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  2. Lisias

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    It's the same from my side. We will have to disagree on this matter. Respectfully, I have the impression you doesn't fully understand some Software Development concepts. Not meant to be rude, just trying to express an opinion. LGG is an important Maintainer on this community, but it's not wise to behave as he would be the only one. Things we do affect other people's lives. Saving a minute of mine at expense of many minutes of many other maintainers is not exactly team work on my book.
  3. zer0Kerbal

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    So? what benefit other than bragging rights does one gain ??? And you answered your own - authors and maintainers are players too (at least I would hope). There is obviously some desire to do this else the OP wouldn't have posed the Q. Anything that saves LGG a minute or two and consolidates my GameData folder (including merging mods to share code and reduce resource footprint) is all good and worth some inconvenience to me. Looks like you disagree, and I respect that. You have your opinion, I have mine. We have all made suggestions, and now it is up to LinuxGuruGamer to decide what is best for him, which in turn is best for us. Anything that helps him in the long term will help us because he is maintaining ... what's the count now? A Happy LGG is a HAPPY KSP community.
  4. zer0Kerbal

    How to change explosion size?

    two mods, one current, one not: SmallUtilities - ModifiedExplosionPotential This one used to work - don't know if it still does, would be nice if they updated and used toolbar instead. LinuxGuruGamer's BAM Hope this helps.
  5. Lisias

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    People will use what serves them best. On Open Source you just can't force them to something they don't want, as they will just fork the thing and you will see your users going away. Yes, they are paying nothing to you - we usually rely on donations and patronage. However, if people fork your project and start to use the fork because it serves them better, you will see that the same people will have less reasons to keep supporting you. You also forget that we, Add'On Authors and Maintainers, are players too. We do play KSP too. Non authoring players are not the only one being beneficed by the works. And we, too, want to expend less time fixing things that are not broken without a good, compelling reason - as this would hinder our free time to expend it on the really pressuring issues - as showstoppers bugs and new features. Or plain playing KSP. Some fixes are worst than the problems they aim to fix. This is probably one of these for the majority of the cases (but not all, as I had tested and proved on my Experimental forks).
  6. Snacks 1.13 is now available: - Fixed recycler and processor efficiency calculations. - Other bug fixes. I also verified that if recyclers aren't at 100% you won't get an indefinite expiration time, but if they're set to 100% then you will.
  7. zer0Kerbal

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    however, people do want to use them. he isn't being paid or compensated. So what is best for him is what I suggest he does. Snowflakes will melt no matter what; reasonable notice is more than polite. Remember, the modders are doing We the players a favor by releasing these at all. Not being harsh, just realistic. I thank him for even asking. With that being said, if it breaks I won't use until it is fixed.
  8. I’m curious Iknow already about how some players position one or more beacons at the end of the runway to help themselves align up with it on approach. I was wondering if someone turned on SAS and set the beacon to be the target, would the SAS automatically fly the plane to the runway, leaving the player to just manage the throttle, landing gear, and flaps until a certain point above the ground where the player would turn off SAS, throttle to idle and flare the plane for landing? Please tell me if this makes any sense or is complete nonsense.
  9. I'm not sure, perhaps somebody else will know.
  10. I jumped from the bed , this error is a serious showstopper! So apparently you managed to find a new way to get this error. I will check the log with care. I just checked your log, and you are not using the latest . The latest, 2.4.1, fixes some more issues, and I think yours can be one of them (the hint being some non scaled parts also triggering the Anger of the Kraken). Please update and check again the same crafts. Publish the new KSP.log and Module Manager caches too, if you find the error again.[You are using the latest, I borked on the DLL version info!!!] Assuming I detect a new problem with your current KSP.log and MM caches, and/or you report he same happening on 2.4.1, 2.5 will be put on hold and I will issue a new just for this fix the fastest I can. Thanks, dude. I really appreciated. I can't always respond as fast as I wish due pressuring issues on Real Life (tm), but we (not just me) do whatever we can to keep you flying safe. (or as safest as it would be fun to fly!! )
  11. Been thinking about the Outer Planets Mod and this challenge, now that I upgraded to an actual gaming system and 1.7 came out......
  12. Has there been any progress made on the FPS drop this mod can cause? I experience it myself and it sucks cause I really enjoy the mod.
  13. ErinBensen

