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  2. So i need a little fix'em. For the longest time, i had a custom patch made for MJ. It would simply enable all MJ features in career, at the first node of the tech tree. Simple. [code]@PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:Final { MODULE { name = MechJebCore MechJebLocalSettings { MechJebModuleCustomWindowEditor { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleSmartASS { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleManeuverPlanner { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleNodeEditor { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleTranslatron { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleWarpHelper { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleAttitudeAdjustment { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleThrustWindow { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleRCSBalancerWindow { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleRoverWindow { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleAscentGuidance { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleLandingGuidance { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleSpaceplaneGuidance { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleDockingGuidance { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilotWindow { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } MechJebModuleRendezvousGuidance { unlockTechs = basicRocketry } } }[/code] But, and i cannot tell if it's 1.7.0, or if it's a mod or two doing this, with the patch applied, it seems to be back to normal, unlocking individual features on different nodes. Could it have something to do with the Restock mod i have installed? Or some other mod with similar functionality?
  3. What´s up with @Lisias's version and that version being 'parallel'? How come nobody communicated so that only one version would need to be developed?
  4. RaiderMan

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    I cannot find any RO version of KJR here on the forums, or on spacedock.
  5. Remove the steam cloud storage for KSP
  6. I've got a lot of old missions and saves I have been deleting to clean up my files. I had KSP 1.7 crash on me several times, so uninstalled and reinstalled it. Surprise: all my deleted folders reappeared. So I copied the steam folder to another drive, deleted it, uniinstalled Steam (which at this point was not loading properly) reinstalled and voila! I have all the old folders again. Where are these saves coming from and why is it not remembering my deletes? I've never before had a problem of simply deleting those saves from the game folder. I also tried suggestions of clearing my download and browser caches on Steam itself. Any suggestions?
  7. zer0Kerbal

    Looking for a working automated science plugin

    Kerbokatz ASS works for me for 1.7 (ckan). ( as does : as with all things, your mileage may vary.
  8. Hello everyone, this is my second contribution, this time more serious. I am pushing one flea glider towards higher weight. My new glider has starting mass equal to 6481 kg. One flea was able to lift me barely to 1700 m above sea and from this point on it was just gentle gliding towards island airport (and hoping that I don't crash into island slope just in front of the landing strip as happened in my first try). see album here:
  9. Rover 6428

    A Kerbal Book Series-You Interested?

    I think there should not be that much focus on any life forms except kerbals in the novel, but yes, I do think that there should be a variety of fauna species of Kerbin. Its just that they learned to stay away from any rockets or planes as a survival technique.
  10. Disparia Books

    A Kerbal Book Series-You Interested?

    Wow, kudos to you, you nailed it. The first book will indeed be the genesis of the space age and begin in a time where machines exist, but nothing that can so much as fly. It is an analog to say, the early 1900s, but I like not dating it. It's funny that whenever you begin a new KSP save the date is basically "0". Time for Kerbals is not an absolute so much as a relative, so how long has their civilization been around? What year is it? Well, you'll have to see I suppose.
  11. snakeru

    [1.6] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    Actually, now as I checked out the "source of inspiration" (the "Race to the Moon") and also discovered the concept of the MTBF I think that this is already implemented :-D I wanted something that could only be improved by actual flights and would not be achievable by just testbenching. So I think now that MTBF is probably thought as exactly that. Except for that problem that I described above, but if that's a bug - then it could be fixed and if not - even better!
  12. Rover 6428

    A Kerbal Book Series-You Interested?

