to provide utilities which will allow MechJeb's advanced guidance algorithms (PEG etc.) to know about Principia's flight plan, which will allow the manoeuvres to be automatically executed. Issue #1659 tracks this.
  8. how long of you been playing ksp?

    I jumped on the train at 1.0, around mid-2015. So I'm a latecomer, relatively speaking.
  9. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Depends on the design of the upper stage, which tends to have hypergolic maneuvering thrusters, and how much of a dV margin was added when turning it into an ASAT. Say, by dropping some of the nukes from this Sineva: It ditches the main engine on the third stage after the main burn, but those four tractor thrusters should give it quite a bit of maneuverability. The forward compartment is dree to receive a different electronics payload - and it's not like the US had a working radar-guided MIRV anyway.
  10. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Pouring wastewater into space greenhouse (aeroponic most probably) is a bad idea. You don't have soil bacteria there to convert toxic substance into something that plants can consume, also spraying nozzles can get clogged. WasteWater processor should filter water, separate useful minerals and produce ammonia from nitrogenous solids. Roughly for each 1 kg of WasteWater processed we should get 0.95 kg of Water, 0.013 kg Minerals and 0.009 kg of Ammonia. Notice that some mass is lost (jettisoned), though if you want to add oxygenous pyroliser and recover some CO2, you may add extra input of 0.0117 kg O2 to recieve extra output of 0.0131 kg CO2. BTW, speaking about self-sustaining colonies, those will need not only Water and Minerals, but also some sources of Nitrogen and Carbon. Carbon is easy, it's most likely to be found alongside with Oxygen when processing some Ore in potassium fluorine cycle. Though finding Nitrogen is trickier. Though it's abundant in Kerbin and Laythe atmospheres, but very scarce in Duna (Mars) and Eve (Venus) atmospheres and it's a matter of luck if it can be found in ores anywhere.
  11. I'm starting to think the rocket will be launched posthumously in 2131... But nice HSP caveman run.
  12. Nope, I triple-checked that. Recreated the flight plan, recreated the maneuver node, checked the reference frame of the burn, checked the plotting/navball reference frame, all should be correct. Still, when I start the burn, the maneuver node just jumps away. In another burn, I just tried to follow the node "for fun" and it jumped 3 times during one burn. I'm slowly but surely getting getting turned off from this Mod. While numerical stuff and the premise of N-Body gravity is amazing, the inability to execute even the most basic of flight plans makes this whole thing very un-fun to actually play. BTW, I have both situations as quicksaves, but they do require the whole Realism Overhaul suite, unfortunately. I did, this didn't change anything.
  13. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    here is my KSP.log GameData folder:
  14. Sigma-Tec[Complete overhaul]

    That ship looks great! What gravity was that tested at?
  15. As I've said before, if it was me who had to implement multiplayer I would limit that to playing with friends. Everyone would be independent from what's happening outside the VAB or SPH while building their stuff but as soon as they take their stuff to the launchpad or runway they're part of the following system: Time Warp can only be used when everyone has reached a stable situation or until the next event. So let's say Player 1 has finished his ship really quickly and launches before anyone else has built half their ship. He puts it into orbit and starts setting up a maneuver to leave the Kerbin System and head to the Jool System. Meanwhile player 2 has his craft on the launchpad and hits space. from this moment onwards time warp is locked until player 2 has reached a stable orbit and player 1 has finished his burn. But player 2 hasn't set up his maneuver to Minmus yet, so he does that real quick and both can now enter Time Warp until player 2 reaches his maneuver node. He executes his burn and Time Warp can go on. Meanwhile Player 3 has finally finished his ship and goes to the launchpad. Time Warp is interrupted with player 2 being half-way to Minmus and player 1 a little over half the height of Kerbin's SOI. Player 3 launches, starts orbiting and sets up his maneuver to follow player 1. He executes and Time Warp can go on until Player 2 has reached his Minmus encounter. Since Players 1 and 3 can't do anything useful now they're free to watch Player 2 do his thing, which would in this example be landing on Minmus' flats and extending solar panels to start mining, which, as we all know, is a time consuming process, so time warp can go on again, while the 3 are talking about the recent events in their respective areas. Then, after several changes of mind and lots of tweaking, player 4 is finally done building his ship and launches. Time Warp is of course interrupted again until he's made orbit and set up a maneuver. Time Warp goes on until said maneuver, maneuver is executed, player 4 is on his way to Eeloo, Time Warp goes on until Player 1 reaches the Jool System. Player 2 does a quick check on his miner, starts producing fuel and then joins the other idle ones watching player 1 making orbit around tylo to wait for player 3 to catch up. I could go on, but by now everyone should get the picture. This is how I would implement it. Seems to be the most sensible way to me.
  16. Perhaps it was installed via CKAN? I did it that way myself and I noticed that it doesn't seem to install the KSPRC terrain textures. It downloads the "KSPRC Textures" mod, but there's no "Terrain" folder. I had to install them manually. Awesome mod, by the way.
  17. how long of you been playing ksp?

