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  2. Here is a seperate report on the control surface issue, if you want to vote on it:
  3. I did actually sit down properly for a day and flexed my research skills, so I now have way more information, including the flight operations manual and the elusive CR-165-950. I adjusted all my configurations to be in line with those, since they're gross weights for the SRM's + aerodynamic casing/piping, rather than just the SRM's and have spent since about Friday last week trying to replicate the avionics/pitch programs used by the scout in kOS, trying to get to a consistent orbital capability from it. Which I managed, but only for sub-100kg payloads (currently a Explorer I sitting on a baby sargeant with a kOS module MM'ed into it, totals 88kg with ballast) which contradicts the claimed 210kg to a 1.0x scale 100km orbit in the wiki, maybe my ascent paths are wrong, once I have it all working I'll publish my work + results somewhere. I started condensing the information into a document: Document Index: There are some files I've yet to index and catalogue, I'll eventually go through the index and add relevant content notes about what's in the documents. On an actual mod note, I have noticed that the Castor stage tends to have a bit of a wonky aerodynamic profile and will happily flip itself over immediately unless it's basically in upper atmosphere; I ended up having to both reduce the effective thrust to 50% on the Algol for a longer burn time to put the castor stage higher in the atmosphere and also add some 40% scale Algol fins to the bottom of the Castor stage to get it to fly without pitching over wildly, amusingly the Antares is either light enough or has enough RCS control to recover from any amount of over steering from the Castor. That's with the stock configuration patch I made, just changes the RCS to HTP and adds solid fuel with resource tanks (thus avoiding the *4 factor applied to all stock SRM's solid fuel levels by RealFuels*) I'm hoping once I've smoothed out the ascent/orbital-insert programs for stock, I'll apply the more in depth configuration to the parts and test it as Scout variants , since all the documentation seems to claim that the X-n/A/B/C and D/E/F/G were basically the same in construction, only using upgraded SRM's and in some cases changing diameter slightly to accommodate larger stage 2 and 3 SRM's, and any adjustments to pitch program were based on payload and orbital insertion requirements. I'm doing an in-depth career game with kOS, so next on my list for careful inspection is probably the Juno I/Jupiter program * Which is very amusing because when applied to the Algol and Altair in stock scale it means you can easily hit 125km apo with a single burn from the algol, and have more than enough dV in the Castor+Antares to circularise without ever touching the 40 solid fuel in the altair.
  4. Vakarian

    What Is Your Naming Theme For Your Spacecraft?

    I usually either make a joke of it, or make fun if myself or be ultra descriptive (like Probe 1200km polar orbit unmanned Mk1). Or name them after my fav game characters like Garrus Vakarian Space Station. (Too calibrate weapons in).
  5. ILoveStars

    A 3rd planet around Kepler-47

    Are the planets in resonances? Well, it looks to me like b and d are in a 2:1 resonance, but I don't know about c.
  6. Paul Kingtiger

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    I'll take a look, thanks for the report!
  7. Still cheaper than Europe, I'm paying over $2CAD per litre.
  8. The US and Russian sections are joined with an APAS-95 docking system (androgynous peripheral attachment system) which was derived from the APAS-89 used for shuttle/Mir . That used to be the standard docking system on the pressurised mating adapters which the shuttle used for docking but they are being progressively changed over to the new (but similar) NDS/IDS docking system. If you look at the PMAs they have a common berthing attachment at the back where they attach to the station and the docking system at the front for US crew capsules to dock with.
  9. FahmiRBLXian

    King of the Hill

    Squad took over KSP, and TakeTwo lost contract of being publisher of KSP. Really pure KSP. I went back to it.
  10. FahmiRBLXian

    Jeb's Diner

    You got Miku - Cat Food. I want some McDonalds foods. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not really a huge fan of McD. Just ran out of idea on what to post)
  11. utopein

    Launch into angle of target, orbit calculations

    you don t have by any chance a formula that work on all direction ?
  12. FahmiRBLXian

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for banning others just to say something redundant.
  13. kerbiloid

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned just to ask: anybody here?
  14. Better late than never ) To the best of my ability to interpret this info, the final design uses an idea similar to the hybrid solid-gas engine you recently covered, but also to achieve bimodality. Glushko doesn’t seem to have had much faith in the design - late 1980s Mars mission architectures used lithium nuclear-electrics.
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  16. Vakarian

    POLL: When did you start playing KSP?

    I started 4 days ago, but bought the game probably around 2 years qgo but my pc back then didn't work well enough for this game. Then I forgot I bought it and saw a youtube recommendation last week and I was like, this looks cool. Wait, I HAVE this game. Been playing it ever since.
  17. Vakarian

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So I work from home right. I've been trying to land on the moon instead of working haha.
  18. Vakarian

    Vessel / Launcher Naming Methods

    Lol the names for my company is Pepis Air. Then we have: - Basic B**** 1 - 8 (which was not able to get passed 20km). - Toth Process Mk.1 - 8. - Big Boi Rocket 1 and 2. - Probe 1200km (for real this time) Mk. 1 - 4 - Moon Lander (this one works) manned and unmanned - Prober 1900km Mk. 1 - Garrus Vakarian Space Station Mk. 1 and 2 - Moon Trip Adeu (adeu and a deu as in 2) Tip: Name them after all time favorite game characters or celebrities or movies. Or friends? Parents? Lmao the "Mom Rocket"
  19. Looking forward to playing 1.7...... I've had a break from gaming since January and when I get back back from the holiday I'm currently on it's time to fire up the 'ol PC, update KSP and take to the black void again
  20. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Valentina takes a spin in a brand new antique
  21. swjr-swis

    The Ramjet Challenge

    While true, I think we can safely skip it for this challenge. Whiplash, Swivel *and* Nerv? Contestants are going to have more trouble not overbuilding things than being short on power. Spoiler:
  22. @Lord Henk I can confirm the Network Relay functionality is broken. I hope to fix and improve it next month
  23. Klapaucius

    [Lost newbie need help :(]

    No dumb questions in this game. There is a lot to keep track of when you are starting out. It is a great community for helping out. Never be embarrassed by a question here. :-)
  24. Klapaucius

    Swimming to the surface

    I am guessing one of your mods is causing this (or possibly a toxic combination). Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling them one by one? Very tedious, but it might narrow down the problem. I had to do that once to figure out that Modular Flight Integrator causes the Woomerang dish to vanish.
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