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  2. @FreeThinker is KSPIE radiators the only thing that can manage waste heat? Is wasteheat a must for beamed power?
  3. ok That makes sense then. I ended up uninstalling everything I could find and will try again today. Now that I understand its not an installer.
  4. It takes a litle time to upload to Curse, in the mean time you could use this alternative
  5. Your mileage may vary depending upon the skill of the kerbals aboard.
  6. Yes CommNet is installed... never had a problem with both working till about a month ago. Have had this mod uninstalled for 4 days now and no crashes on science. It's getting app unresponsive so guessing some kind of look or out of bounds error. I'll try it again with removed con requirements. Will let you know. BTW thanks for all your mods!
  7. Easy Rider star, co-writer and producer Peter Fonda, son of Henry Fonda and brother of Jane Fonda, died Friday from lung cancer. I guess I know what movie is next on my "to watch" list.
  8. That's what I thought, except that I built a craft with one kerbal and the recycler in the hitchhiker is using 36 e/s.
  9. Now, THAT is interesting.
  10. Hello, Please check this reply, page 3 with video: is the CentauriDreams mod adapted to this Challenge.
  11. So it's NOT like this, "No Control", "Missing antenna"?
  12. Snacks grinder in the MPL uses 30 ec/sec. The recycler uses 3 ec/sec per kerbal.
  13. There was ivy growing all along the retaining wall beside our townhouse. I terminated it with extreme prejudice. Pic was taken after I peeled it off the wall, and already had some loaded in the truck. When I took it to the waste transfer station, it weighed in at about 100kg according to the receipt (probably rounded up). Good thing I took it down too, because there was a nice crack in the wall (along with some smaller hairline cracks) that the strata might want to do something about. At least it's not my problem. "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." "Nah, I don't feel like it" "Here's a red stick [or the classic black ball] with a burning string hanging out of it..."
  14. About "radial tanks" deftly I will try them, but that would change the all ship design/model, but yes if they are droppable I need to consider a try in that design. About the new release I am still a big scary , the last one had a huge impact on so many mods that I had to revert back to previous, but sure I will try it
  15. @Wjolcz with the help of good connections to the admins of SpaceDock (i.e. @HebaruSan again...) I/he got your account activated. Can you confirm that? Edit: two minutes too late...
  16. If your SD username is wjolcz, it should be confirmed now.
  17. Well you might want to reconsider radial tanks, which are lighter and can be dropped when empty. Btw, I releasd KSPIE 1.22.6 which includes another veraion of the Daedalus engine with cool exhaust effects (requires additional download of Far Future Mod)
  18. Do any of your probe cores have a built-in antenna? If not, did you add any antennas?
  19. @Snark if there is one thing I would REALLY like in the next squad update, it's a SINGLE part which is a habitat that has beds in it, and can hold at least 4 kerbals, to NOT replace the hitchhiker but be alongside it, that's the single ONE thing I would really like, it would be horizontal in shape and be sort of like the rover version of the mk2 lander can in design, but with beds and as a true habitat, PLEASE PLEASE add it, it would remove needing mods for base parts
  20. CKAN can't index mods from Google Drive, Google doesn't allow "machines" to download stuff from it (thanks @HebaruSanfor the info). Has your account been activated in the meantime?
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