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  2. Have you ever done something and then kicked yourself for not doing it much earlier? This is Fulcrum: (click the first and then use arrows for a slideshow) It works surprisingly well!
  3. Well, O.K. Maybe it's something else. I used the definition of "lift" and "drag" that is also used here: And here: it says that e.g. the space shuttle had a lift to drag ratio of ~1 at hypersonic speeds and ~4.5 at low speeds.
  4. This looks cool. A potentially feasible method for building the pyramids. Don't think I ever saw this even though it's from 2013.
  5. I think that's a decal mod. I cannot tell, as the image is very small and has a lot of whitespace. Is it possible you could find the original image and post it instead?
  6. To the images themselves, really useful to build replicas (especially planes with RO/FAR). (I used external app to do so before). And pretty sure other people could enjoy this feature as well.
  7. I notice that I keep getting the "same" (launch a space station at xyz - while I already have more than I can manage) mission I do not wish to have over and over, and due to the limit of 3 missions max I do not get other missions. How does the mod limit the amount of total missions you can get to 3? - and can I improve that number with a module manager patch?
  8. NewEgg's making me do one of those picture captchas that just replaced the images with more after you click on them again. Every. Single. Time. I log in.
  9. I've just started rebuilding my mod install for 1.8 after a hiatus from KSP, and it seems like this mod is still working on 1.8. I have noticed however that it seems that the volume of the jet engine sound remains constant, no matter how far away from an active jet engine. I built a small test craft and started the engine, and let it fly, then bailed my kerbal out. the plane flew off without crashing, and made it to several Km away, but I could still hear the engine sound as if i was focused on the jet itself. I literally only have mechjeb, restock and restock+ and jet sounds continued installed so far. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a link to an updated version that I've missed / not aware of?
  10. ok i still does not work mi going to send screen shots of what i do Is there anything wrong on how i download the mod? and still this happens 1.8 more like 1.7.3
  11. woooow really feeling the 1.7.3 hype!!! this is awesome Andrew thank you for your work!
  12. Juraffics? So a website consisting of a bunch of gifs could be a Juraffic Park...
  13. Have you tried mapping the power curve to the KAL-1000? ...and then assigning the "Play Position" of the KAL-1000 to the throttle? I never map RPM or Torque directly to throttle because I typically want a blended curve of both ramping up as I move through the throttle. I wrote a bit on the topic in a 1.7.3 tutorial, and aside from the pitch curves changing a bit in the 1.8.x updates, the concepts are all valid: ...and actually, you really don't want RPM's to go to zero anyway. It would cause your blades to stop spinning in midair.
  14. these cd keys for steam from ebay for kerbal space program for 6.49 look trustworthy as the ebay gives money guarantee but it is worth to read the description as i still postponing the purchase of space engineer for 15,49 from steam would be good if somebbody temm me about their own experience from ebay purchases of kerbal space program or other space game.
  15. My apologies, in my previous post it linked to v1.1.5, I've updated that link now, but is there a problem with the .zip file on GitHub?
  16. dam it i forgot the website to paste an image because i need to ask a question
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  18. What the Giant Eagles in LotR did or didn't do is understandable, in light of them being rather powerful creatures with their own will, not a taxi squad, who couldn't necessarily enter Mordor without grave risk due to the threats there prior to Sauron falling. Silly birds just remembered their prior flight with Gandie and a pack of hair-legged midgets (in "Hobbit"), and it took almost a year to ensure them that this time they surely will get a lot of tasty carrion as a reward. Like always when you have a deal with Gandalf, they got nothing except inspiring speech. *** Also if have a look at the MiddleEarth map, we can see that the Mt. Weathertop / Amon Sul is placed in three hundred kilometers even from the closest Misty Mountains, they were looking at from there. So, the MiddleEarth planetary radius is probably greater than modern one (or it's flat), and it's a very clear air in MiddleEarth of 3rd epoch. *** As under normal gravity the caves can't be deeper than ~1.5 km, this is probably the depth limit of Moria, so we can roughly define what geological epoch does the balrog belong to, and what minerals are typical for him.
  19. Hmm but that would mean I'd also be unstable in the rolling direction when lifting off, or when I go nose down descent. I didn't notice that. As for stability: FAR removes that "difference": drag & lift work both equally based on density & velocity (as it should be, they have the same factors and same formula in reality).
  20. Wow guys! All of you above me are making some seriously awesome starships and multiwheel crafts! Me, still a beginner, I'll put my lame rockets up with a plane here or there but I do love to show it. Why..Its fun! Its all good, I just love this game (no.. not a game, its a starship simulator) and all your creations too! KSP is just awesome. (1.8.1) Last night, I got 4 new career contracts. One tho is very cool. I have to bring a Kerbal named "Sizer Kerman" into space for 1 hour. I did one like this before and ran short of electricity, but this one is different. I have no solar panels yet, but I do have "capacitors"! Being into electronics most of my life I had fun with this. It was great, it saved me for power and I show here shortly how it works. Just like a cap! Here is the mission of my spaceship called "Double Trouble". Yes as you can see its 10 degrees tilted off towards the southeast. Easy way to get there too during ascent and an upcoming contract issue. 5...4...3...2...1... blastoff!!! Start of the orbit. No problem to get above 75,000m! Over half way there for a 1 hour ride. Electricity is dropping fast tho. The Capacitor and trouble!! Everything done, time to go home! Sizer Kerman had fun in space, she'll tell her friends about it. oohhh, dont forget to deploy the heat shield! Home sweet home. Not bad for 25,000 kerbucks and a point of rep. Between Kerbal construction time, Kerbalism and extra contract packages, this game gets very challenging if not real life like as well. I would also recommend getting KRASH too. It sets up a simulation for your test before a final build, so KCT does not get bogged down building things and waiting. Like I said, more realistic.
  21. Well, (and I'm about to date myself), when I was in school in a very early intro to computers (high school), one of the assignments was to write a program which would take a birth date and print out the expected retirement date. Suffice to say if I were to do that, I'd be retiring sometime in the not so near (but not far) future
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