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  2. I'm not using the forum to promote my mods anymore. it has proven to be useless as I got zero feedback out of it
  3. Some people like Scott Manley WILL test the gravitational effects between ships, and some people like Danny2462 WILL use the gravity between ships for docking. I do agree that Lagrange points make for excellent space stations.
  4. Might i suggest that we leave this thread fading in peace? Reasonable responses have been made by many, yet OP insists to be upset about KSP2. There's no point to argue against anything anymore.
  5. I figured it could be an oversight. Honestly, OPM is supposed to be a bit of a difficulty boost in a number of ways, so the idea that you need inefficient high-dV transfers to complete some contracts is not especially far fetched.
  6. Well, I ended up deciding to use PlayYourWay, but still, I may want to come back to this later- either in another 1.7 playthrough or after this mod is updated- and after Kopernicus stops causing problems with Breaking Ground. If you or someone else picks this mod up again, I recommend working on making it easier to configure for zero-contract or few-contracts playthroughs, since PlayYourWay doesn't look to be updating any time soon. And, I'm sure plenty of other people are like me, and want to worry about funds but without being constrained by progression contracts.
  7. One important point here is that maximum speed is kind of maximum acceleration * player boring level doing long burns. say 4g * 1 hour or 144 km/s, with 10 g this is 360 km/s That is unlike they have added background burns.
  8. It would certainly give sandbox and career play a whole new dimension if we could set up automated supply routes and missions. That would be a pretty big departure however, and would introduce all kinds of complications especially for career mode. For example, every mission would necessarily cost funds. What happens if you do a multi-year timewarp on an interstellar mission? Without also automated income, you'll quickly run out and your space program will die. This means that you'd have to introduce mechanics for bringing in automated income during timewarp, which is... well, a whole set of new gameplay systems. So yeah cool, but there are things I'd rather see the devs spend their precious hours on.
  9. Even if you could get a D2 to NRHO with crew, it would have too little volume, which is why we need Orion.
  10. okay.. thanks.. I did not scroll down to notice anything besides the stock...
  11. well, finding the part in order to test it is part of the contract.
  12. Because if you don't, the wheels have a habit of kicking out like a horse if they touch the ground at an angle far from "straight down". ---- As for me, doing some testing on a three-seater ground-to-LKO passenger shuttle. She's ugly on the ground, but she does the job, able to make it to orbit only by following prograde and varying throttle to keep apoapse 60 seconds ahead (thank you for the idea, @OhioBob !). Just needs a very careful transition from surface navball mode because it's a mite aerodynamically unstable during takeoff due to a pair of diagonal winglets on the bottom to shield the two ventral Junos' intakes from reentry heat (there are four Junos and two Terriers on the shuttle itself). In fact, during this particular test flight, it actually spun out of control in the upper atmosphere but still made it to orbit after I cut the engines and let it drift a bit for the SAS to stabilize it. And for reentry, I gave it three small reaction wheels and 400 power, which allows it to maintain a 20° descent AoA and go into a horizontal glide at 30 km altitude without engine power or me touching the controls. Doesn't really fly well at subsonic speeds, though, as I can't use trim without making it backflip during takeoff.
  13. After a thousand hours in KSP I didn't even bother knowing struts had mass. I hate using them because they look super dumb on a rocket, I'm still in the camp that wants to be able to add a spot weld between parts - one that can't be seen outside the VAB. Such a part would slay a thousand Krakens and I wouldn't even complain if they lazily use the same code as for the near useless struts as long as they cut the range to 10cm and up the strength to 5X a strut. Then again I've complained about this for some time with no real hope in my heart that it will ever see the light of day, I'm betting KSP2 gets a spot weld (or "glue blob" or "nut and bolt" or "double adhesive tape" or whatever else it would be called) before KSP1 does.
  14. They already seem to be "automating" some supply options for orbital and planetary stations.
  15. And laser based sails. Boost the solar sail from a mun base super laser. I expect we may see a "skip to next system" jump. As in, not even timewarp. Just a test and build, test and run, system of interplanetary design. Build enough fuel+ systems, + possibly test it (so it doesn't fall apart/engines hit structures etc), then if it passes, you just skip to the next system. Then the game takes off fuel/resources, and puts you on a predicted trajectory, ready in orbit. Basically, space is "empty", and even long burns are benign. So you can "sim" that bit out to spreadsheets and keep to the fun parts (inter system flight). No idea if they will do it that way, but that's how I'd do it. Abstractify the boring stuff away (such as they seem to be doing with base building and orbital construction. Once you *have* launched an orbital, and *have* designed a resource/part delivery rocket, it just uses resources to top up the construction facility/bases/colonies, instead of having to do every one of the 100s of launches yourself).
  16. No idea, I don't know the people involved, and even the people who know the people don't know the plan they're trying to execute. I'm certainly rooting for them as a win here will be a pretty big win for everyone, most of all the fans.
  17. Probably not. To cut a long story short, you probably saw one of my old WIP development videos on YouTube with the inflatable flotation collar prototype. I then tested variation third-party plugin options (such as Klockheed Martian Smart Parts and Icecovery's Comfortable Landing), but none of them fit my needs precisely. I also worked with Starwaster briefly on a bespoke inflatables plugin, which for a time took a life of its own and almost became a standalone inflatables mod. I might revisit the idea sometime in the future, but right now, I can't promise anything.
  18. Ah. Sorry for that. I like Kerbol. XD But I don't like fingernails on a chalkboard. The "more Kerbals as research increases" is like that to me (some recent dev comments), so I hope a mod will change the progression, and instead link Kerbal numbers to time/resources (yes, timeskip means you can game that system, but I want a sim + game, not a "game" where they add grind, pretending the grind is gameplay ).
  19. I’ve honestly never seen that myself. That’s... not how it’s supposed to go. Did you use any autostruts and/or alter any game settings that relate to physics? For me personally ‘weird’ problems often occur when using ‘autostrut: heaviest’ and/or ‘autostrut: root’. If you could share the save/settings.cfg (The KSP one) I could see if it also happens here if you want.
  20. If you're using DistantObjectEnhancement, the skybox should dynamically dim when a celestial body is in view. The bright skybox is also meant to be tuned by KS3P's color grading. It seems that KS3P's configuration exporting is quite broken, and as such AVP's KS3P config will not function. I am waiting on an update to the KS3P mod to fix this, but for now you can copy AVP's KS3P values into the default config and remove AVP's config.
  21. Hey Gamers Circle, you'll be able to find one here:
  22. TBH I havent had that bug myself since 1.3.1, but back then it was quite common. Some attributed it to heavy part clipping. Then a bit later came a very similar bug that mostly affected landing gear and was attributed to Kerbals in command seats upon reloading or something like that. Now it seems to be back. So you never had it with a complete stock craft? When I get the time I will try to recreate it. That's really all I can do for you. Hopefully somebody with more knowledge and time will chime in soon!
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