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  2. adsii1970

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    @Vanamonde is the all knowing banana. He knows everything. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've posted something in violation of the rules. So, post only good things.
  3. I seem to be missing the early controllable core. First controllable core I have is the ranger block 1. Which mod does that come from?
  4. @Beale huh wierd i just downloaded from the front page so ill redo and go from that link lets see what happens
  5. Thanks, hmmm some of those are very new so I would expect they should all still work. Do you have the latest release of both mods? (Tantares and TantaresLV). GitHub Craft File! ( I am really pleased with the Spacecraft separation on this one ;^] ) To finish: Sounds and FX (Really custom sound effects are needed, this is so weak right now). Calm down the Soyuz vernier engines, they are too responsive and make the SAS go a little proactive. Decoupler - hot-staging plate like the real Soyuz. Fins. Some secret new utility parts (That I've tried to emulate in the above craft file). Rest of the 1.25m and 1.5m variant parts (Hopefully these will be easy).
  6. Nice, there you go on original features
  7. DStaal

    [1.7] Global Construction

    You're welcome to take a look: Here's a pic of probe in the same class. (The pic's old, and of a different probe - but the only design change I've made is to swap to stronger RCS.)
  8. 4x4cheesecake

    No attachment nodes on top or bottom of part

    If you are successful, I would love to see the result
  9. I saved the whole folder in saves. Since after recovering via this folder it becomes impossible to use the quicksaves, the game in practice this unusable. It is for me the end of the KSP, it is only a pity they have been the own company to give that end.
  10. Emilius73

    'MK1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET[v0.3]

    Also is there a proper Mk1-3 version coming?
  11. Stewcumber

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    I took this on a walk in the New Forest today. This was using my phone!
  12. Pthigrivi

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Axis Groups

    Well I think we can all agree that robotics will often be used on the ground. This seems pretty clarifying. What are we still trying to understand? How it is we won't run out of key-bindings? Capslock maybe?
  13. Kerbart

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Axis Groups

    Thanks for looking it up and proving my point.
  14. The next DLC is adding robotics, which should let you do all of those things.
  15. Basically what the title says. I think it would be really cool to be able to attach parts to moving parts. with this you can for example make bigger landing legs, gridfins, and very simple stock hinges. As far as I know there isn't yet a way to do this/no mod yet, and I don't know how hard it is to make. Or if it's even possible at all. What do you guys think?
  16. Vegetal

    [1.4.x] Smart Parts Continued

    Is the speed controller limited to 1000 m/s max? I can't seem to get it at a value greater that this...
  17. Spacescifi

    Why have multiple rocket nozzles on scifi spaceships?

    Interesting. So a proper fusion scifi spaceship that follows known principles can only look much like the ship on the expanse. I have wanted to make many of the absurd spaceship shape designs seen in scifi practical (for alien style and variety), but where real life engine constraints matter, there really would be an optimum shape. In other words, scifi human and alien ships, if they use fusion, will both look much the same because of optimization of fusion engines. Thanks for your informative post!
  18. Um... is there some sort of planet and moon list? Just wondering. Ping me with response.
  19. ILoveStars

    Galaxies Unbound Series [InDev]

    But the Kerbol system is practically the Sol system, but refined.
  20. Interesting exception. That tells me your preecoller is missing a ModuleResourceIntake (or non stock module inheriting from it), which the AtmosphericIntake assumes is present. Somehow this partmodule has been removed, I'm going to assume another Mod has removed it (and replaced it with something else). It would be intresting to know which is sabotaging KSPIE and I can write MM script to bypass the problem as I do not ModuleResourceIntake, I only readout certain properties.
  21. I’ve seen some screenshots going around of NF spacecraft IVAs featuring moardv’s new IVA mod; is it being integrated as a replacement for RPM for the newer pods or are the pics someones DIY?
  22. Gordon Dry

    [1.7+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.21

    Okay, then it would be helpful to put the according values in the .version file - as information for the lurking user.
  23. Considering these suggestions have been implemented, years ago, into the mods Bon Voyage and Rover Science, probably best to let this one lie.....
  24. I have an issue with KCT that just displays a grey box when loaded in - no buttons etc. (1.7 version) anyone else having a similar issue?
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  26. Incarnation of Chaos

    No attachment nodes on top or bottom of part

    2.5 seems to work the best; 3.75 is a bit snug lul. Also i will; should be a fun little experiment.
  27. Theorycrafting is fun and all, but wouldn't it be more informative to just.. let kOS perform rotation towards a SAS vector and then see if it 'snaps' to the SAS marker like it does without kOS? If it works as desired then kOS won't really be able to move the ship much towards that vector without RCS, but when it arrives, it'll 'magnetically' snap towards it.
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