    I really like your style of writing. From those breef dialogues between Mrs Able and Jeb, I sense that Kerbals use a more traditional style of education (No individuality and stuff) Which would fit nicely as an analogue of early 20th century education. Did you do that intentionally to make the atmosphere fit the time scale? (with Jeb's career starting at the dawn of the space age.) Whatever the answer is, it would be quite cool if you carried on with this vibe to make it easier to orientate through the time scale based off the real world, without actually telling the year/era. Just an idea for the future.
  13. KerikBalm

    Interplanetary travel question

    The closer in you are, the faster your orbit. To go from a lower orbit to a higher one with a standard hohman transfer requires half an orbital period (with an SMA equal to the average of your current one and the target one, assuming your current and target orbits are circular). The farther out you go, the longer the orbital periods are
  14. Hotdiggitydog

    [1.2.1]Arkas: Development Edition

    That's all I need. If it doesn't work with visual mods I can't bring myself to install it. I wish this got an update, I miss it.
  15. DoktorKrogg

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    There will be equivalents in WOLF for basically everything that MKS and USI-LS currently do. You'll still need Power but the idea is that you're delivering the equipment and then leaving it in the hands of your Kerbals to figure out how to keep it running. So there's no waste heat to manage, no reactor refueling, etc. No more "I have 3000 radiators on my mining rig...why are the drills still overheating?" issues or reactors blowing up during time warp. No. We don't want to introduce any hard dependencies between MKS and WOLF. That said, we already have plans for WOLF v1.1 that will introduce new mechanics in the same spirit of MKS colonization bonuses. We still want there to be rewards for expanding a colony. We're just trying to get WOLF v1.0 out the door for now though. So more on this particular topic later. Yep. Everything you can make with MKS, you'll be able to make with WOLF and you'll be able to transport most of them within the WOLF network as well. Kerbals are also treated as "resources" in WOLF. Once they join a colony, they are "absorbed" just like equipment is. You receive a number of CrewPoints for each star the Kerbal had when they joined the colony. They all consume the same amount of life support resources though, so there's incentive to get your Kerbals leveled up before they become colonists! I'm really excited about the transport mechanic personally. You won't get it for free like you do with planetary logistics in MKS. In WOLF, you have to make the journey between depots yourself first. The amount of mass lost between point A and point B determines the cost in TransportCredits and the final mass of the vessel determines the payload. You don't automatically get the return trip for free either. You have to refuel and make the journey back to point A yourself if you want two-way transfers. Once the route is established though, you can transport whatever you want over it. So say you end up with a payload of 10 WOLF units, you could send 5 Water, 1 Food, 1 Oxygen and 3 MatKits to the destination over that route. You can change what's being transported at any time too, provided the destination depot is able to "give back" what was originally being transported (i.e. it's not required by other consumers). So say you get Water production setup at the destination depot for a total of 10 Water (5 coming in via transport and 5 from the refinery) and you're using 8 Water. You could cancel 2 Water coming in via transport and start sending 2 units of something else instead (e.g. more MatKits, more Food, a new resource, whatever). Nope, at least they shouldn't be. Detecting when parts go missing can be a bit tricky sometimes, so this is something we will probably need some help testing and troubleshooting once the beta goes out. Oh there will still be plenty of engineering required, it just shifts from "how do I attach my base pieces together and keep it from exploding" to "how can I make the trip from Minmus to Ike with the biggest payload while using the least fuel" and "is it more efficient to deliver equipment to the Mun from Kerbin or build it in situ".
  16. To be honest, any other version of KJR should not be out there at this point. The release version that we made as the RO team is indexed on CKAN. It is the "official" version at this point.
  17. Victor3

    Interplanetary travel question

    OK, but can you tell me why the huge difference, in this case, in simple terms?
  18. sstabeler

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I think the idea is that it abstracts out most of the resource extraction process, distilling it down, more-or-less, to "A amount of B resources are produced and turned into C amount of D resources" which presumably are then gathered from the hopper (so to speak) As for W.O.L.F converters, there's no need. The refinery can be absorbed by the depot as well. as for hoppers being destroyed, I don't know, but i've a feeling it won't since I suspect that it's more a case that the idea is that consumers within W.O.L.F can't be destroyed so there's little oint accounting for it. However, the hopper can, so it's worth allowing for it happening.
  19. Disparia Books

    A Kerbal Book Series-You Interested?

