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  2. Here's the long github issue I wrote about this: What I'm basically asking is this - do any other plugin writers out there use the System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes() call, and are you having it barf on you with an exception just like I am, starting in KSP 1.7 when it didn't happen in KSP 1.6? The issue linked to above gives the long winded details of the issue. I just wanted to see if others have the same problem, because I am noticing other mods in the output_log also throwing exceptions trying to call GetTypes(). It's as if when the problem happens, then it fails for everyone else too. (Or at least a lot of other people not just me).
  3. It appears to be an issue with ClickThroughBlocker. It seems to say it can't find its assembly, but I definitely have it installed. As a result, EditorExtensions doesn't work, its button in the VAB does nothing and the symmetry buttons don't get replaced.
  4. kerbiloid

    Highest Reply Rate Per Minute Challenge!

    The thread would be renamed into "Everyone of you except the last poster is a chicken."
  5. Hotel26

    Video recorder for KSP and other games...

    OBS is great; free; runs on Windows (as well as Linux) AND -- if you have any problems with it at all -- just return to this thread and get help! It does a couple of things by default (where it puts the output file and a less-than-optimum resolution for YouTube) that are a slight nuisance to figure out: but then it's plain sailing. I use OpenShot with it occasionally for video editing and they make a good pair.
  6. jadebenn

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    You remember how I said the Orion MPCV was still saddled with lots of design decisions from its days on the Ares I? This is one of them. Turns out that when your entire first stage was supposed to be an SRB that can't be turned off, you needed to design a pretty beefy LES to be capable of outrunning it. I'm not sure if it was intentionally kept around after the demise of the Ares I because being able to outrun a flaming SRB is still advantageous from a safety perspective on the SLS, but it's there, one way or another.
  7. Atlessa

    [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone)

    Bummer. Thanks for the quick reply.
  8. Magzimum

    New space center facility?

    Facilities I would like to have: Extra Runway As mentioned above, just for fun. Craft test facility (e.g. wind tunnel or "modeling facility") In addition to the extra runway, I would also love to have a facility to test crafts. Some called it a windtunnel (an earlier post by @BadOaks ), but I would also be happy if it was the Kerbal Aerodynamics Modelling Program (KAMP). I use the cheat a lot to get my craft into a particular orbit (e.g. Eve) to get its characteristics right before building a giant launcher and fly the mission. I use a Sandbox game for tests, and then copy the craft file into my Career game. I'd like to do that inside the Career game without cheating.
  9. Hello everyone. I managed to finish Elcano challenge for Duna and it was hard :-). Category: modded craft (because I have installed two canisters of live support for USI LS, otherwise the rover is made of stock parts) Here is my imgur album:
  10. RoverDude

    [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone)

    known issue, need to give it custom drag cubes.
  11. It's alright. We all make mistakes.
  12. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Close call... or, only a stone's throw away. For the morning's delivery of fresh fuel (straight from the farm) it was only a short hop across the peninsular for Dean, from the last meeting spot to where the Coastal Cruiser lay. The sound of clinking bottles of fuel in the morning... what a lovely sound. The first attempt to hook up to the boat did not go well. The beach was steeper than expected when chosen as a parking sport the night before. Consequently the grabber unit failed to attached due to the angle of the two vehicles, resulting in the two coming together in an ungainly way. Some contact, a big bounce of the two and both plane and boat were in the sea. Luckily no damage was done. Dean pulled round towards the base of the bar of sand the boat had parked at and Val brought it round to meet him. Ok.. that looks flatter now, so time to get over and get the juice flowing. Minutes later the Coastal Cruiser was out at sea, heading South once more. About 1/4 the way through the fuel and there's a big bay to duck into to take a look at. That sun's getting pretty low, so time to look for a spot to park for the night. The terrain round here is pretty heavily pitted, resulting lots of bays, large and small to duck into for the overnight stop... so spoiled for choice. Val spots this intesting little cove, with steep walls and heads in. It's Val's turn to cook dinner this evening, so after shutting down the engines, she heads for the galley to prepare her famous Teriyaki Surprise... the surprise is it's mostly chocolate. In the morning they head out early. The lights on the boat are still blazing as they push further South. The encounter one of several "almost lakes" on this leg, with this being the first. Big without being ostentatious. So how's the fuel doing... answer, it's almost 1/2 gone. Thanks for asking. Another fee 10's of kilometres and there's another sizeable "almost lake" to check out. Then duck out of as soon as the inner shoreline can be seen. Not exactly mountains, but there's some nice green hills around here. Guess what... more wrinkly bits of coastline to explore. This one contains a small island, which Bob immediately names Bob's Island and claims it for all Kerbin's Bob's... but especially this one. Almost down to the 1/4 tanks point as they venture further South. Ooo... more wrinkly stuff, time to divert off the main coast and take a look. The single jet engine thunders above the cockpit. This thing's been running every day since the trip started. When the team at the Space Center build something, they build it right. Bob suggests that this part of the world might have a problem with moles... real big ones. Fuel's getting low again, but it's been another long leg that's taken the boat deep into the southern seas. Val parks up and it's Bob's turn to make dinner, so yet another dish with a high cheese content.
  13. Jade_Falcon

