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  2. Error 575136: Won't launch. Isded. rip Airbus A380, it's too heavy to be filled with cargo on both decks and the upper deck floor is vital for structural strength. I mean, Trent XWB-97s can solve that, couldn't they? merge
  3. Today I set off for Uranus in my Kerbal-Sized RSS game. After I assembled my space station in orbit of Kerbin to make sure everything worked, then docked everything to my large mothership that will bring everything to destination.... I deorbited and crashed it on purpose... Why? Simple. I didn't feel like strutting everything together with KAS or other mods, so I just reassembled everything in the VAB with the struts, and "replaced" the older one that I destroyed via the cheat menu. No wobbles, no Kraken, no problems, everything works fine !!! (yay!) The 4 engines are FTmN2240 (or 2240 thrust worth of Nuke engines... PER engine) surrounded by a lot of Jumbo-64 tanks modded into 6.4k Liquid Fuel equivalent. However, even with 8 radiators per engine, the slowly overheat when I push the throttle over 66%. Still, it's a very powerful mothership (w/515 parts but lag isn't TOO bad). Electrical power is provided by a 2,5m nuclear reactor. As far as it's cargo is concerned, it has about 9 station modules (1x core, 4x Habitat which is a huge stock fuel tank with 2x 4kerbal habitation each, an RCS+Xenon module, a Refinery module with 4 large Convert-o-tron and 2 largest stock radiators, and the Science module which has a Science lab, all experiments, a Cupola, and 2 (folded) large origami antennae. I also sent a mining ship as a different mission to Uranus too. Tho it'll land on Titania, the only moon of Uranus in RSS (sucks that there's only one, and it's far from the planet too... might have to cheat it closer, hehheh) It only has room for 2, but can hold and liftoff with 48k ore. It uses 6x FTmN280 engines, has lots of RCS nozzles and has it's own 2,5m nuclear reactor and Convert-o-Tron... I fully loaded it with ore before liftoff and even tho it's dV is only about 2k it can fully refuel 4-5 times, and each time the dV is increased as the ore is reduced. Four radiators, lots of landing gears, a claw (easier for docking and transferring ore to the Station once it's fully assembled), few lights, and a lot of large ASAS since it's pretty heavy fully loaded. Four drills should do well when landed as well. It "Only" took 157 parts, but many of these are struts, landing gears, and lights. Considering how compact I was able to make it, and not too tall too, I ** finally ** managed to make a good mining ship with minimal modding. [Edit] ah yes, it also has an orbital ore scanner... but I think this thing needs an antenna to work, so I might have messed this one out. The M27 cockpit does have a small antenna tho, maybe with the station's relay antennae it will work. Time will tell. Pretty productive afternoon. SoonTM I should have pictures of the station construction and Titania mining operation. I also want to send a rover, but I recon the gravity is worse than Minmus so I might need to build an RCS "hover-rover" instead. We'll see when I get there. Good evening everyone !
  4. It is the sunflares, I guess I forgot the post that. If you keep with the stock scatterer, everything is fine, however if you use one of those kabrams sunflare packs it really messses things up. I actually had my install of RSS/RO RP1 running 1.7.3 for a bit....but I think i messed around with it too much and eventually it crashed. Now i just have issues just getting 1.6.1 to work.
  5. Granted. Mr. Musk is a hidden flat-earther, and the whole SpaceX story was started to safely move between the Earth tiles. I wish Starship had Starsails.
  6. Banned for banned somebody for Unity which is the KSP engine.
  7. Landed my fuel ferry on Minmus to start getting fueled up. Kerbal is for scale (by the right landing gear, under the KAS hose). It holds a LOT of fuel, and should be able to get most of it back to LKO since Minmus is so easy. Other than that, just some normal contract stuff. I set up KAC alarms for transfer windows to all of the planets, so I can start sending relays and doing a bit of science at least. Possibly might just go ahead and send a manned lander and see what happens, but that's scary, so I dunno. Duna isn't the first window, which is giving making me wonder what to do exactly on the order. Need to get a LKO station set up, for a contract and just to get a launching pad for inter-planetary.
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  9. Help!. I am trying to figure out how to attach Falcon boosters to the radial decouplers. Any ideas welcome.
  10. If anyone has noticed, somewhere somehow Kerbin got super borked. Working on it.
  11. Does it fit the MK3 scale shuttle parts?
  12. I've found it helpful to look at the GameData\ModuleManager.ConfigCache file - it contains the post MM processing cfg's so you can see what you actually did vs what you thought you did with a MM patch.
  13. Banned for uniting with Soviet despite it doesn't exist anymore...
  14. Notebook Space Program - 1968 Up, down, up, down...
  15. I was reading through and gathering my own thoughts, but already even at page 4 ^^THIS^^, right here, made me feel estranged... I was hoping that they would have included all they have already achieved with KSP, in KSP 2... But it seems that they want to keep older DLC's as newer DLC's... Instead of inventing, creating new and other stuff to sell separately... Which is such a shame... and it gives the negative vibes of creative laziness, as if they're either afraid or unable to be creative or come up with new and interesting stuff... Which I doubt. The only reasoning I can take on this is that the companies are now different and they wouldn't want to ruin KSP 1's DLC sellings with KSP 2, if they included robotics in vanilla... But honestly, who and which new customer will want to buy KSP anymore when KSP 2 is around, anyway?!? Only the rookies who wants a space simulation and haven't seen the KSP 2 store page yet... Let's be honest, who else? Anyways if this the way it's going to be, I will be expecting much MUCH more advanced robotic parts and features, and not just a hinge, a rotor and a piston from that DLC... Or the price should be really really cheap or may be even free for early buyers. I truly believe that, this DLC will have to earn it's price waaaay waay harder than KSP 2 itself... And if there's any intentional and internal (coding) blockage on the liberty of creating mods like "infernal robotics", I will boycott the main game and won't buy. The only 2 reasons I bought BG DLC are, 1 to support the game, 2 the new and unique programming interface which was relatively better / easier than IR's sequencer... But I still use both IR and it's sequencer! I am certain that I'm not alone in this whole subject. ----- Other than this, I have my other thoughts on this topic and I will try to get back to here later.
  16. Your best bet would be to look at some of the mods that do this - see what they do. I know Sigma did some recolors way back here and there are some more recent ones though I can't recall their names. Unsure if they require Kopernicus.
  17. I am trying to keep the number of thrusters to a minimum, as each additional R-4D thruster reduces downmass payload capability. I have found that 16 x R-4D thrusters allows for an efficient LLO-Surface transit. However the thrusters alone produce only 7.8kN thrust, and this is not enough thrust to hover, the OMS at about 45% of maxthrust is required in addition. Alternatively the thrusters may be switched off prior to landing, and the OMS throttled to about 75% of maxthrust at landing. A combination of SuperDRACO and DRACO thruster would also be technically viable, however I really like the OMS and R-4D combination - with the Orion Service module using the exact same engines, this would allow Aerojet Rocketdyne some economy of scale on the engine builds, and so reduces the price per unit and also the overall cost of the Artemis program.
  18. 1) Nope. Think redder 2) Nice infographic... but I thought KVV is still not out for 1.8?
  19. Hmm, I can't get the Recycler UI to show up. There's a Recycler button on the Workshop window, but nothing happens when clicking it, other than I get this message in the log: [ERR 21:23:15.074] AssetLoader: Cannot find bundle definition with name 'GroundConstruction/gc_ui' I looked on GitHub and saw that inside GameData/GroundConstruction there's a symlink called gc_ui.ksp, but no such file exists in the mod as installed by CKAN under Windows 10.
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