    Oldtimer KSP Humor

    The best known KSP humor AFAIK is Moar Boosters-and using it to build rocket that were just a bunch of orange tanks with engines in an asparagus configuration with RT-10s on the side of that.
  14. ErinBensen

    Everyday objects as spaceships

    That is really cool!
  15. Thank you for the speedy reply! I just checked and it DOES seem to be the same issue of negative mass parts (engines in particular). I also tested a vehicle that I knew caused this crash in the past and checked the motor on the small satellite payload and low-and-behold it had negative mass just like the error you linked to in your post. Once I removed that engine the rocket launched fine with no crashes. The issue happens on small engines as well even if their size hasn't been changed with tweakscale. If it is possible to fix this issue for 2.5 that would be amazing! But no rush, this is just a mod after all, not like you're getting paid to do this Which is also why I appreciate all the hard work you put into this stuff even more! Any way here is a link to my installed mods, KSP log, and Module Manager patches: I hope this helps! Edit also for reference I am using Tweakscale
  16. Today
  17. I'm having a strange problem with my 1.7 career play through. Periodically, I get a strange input lock where I can no longer control my attitude, nor move the camera or use keyboard shortcuts, but I can interact with the toolbar. The game keeps running (if I'm in a burn, it keeps going for example), but I can't interact with the game except when I use the toolbar, the return to space center button works as well. They only way I've been able to fix it is to shutdown the game via the task manager and reload. However, my current craft which I'm trying to get into a polar orbit around the Mun, has done this twice when I try to point normal. I'll try to attach the logs here for the part where the error starts. As far as mods, here is a list of all that I remember: Probes Plus Cormorant Aeronology Space Shuttle Cryogenic Engines Distant Object Enhancer DMagic Orbial Science Editor Extensions Redux EVE HabTech 2 KCT Kerbalism KIS Kopernicus KSPRC Near Future Solar Real Plume Stock reDirect SCANsat Scatterer Spectra Stageable RCS KAC Universal Storage 2 A number of these have dependencies I haven't listed here, but I have the dependencies. I did not use CKAN to install anything. Let me know if I should post the full logs or any other information Thank you,
  18. Ratwerke_Actual

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Tired of wobbly space stations, I am now doing drop tests at the launch pad, to make sure it can support its own weight. This thing makes 5m tanks look tiny.
  19. Finally, been waiting for something like this for a long time, keep up the good work!
  20. GRS

    King of the Hill

    I smashed another Asteroid to it... My Crater inside The Regolith Crater...
  21. Should I put the .VERSION file in any folders of the mod?
  22. Nah, nothing serious here. Just a pair of AIs that grows beyond their programming Though to be honest what was crossing in your mind when the last 3 questions that I ask is about unauthorized space launch, heaviest possible payload to orbit and deorbiting Phobos?
  23. Victor3

    KAS "legacy" parts?

    Can anyone translate this KAS wiki: into a simple, step by step procedure, for replacing my old KAS parts with the new ones? I would like to update KSP to 1.6.1 but doing so with the KAS version for this KSP release makes my Dres mining base unusable/ unloadable. I have read the above linked wiki, several times, and I still don't get it. What I would like is a simple step by step procedure for updating my KAS parts. Step 1: <Do This> Step 2: <do this> Etc., etc.
  24. So I saw this post on instagram, Every day objects reimagand as spaceships and though this might be a fun thing to post and find out if any has down this or after looking at it will do it Enjoy
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