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  2. Well it is a game about physics and rocket science. FTR when I was 8 I was playing Pong. Though it wasn't brand new it was darn close.
  3. Hello, I don't know if this has been discussed before, it's hard for me to search without knowing the language. Mod hides all separators from all mods without giving an equivalent replacement. Is it possible to fix this somehow?
  4. Jesus I'm 30, am I somehow on the younger side of this games audience?
  5. So I have a station and am running TAC-LS and any time I time warp from anything other than that station my batteries completely deplete, though when warping from the station itself they only get as low as is shown in the pic. This is hurting my gameplay as every time I try to time warp I am stopped due to the life threatening battery depletion. Mod List:
  6. One: Thank you. Two: The lack of scaling wheel strength goes along with other issues that pop up with tweaksale (scaling a module that holds kerbals doesn't increase or decrease how many you can have inside). But that doesn't mean there aren't other ways around that. I've created a few crafts ... needless to say, I have blown many treads out on crafts that should be light enough to not have that happen. Three: Yes, removing MechJeb allowed me to continue play with KF and TweakScale
  7. Thank you and whomever helped you, for sparing time and writing this. I hope and am sure it will be most helpful for everybody (users and yourself) both right now and in the future.
  8. Finally actually updating FS extended for 1.8. Already tested with one part, everythings going well so far :)

  9. You could add a seperatron to decouple the cone. Although that will hurt aerodymamics.
  10. Today, my Nero expedition departed for Gael: Meanwhile, the Hox mission arrived to an easy intercept of Argo, so that's were I went first: And now we go to Hox:
  11. I built an SSTA (Single Stage To Anywhere) and i veers in random directions while taking off. The center of lift and mass are stable. It flys really well (when it gets off the ground) and has a really got TWR with raipers while taking off. Landing gear looks good i just do not know what is going on. Im going to adjust the landing gear (agin) but otherwise i need help.
  12. Banned for critizizing an aircraft enthusiast
  13. Could this mod be easily applied to other mods that use the stock textures...such as sxt continued?? I feel like if this was compatible with sxt and possibly mk2/3x mods..this mods would really shine
  14. So every time that i try to turn on the game launcher, it quits instantly. Why is this happening ?
  15. I can send the log files if you want to investigate the whole log yourself, but MJ is mostly catching KSP Wheel.dll ... I also got some different errors but mostly this, with the reflection error, saying; Which is the thing I was most afraid of, because 100% of my crafts have "Kerbal Foundries" parts on them. I was able to play the game fine and prevent crashes using the method @Azic Minar mentioned and helped me via PM. But even though the dust effects aren't used in this method, I believe the DLL reference is enough to halt the loading, along with MJ installation at present. I was in denial of uninstalling KF and trying without it, because like I said this mod and it's wheel parts are a must for my gameplay and my humongous crafts, along with @Lisias's lovely maintained tweakscale of course... Yes... Even those wheels are not big enough for me.... (Although I believe they have their own sizing options) Anyways, I guess there's nothing left for me to do but merely look forward for an update for this lovely mod.
  16. Another part quite aging is the Pirs docking module, a light refresh is here. Pumpkins? I have some plans to make this a viable lander.
  17. The games that I am referring to that I admire are the console games of the 90's. The original 2-D Sonic series I think is a prime example of a game that is good that does not take too long to play. Other games of notable mention that had mutiple modes of play were the Star Wars series for the SNES. Unfortunately that series took a long time to actually beat. But it was notable for having 2-D platforming and 3-D flight in one game, albeit was just airplanes in space... but still it was a rare feature for it's time and still is as far as I know. The danger of video games nowadays is the theft of valuable time. I used to play Oolite, which is a modernized clone of the original elite with many upgrades. But I grew to dislike it since it is basically a huge grind. You can spend hours and still not get paid well enough. And even if you enable massive cheats then all you have left to do is kill stuff. As for game redesign in general, I think it would be a simple thing to include mutiple modes of play in a a game, since even old games did it in the past. The Star Trek TNG Sega Genesis game of the 90's (much better than the SNES clone) had RPG elements that allowed you to make choices that had some effect on the player's game. Basically, you had the option to at least talk your way out of starship scuffles, and if you chose to blast away every Romulan Warbird you ever encountered, you would run out of torpedoes sooner or later, your ship would accumulate damage, and you would pay by having to wait for repairs. On top of that, hostile vessels can warp in withput warning and fire on you during repairs... assuming your not orbiting a planet. The game rewards being diplomatic, since then enemies at least give you the choice to talk things out. Be hostile and they will shoot you on sight, no talking at all. The easiest thing to add in any game is a choice tree/rpg element. All it is is still screen pics with choices, which effect what level you go to. Simple. Or beyond that it could effect NPC behavior, which may be a bit harder to implement, but surely doable. Even TNG on the Sega Genesis did that... albeit in a very limited way. Be nice and enemies can be talked out of shooting you. Have a regular pattern of blowing then away on sight and they will start firing on your spaceship on sight. The game even allowed for a single save.
  18. Never mind just started using the big-s elevons I was stupid not to use them before. Landed fine on the runway first try actually. Sorry for all my dumbness.
  19. I think I'm seeing the same behavior for all mods. Running version 1.8.0- of KSP-AVC. I get messages that mods are out of date but no notification that updates are available. I figured it was just taking modders a while to get updates out but I manually checked today and most of the mods that KSP-AVC said were out of date actually had been updated 2 or 3 weeks ago. There was no notification in KSP-AVC that updates were available though. Here is a before and after log from manually updating a mod (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems): Before After
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  21. It's because the "just keep flying" approach keeps you in the thicker atmosphere for longer. -> more drag. Pulling up first, then catching up on speed later, is more efficient... if you can pull it off. It comes at the risk of pulling up too hard at first, then failing to catch up, and ultimately dropping back.
  22. Hmm, technically I wasn't quite right when I said that. Once you leave the homeworld's sphere of influence, you'll get contracts to make "Super-DSN" satellites in geostationary orbit.
  23. Build and launch two crafts, place one in Kerbin orbit, one in Duna orbit. Challenge needs to spawn multiple parts in random Duna orbits See how many parts you can grab - one by one - burn-throw at Kerbin and catch into any stable Kerbin orbit in a set amount of Kerbal months/years.
  24. Oh that's weird it didn't quote like I meant it to. I haven't found one yet I'll have to look. But thank you for the help! I'm just trying to figure out how to apply a patch to every part from a mod.
  25. Hi everyone, KSP Version 1.8.0 - everything worked fine. Now i updated Restock and Restock+. In the savegame i get an error message from three specific vessels because of "liquidEngineMini" - in the KSC screen I get the message that these vessels cannot be loaded because of that failure Does anybody know what to do? On Github I couldn´t find a solution... Should I update to 1.8.1? Edit: Ok, i found out it is the Spark Engine. I reverted to Restock Version before and everything works fine now. So waht is the problem? Did the partfile got a new name?
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