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  2. I'm not well versed in Fusion engine principles. Is there a reason that the Impulse has 2 modes, one being both higher ISP and higher thrust than the other? Is there another trade off to that mode, or is that just one of the aforementioned "typos"?
  3. @Nereid I just submitted a PR with the changes to support selecting the variable positioning into the config screen
  4. okay so I think the whole ability to show motion just by dragging the slider lends itself well to the concept of a Mission Animator type of extra window, so yea that's where I was going with this. Don't wait up on me if you get the urge
  5. That's what I get for not watching the video before posting. The tweet I was referencing also asserted that the ring stack this nose cone had been assembled onto was one that had collapsed in the storms and been hammered back into shape, therefore not being in optimum condition. But I'm understandable skeptical about that now!
  6. Hey there @TheRokas, Welcome to the forums. We'll need some more info from you before we'll know where to start:
  7. Okay, no worries. If the idea is to create movie files similar to what Mission Animator does in MA, I have considered adding this functionality, if that would ever interest you. Let me know.
  8. nothing yet, just wondering. Since it's possible I will follow up on this with more details at a later point when I have more time spent with it. Certainly good enough as is
  9. Who would have thunked how awesome this is. I really do like the physics thing - why has this not been done before? Great work thank you! Peace.
  10. Not one mod, the 95 or so mods I was running in a balanced game. Huge glorious motherships, 30 kerbal rovers on Eve, etc etc. All filled with different mod parts in various combinations. And most of them got updated to one of the following versions, but not all. So that, and the forced mentality of "Updates will break saves, guaranteed" that has been instilled in me since 0.17, I just never bothered to update.
  11. (no problem lol) banned for seeming like you have a problem with me posting in 14 forum games
  12. i made falcon 1 and then updated in just a minute and then the engine stages were gone and it said the oxidiser was deprived so i decided to replace the engines and it worked so maybe try that idk
  13. This is quite literally the most interesting mod I've seen in a while. I never knew I needed this!
  14. Glad to hear there are no issues! And I guess we can share ownership of the bug, haha. It's not impossible but it would require a new, separate to implement. What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe I can implement something that does what you're looking to do directly.
  15. Ok, I'll merge the code and submit a pr in the next day or so
  16. That's very weird, idk how to help you sorry, that had never happened to me Maybe some conflicts with other mods? Idk
  17. Jake was surveying the wreckage up close when a fuel leak caused an explosion, killing Jake in the process. VAB Engineer #184: Rocket collapse.
  18. This is one of those quality of life things that you didn't know you need until you see it, and then it can't be unseen! Well done!
  19. Banned for being confusing and replying to 14 forum games in a row.
  20. aww man, that’s the third time this week. waiTer pls get out of my soup
  21. The stacked nosecone has RCS ports in every shot til they rotate it.
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