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  2. Geonovast

    What did you do in KSP today?

    #rideshare I haven't hit the go button yet... kinda scared.
  3. Triop

    What did you do in KSP today?

    ♪ Drive me to the Mun ♩
  4. Twogoodsoul


    The footage started recording late and was not the correct footage. Plus, There was no audio. Sorry for wasting time, and I was not trying to clickbait people.
  5. klesh


    Watch a video of your mun base blowing up that doesn't show the mun base blowing up?
  6. klesh

    Which of my early landers looks the greatest?

    lol. Post the "good" ones then?
  7. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    Well, what;s this then ?
  8. Jim DiGriz

    1.7 Maneuvering Engine Balance Changes

    A module manager patch to restore the pre-1.7 values would also be easy to create and distribute via CKAN
  9. Vanamonde


    Disclaimer: no Mun bases were exploded in the making of this video.
  10. Sounds like a bug rather than a gameplay question, and so your thread has been moved to Support. Good luck with your issue.
  11. I put up a craft file on KerbalX with only HabTech2 and Tantares as the mods I’ll post a link here if you guys want it.
  12. chateaudav

    KSP video series on youtube

    You can watch the videos on youtube but i don't know how to download them.
  13. IncongruousGoat

    Rate the location....

    Location: Houston TX 6/10. Points for specificity, but I don't envy you your weather.
  14. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    While Musk had said water didn't get in, what makes these Super Dracos different than all the others tested? Reentry? All it would take is a tiny expansion to make a leak someplace. You'd assume that before static firing these they'd pressure test them with something inert.
  15. Hey @Booots! Newbie here trying to learn modding. So I've got some experience in C#, and will be learning more this summer. Do you need/could you use an assistant in any capacity?
  16. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    @NBDesigns Seeing your car inspired me to create: The Spider : Because of the struts the wheels can be placed wherever I like.
  17. Continue to enjoy this mod. The button to reset key binding is great! Have another suggestion, could we have an option in settings to make 'fine adjust' mode on all the time without needed the 'fine adjust' window open? yes, shift key is nice, but I just like using the fine adjust all the time. maybe a hotkey to toggle? In any case, have a successful day!
  18. Captainamtrak456

    [1.6.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    I'm not used to using programs like that. Any tutorial for me and some other people who arent used to it?
  19. For me, the Editor bug is still there. When I open the action group panel, all buttons (parts constructor, crew, switch VAB/SPH) become disabled. The log:
  20. Today
  21. *chuckle* which came first, the oven roasted or freeze dried chicken, or the Easter Egg? Nertea - love the mods and appreciate all the work you do. Have a request - I think KSPi has a heat managment window that you can activate to see in the editor and in flight well, the heat and so on. Any way to have similar in one of your mods? Would be most excellent.
  22. zer0Kerbal

    Request for Notification of Broken Mods

    I like, and rather have this as part of an existing, widely used mod instead of having yet another mod (like you). In fact - so many mods could be married together.... would be nice.
  23. dundun93

    Rate the location....

    1 10 here Currently very Booty stall....
  24. dundun93

    How long will we go?

  25. Awesome idea. Can't wait to see how much I can abuse it.
  26. this mod is working fine in 1.7 but, now craft manager isn't showing any craft but, the default craft loading page shows that they are there. My VAB and SPH files have craft in them but craft manager isn't able to switch to KerbalX mode or show the craft. It says there are zero craft.
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