    I opened the game for the first time somewhere in 2011 (0.9), then I had long pause when I couldn't play because of potato pc, returned in what I believe was 2014 and I'm playing since then.
  18. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    NASA doesn't build rockets. They engineer rockets, but they don't build them. And I would not say that SpaceX is any better, since they would have almost nothing without NASA's assistance. Sure, they can land rockets, but that's not a very unique thing. If NASA was told to do that by congress they would do it. Not necessarily for cheap, but it'd be done. But comparing the two isn't really useful. SpaceX is a launch service provider. NASA is a government organization that does many things, including buying launches. If Musk has the money to do it then we can't stop him. The biggest obstacle to landing large payloads on Mars is getting large payloads in orbit of Mars.
  19. I love this mod so much, mainly because it has one for different size command pods and the stock one can't even decouple itself, where these ones can
  20. Here at Perbro Aerospace, we have a new entry: The Beluga Class Not Quite Helicopter! With all the benefits of a Helicopter but with a takeoff roll of 1 metre to help it be usable, you just put the throttle to 2/3, roll forward and increase to take off with a takeoff speed of just 1 m/s! In the Beluga Class, you can carry 24 kerbals roughly 600 kilometres at 5 kilometres altitude at the leisurely speed of 60 m/s to help ensure the most comfort and best views around. We know that this is just half of the recommended cruise speed but we think that this is just too good an opportunity to miss! This is a sea-Not a Helicopter meaning that it is fully amphibious and can land almost anywhere! Contact us at to purchase! Oh, and did we mention that it's a noise and sound dampening cabin to help ensure comfort for every kerbal? (Crew training included in purchase price, cinema style landings NOT guaranteed) NOTE: Yes, I know that this is borderline not rolling takeoff but I designed it so that it can make rolling takeoffs, not really expecting any judges to actually approve it. But hey, it's somewhat unique to this challenge so far...
  21. how long of you been playing ksp?

    I think I first played the game at or around .10. I had stuck with the trial version after they released more versions until 2012! so I think that makes my first version .16! The best $18.00 I ever spent.
  22. Kraft 1.3.1

    Kraft. fixes a small bug in which the abbreviation "lady" would work for Ladybug.craft, but "bug" would not because it abutted the .craft file extension.
  23. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    I’m working on a new biome map for duna.
  24. Hi everyone. After a long break, I returned to work on the mod. I fixed the heat shield today. You can download it here: I'm also working on compatibility with the Texture Unlimited mod. The effects are quite good.
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  26. OPM Cloud configurations for SciFiVE

    Hey, is this gonna be updated any time soon? I'd like for it to reappear on CKAN
  27. 64-bit client viable?

    Or you can right click the game in your Steam Library and then left click Launch KSP (64 bit). This launches it with two clicks, which saves messing about creating links or whatever.
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