    Yep, you nailed it. Typo city (that's why I mentioned unedited). I will go ahead and fix it really quick (expect the actual books to be...edited ) Glad you (briefly) enjoyed it. There's already a lot more where that came from, but that will need to wait until the Kerbal cogs turn a bit more. Cheers Rover! -------------------------------------------- Question for anyone that's read the intro so far. I'm to a point where I need to consider this... Do (as in, should) other 'real' animals exist in the Kerbal world, or is it somehow a world of only green fauna? I mean, they technically subsist almost entirely on pudding, so they don't need meat, but should there be other animals or not? Note: This is not a discussion of alien life, strictly Kerbin-based life.
  20. KerikBalm

    Interplanetary travel question

    Travel time is not dependent upon the difference in SMA, its that simple
  21. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Double or quits... or, Bob and Bill make a wager. With the mountain climb done, it was time to depart Lake Oooh What's That and head back to sea. It's a fine place for a visit and is probably worth a return visit someday, but there's a coastal cruise to get on with. The boat thundered down stream in the bright sunshine. The River Amazin, isn't that long, but it's quite dramatic looking. Gradually the distance between the two banks grew as the Coastal Cruiser got closer to the sea. At last they reached the mouth of the river, swung right and headed West once more. With the boat about halfway through the fuel, the mountains of Lake Oooh What's That came into view once more. The peak that Bob scaled isn't quite visible from sea level, but its taller neighbour is. As the sun sank into the Western sky, the soft holling hills became harsher and more moor like. With the sun about to set, Val grabbed some binoculars (and Jeb grabbed the wheel) to look ahead for a good spot for their overnight stop. with over 600 units of fuel left, there will be plenty of boating to do tomorrow before another SMIRF visit. Val decides on a small sand bank in the middle of a narrow passage, between the mainland and a small island. On go the lights and the karaoke machine... Bill's in the mood for a some thrash metal crooning. Bob checks out the map for to see where they are (the top area of sandy looking water) and decides on a name for the large island they've parked next to. Bunny Island. A little after sun up Val once again takes the controls and starts by quickly spinning the boat around, to point the right way for their departure. Unfortunately this results in a hot cup of coffee in Bob's lap. His suit protected him from the heat, but it was the last of his stash of "Punch of the Kraken" super strong blend, so this morning is going to be a drowsy one. As they motor past some rough terrain Bob suggests that it be called "Pothole Alley" as it's in the same state as the road he takes to work. So... are we feeling lucky, place your bets on whether there's a shortcut through this mishmash of islands and sand banks. If not, then most of the remaing fuel is going to be used driving around that big island, left of center of the pic below. Bill says no, but Bob is feeling optimistic and has a little wager with him. Well the truth is around that bend, will there be shallow but boat-able water, or instead an annoyingly small, but impassable sand bank. Stay tuned to find out... we'll have the answer right after the break. Welcome back. So Bob won the bet he had with Bill, as there's a narrow and very shallow passage through to what Bob's named the Sea of Smells. Why the Sea of Smells... well as per the bet, Bill's now locked in his cabin until they leave the sea, with only refried beans, tuna mayo and pickled eggs to eat. He's hoping for a quick journey. Well soon they're going to have to make a stop, they're donw to 134 units of fuel and they'll need some to go meet the SMIRF. Val put the boat into shore with 57 units left. Now for a little beach handball... don't know how that's gonna work with just three players, but they'll figure something out.
  22. TheRandomGuy1029


    K and Its not 30000km its 30000m
  23. Rover 6428

    A Kerbal Book Series-You Interested?

    This is awesome!! I think you should reconsider not making this an official book as it is very good. By the way, thanks for mentioning me you made a typo here, I think.
  24. lol. Just woke up. Gonna give it another crack. Yes I was also deleting ModuleManager.TechTree. Okay, it worked this morning - put in full path for it - and removed everything else. Sorry for wasting time @blowfish and @4x4cheesecake Peace.
  25. Also the "ModuleManager.TechTree"?^^ You may want to share some more details, like the patch you try to use, file location and format of the icons, etc. As far as I can tell, it works perfectly fine while using a 64x64px picture in .png format and this patch: @TechTree { @RDNode,* { @icon = Icons/cake } }
  26. Hypercosmic

    A 3rd planet around Kepler-47

    Nope, I wasn't talking about your calcs, but you're pretty good with numbers. I guess I need to look into these kinds of stuff more...
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