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  2. JadeOfMaar

    Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems

    The majority of these textures were 4096x4096 when I looked the other day. They need to be kept by Starlord as part of a source package, and the release versions be down-scaled and still converted to DDS. KSP will process them into DDS anyway and likely keep the PNG version in memory. Better to pay the price in hard drive space than in RAM space.
  3. Just a stupid question I didn't ask, but is the lastest compiled version for 1.7 is compatible for 1.6.1 as I do not migrate yet, a lot of my mods aren't compatible yet.
  4. This is my most random discovery usage from the ''new'' parts
  5. Kerballing (Got Dunked On)

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    But it's there truly no need for alarm? *bum bum bummmmm*
  6. Using stock messages as in still using stock planet names? If yes, that means that internally, Beyond Home may be using stock planet names (probably), they're just displayed under a different name. You'd have to change the stock messages themselves, and not add new ones. @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION:HAS[#id[geigerCounter]]:NEEDS[BeyondHome,FeatureScience]:AFTER[Kerbalism] This is a slightly safer option, as it won't throw errors if kerbalism is not installed. But again, as Sir Mortimer said, you should not bother with this as they'll become redundant fairly soon.
  7. Could you be more specific about the exact name of the mod? There’s more than one result when googling. Or you can link to the source you got it from. All of the solar system modification mods depend on the Kopernicus mod and possibly the Sigma Dimensions mod to do the “under the hood” work to make them function. Do you have those installed as well? As a test case, you may want to try installing a standalone mod like Kerbal Engineer Redux to make sure you’re installing mods correctly. (I picked this one because just about everybody has it, and its extra useful. You can always uninstall later.)
  8. How would seasons be done on a planet with little to no inclination and axial tilt?
  9. Jim DiGriz

    [1.2 - 1.4] Real Scale Boosters, 0.16 (2018-03-12)

    That got fixed awhile ago in RealismOverhaul. That is a problem with all stock ships with RealismOverhaul. The individual parts all get correctly modified to have the right fuels, but the stock ships wind up with both stock-fuel and RF-fuels in them. It has nothing to do with RSB itself. You have to load the stock ship and then 'rebuild' it with fresh parts from the menu, then save it. There is no other workaround.
  10. Delay

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Took this two days ago. There's a reason I'm not a photographer.
  11. Thats a general plugin used by most if not all of Allista's mods.
  12. It just means that some other plugin you have can't be loaded. But there is a small piece that's broken in ModuleManager - it should tell you which plugin it is but it's not. But based on other log messages it looks like it's 000_AT_Utils\Plugins\002_MultiAnimators.dll
  13. I'm trying to make the Stock KSC point due East instead of being off by about .09 degrees (call me OCD). I think I can use Kopernicus. What's the exact Longitude value for the KSC? I need that to calculate the reorientFinalAngle value @Kopernicus:FINAL { @Body[Kerbin] { @SpaceCenter { // PQSCity // latitude = 0.00 // longitude = NEED THIS @reorientFinalAngle = This is longitude -90 } } } Assuming I get the correct values will this work or do I need to remove and re-add the entire PQSCity from scratch? Thanks
  14. linuxgurugamer

    [1.5.1+, 1.6+] StageRecovery - Recover Funds+ from Dropped Stages

    As an FYI, When reporting bugs and issues, more information is better. It's easier to discard extra information than it is to gather missing information. In this case, what I'd like if possible is the save file with the contract active, but not yet completed or failed. A complete mission description would also help me to recreate the issue.
  15. linuxgurugamer

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    While mine works, it's unsupported since there are other forks with active developers
  16. adsii1970

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    No, he can't. Only Dr. Zarkov Kerman, who has publicly stated there is NO NEED FOR ALARM, can...
  17. kcs123

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    There is @Lisias fork that work and can be found here: Just be sure that you readed install instructions for other dependencies. There is also this: That one should also works fine, seems that they included all proposed changes from @Rudolf Meier. There is also fork from @linuxgurugamer that should work too, but I have not tried last two by myself, so take it with grain of salt.
  18. Stone Blue

    Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems

    well, I can see why the textures shouldnt be converted I thought 129MB for this parts pack was high, with .pngs. Converted them all to dds, and it comes out at 0.97 GIGAbytes :face_palm: Looking at the textures, having the majority of them at 2K, and even some 4K textures, that seems a little excessive... vOv
  19. Jett_Quasar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Craft files have been posted on KerbalX and Steam See it in action here: Download it here: on Steam here: See it in action here: Download it here: on Steam here: - Jett
  20. Delay

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I'd gladly buy that!
  21. cubinator

    Shower thoughts

    A fascinating counter-argument to the ever-popular "Darth Jar Jar" theories.
  22. Having rebuilt a new PC because my previous is gone I'm reinstalling KSP that I had abandoned for 2 years, but I don't understand the difference between the graphic mods. There are several of them and I don't know which ones to install or if i can put some together or if some are incompatible between them, which one is the bests. What would you advise me to install ? -Scattered -SVE (Stock Visual Enhancement) -EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancements) -Spectra thk for your help
  23. 1: I beg to differ, what is considered more realistic, based on rocket style. All truss mounts are based on some engine mount option. The truss mounted are more notorious for Soviet style rockets. Also, realistic is not what everyone wants, someone wants the lego style play and the stock mount or Porkjet based aero faired rear ends. It's all up to the player. Who cares what Squad decides what option is the default one, logically it would be the stockish version since things are often legacy based not "realism" 2: It already has, it's the third option unless you see it as grey or that you can clarify what black/white stripe layout you prefer alternatively. 3: Yes, and much more type variety of SRB's you can think of, the current selection is scare, and if one thing remains ancient stock alike it's the variety of Solid rocket boosters, I'm amazed we're still where we are with the current selection, therefore I have best hopes for the future
  24. SuicidalInsanity

    Mk3 Expansion - [KSP 1.7] Version 1.4.8 [4/23/19]

    M3X Update 1.4.8 - SpaceDock | GitHub Changelog:
  25. Lisias

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Perhaps a new feature on MacOS? GPU with automatic datamoshing! It appears to be related to something on Safari - only certains sites when opened triggers this. And it only affects 1.7.0, 1.6.1 and older are glitch free. Well… It's probably some bug on memory management on the MacOS X's OpenGL. Sometimes, the image being displayed is something from the browser.
  26. ChrisF0001

    [1.7+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.3

    Is there any word on the future of MKS Flex-o-tubes? I'm a little confused as to how functional the pre-KAS-1.2 legacy DLL is in KSP 1.7 at all...
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