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  2. IRL we know that in general, the greater the speed of an object on collision, the mote DPS it does. Not so in many space sims. It does not matter that the missile you fired accelerated at long range and hit it's target, it will still do a set amount of DPS. What if Elite dangerous implemented kinetic energy into DPS? Would it be too hard to implement for computer power? How would it change tactics? Long range missile spamming in volleys everywhere probably. Maybe even fleet volleys.
  3. Those are some very nice looking screen shots!
  4. A CIWS does not guarantee defense against even a single missile. Surface warfare-focused ships generally pack more firepower than they themselves can take (current USN warships are an aberration, really, with 8 AShMs vs almost a hundred SAMs - compare with a Russian frigate with 16 AShMs and 32 SAMs), even with the totality of CIWS and longer-ranged SAMs. So the answer is an emphatic "yes". Economical compared to what other option, anyway?
  5. ive had this happen twice today, i loaded a VAB ship in the SPH, launched, crashed, reverted, then the game force closed. upon reload, i just went straight to the runway with the ship, and once again, the came force closed upon revert. ksp log folder?preview=Player.log and my mods
  6. i have a feeling that he might have tried to "borrow" the game also.
  7. Is it possible in some way to alter the NACA profile of the wings, or is it locked?
  8. Found an old screenshot from 2014 in version .23, think it was meant to drop the orange fuel tanks on things.
  9. Yeah but you should be able to throttle back a bit to maintain a temperature, and as the altitude increases the skin friction will reduce and you can speed up again. KER gives a nice read out of critical temperature, as a percentage, of the part closest to its maximum temperature, but I don't think kOS can access it.
  10. I will move most of the development updates of 3LB to my discord server. So if you're interested, you're welcome!
  11. Today
  12. The panels/batteries aren’t powering the stage, they’re powering the lifting equipment for putting the stage on the transporter.
  13. I cannot remember any leg part in KAS. Why do you believe you've got it from KAS? The `Ore` is not different from any other resource. It must be flowing thru RTS part as all other resources. However, keep in mind that RTS part obeys the game's rules. It means, that it ensures does it best to ensure if both the source and target parts have access to the resources within the vessels. I'd recommend verifying if you're playing in the "obey resources transfer" mode, and the ore related parts are not blocked by the no-pass parts.
  14. Why? First stage is only flying for a few minutes? Now having them on upper stage makes some sense if it has to work for many hours like the last mission.
  15. Yeah, the software is kind of wacky sometimes. And the college systems are completely dependent on the internet, which is interesting. But my main gripe is that I hardly get any positive feedback when I'm doing well. I get negative feedback when things go poorly, but if I do something great then it's just kind of neutral. A little reinforcement would boost my morale a lot. Anyway, it's just the last week of classes and I have a lot to think about. I really don't need an inaccurate "53%" to look at on top of all this.
  16. I hadn't quick saved in a long time, so that wasn't an option. save file editing was the only way to restore my missing pilot.
  17. Jup I can confirm that one. Love your investigation into the save file! I always just quick loaded and did the EVA manually, then continued on my marry way
  18. Do they have any customers? I guess they could send interns if they haven't got any paying customers yet.
  19. Could you start another new career save in parallel and test that again? Maybe the problem comes from installing after the contracts were already active?
  20. Has anyone ever seen a kerbal disappear using this mod? Just got my first kerbal into orbit in my current game, and as i was orbiting, got notified that there was an eva report available, clicked the button on the notification panel, kerbal eva'd, was visible just long enough to see her on the ladder outside the pod, then vanished. Game doesn't show her as dead, she's completely gone from the game. persistant file shows she exited the vehicle, then flew by the sun, and is now missing.
  21. That is a very cool ad. Can't believe I never watched the ad when I downloaded
  22. After about 150 more attempts and lots of craft redesign, I got down to about 1:00.7 (judging from the first frame I got in the desired orbit). This was pretty hard to get. I used 4 "boosters" in onion staging, each consisting of 2 mammoth engines and 2 kerbodyne s3-7200 fuel tanks (plus 1 nose cone, 1 strut, 1 fuel line, and 1 decoupler), to accelerate off the ground really fast but still have a good amount of fuel. I used a more vertical launch profile, and also cut the engines for a few seconds while approaching the point to start thrusting sideways/downwards to get into orbit, because using delta V vertically in this region has minimal benefit on total time. The craft only had 56.7 seconds of thrust time, so it was critical to use it well and I just barely did it, with many failed attempts. In a basic theory, the best launch profile of this challenge is go almost straight up to get out of the dense atmosphere quickly, then at a certain point thrust down/forward at a ~45 degree angle, so that the following 4 parameters reach their needed value simultaneously: the vertical speed reaches zero, the horizontal speed reaches a bit above orbital velocity, the current altitude reaches > 70km, and the craft runs out of fuel. I used something close to this profile. This is stock version 1.7.3. Also I wonder if additional categories are needed. What I did here is going to be hard to beat. Perhaps categories <20 parts or <80 parts, or under a certain mass would be good.
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