    Swimming to the surface

    Found the issue, the "un-released" version of Kerbalism 2.2 was causing it, rolling back to 2.1 or upgrading to 3.0 (in-testing) solves it.
  14. Ah, got it, thanks! I think I will do some testing on 3.0.
  15. Today
  16. Flea propulsion experiments. I swear it's for "civilian use." Staging 168 parts as 84 separate craft to saturate saturate the ground with explosions? Whatever do you mean?
  17. KerikBalm

    A few jet part suggestions

    No... That doesn't change the thrust or velocity curve... spamming goliaths won't get you higher either. So a 3 meter variant of the goliath won't help, it would need an altitude curve more like the panther, or whiplash. Then it ceases to be a larger goliath, but more like a larger ramjet. Just increasing the thrust on the goliath won't increase its ceiling. I'm going to have to disagree again. First by "mk3 rounded parts", I'm going to assume that's the same thing as a liquid fuel only version of 3.75m (cylindrical) "rocket" parts. Such parts are needed more, because they would be multi-use, and would be useful for making rockets using LV-Ns. What purpose would these larger parts serve? There is a mod for that (OPT I think), one I haven't bothered installing. I'm quite fine with 3.75m parts for large spaceplanes. What is the point of a large spaceplane anyway? get a lot of cargo to orbit? I find a twin boom deisgn with the payload in a center fairing to be better (and less restrictive, I can take payloads over 7 meters wide like that). As for reusable cargo deploying dropships... I have some desire for a larger diametercargobay. I can make 2.5m part based payloads work like so: But it does feel cramped, and a wider wheelbase would be great Exactly... but I don't see such a need, any plane design will have the mk3 section taper for aerodynamics, the mk3 cockpit has a 1.25m node on the front: I often stick a probe core there, or on one of these: or a 2.5m probe core on one of these: Or in a cargobay along with other stuff, like a relay antenna, reaction wheels, batteries, solar panels to deploy once in orbit or RTGs, etc. I don't think its so needed. I'd rather have a 3.75m probe core or reaction wheel, for use on reusable first stage boosters.
  18. Hi people, This is my entry for the challenge (just launching to orbit and coming back) Full gallery for proof : Was quite fun actually
  19. KerbolExplorer

    Video recorder for KSP and other games...

    Yeah i have seen the water mark....But its quite small.. Looks like il try OBS..Thanks everybody!
  20. If your Kerbals sink, you’re running version 2.2 which is broken. Either go back to 2.1.2 or get on the discord server if you’re interested in playtesting version 3.0
  21. Atlessa

    [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone)

    Hey, I'm having a problem with this mod. It appears that the (invisible) bubble seems to be causing drag and other aero effects that make it impossible to use it on my spaceplanes since it HAS to be fairly centered so all parts fit within the bubble. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? Am I just doing it wrong? I'm running KSP 1.6.1 Here's a screenshot of my gamedata folder Here's the craft file(s) with and without the warp drive Without the Warp drive it flies like a dream, but with the drive it's impossible to control (seems to be aerodynamically unstable) and can't seem to accelerate nearly as well.
  22. You can check if you put the right parts by looking at the contract applet on the launchpad.
  23. ARS

    Show off your drawings!

    Space forces HQ
  24. If the full contract terms have been completed the tourists are meant to be removed. Sounds like either you missed a step or have stumbled into a bug. Non hacky workaround is to take them back to the hotel then accept the return to kerbin contract. That should remove them.
  25. Yeah, no, fair point there. As @Bill Phil pointed out though, centrifugal forces should mitigate these effects.
  26. Depends on your flight plan and how many gravity assists/aerobreaks you want to perform. If you take a look at the deltaV map linked above and try to perform as many gravity assists as possible (Kerbin - Eve - Kerbin - Kerbin and multiple slingshots within the Jool system, especially around Tylo and Jool), you will probably end up with something around 9k - 10k m/s dV. A little reminder though: you need to complete the kerbin missions 1-8 before you can proceed with the interplanetary missions. Hm....the missions and parameters and designed for the stock system. If you can manage to adjust the mission requirements to RSS in a reasonable way and perform the mission, kudos to you. You will still get the same badge though.
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