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  2. I'll have the new version ready until the end of this week. I had a lot of RL things on my plate lately.
  3. has anyone been able to test if this current version works with 1.7.0?
  4. @TheRandomGuy1029 Which planes are you entering into the competition? You can submit more than one if you want, but it seems you have withdrawn a couple and I'm not sure which ones you want in.
  5. vardicd

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    Ah that would explain things, I don't use that mod pack. Thanks for the answer.
  6. So sorry and I can only commiserate from afar. That must have been incredibly frustrating to discover...that sinking feeling when you realize stuff's vanished. I'm glad you won't just give up and we'll see the rebuilt parts when you can get to it.
  7. Paul Kingtiger

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    They are primarily designed for the Bluedog Design Bureau Gemini parts. There is a 1.875m cylindrical fairing coming in a future release which will support the 5 bay core.
  8. Poodmund

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    @Daishi this sounds exactly like what happened on stream the other day where my Scientist could not even activate the materials bay after it had been used twice.
  9. An HDD as a drive to boot from? You should rather look for a SATA SSD like a Samsung 860 EVO (not QVO) or Crucial MX500.
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  11. strudo76

    [1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.9.0 [2018-10-29]

    No version shows up in CKAN for 1.6.1 either. Only if 1.6 is manually specified does it appear. Is this expected behaviour within CKAN?
  12. I have downloaded the latest version. It took me about 15min for the 7MB to download (I have a 50MB/s connection). CKAN ran for about another 15min for downloading the repository. Are there issues with traffic?
  13. @linuxgurugamer So, I just upgraded KSP to 1.7. Just downloaded the latest version of KCT and installed it and I'm getting an endless scrolling of this: It's firing every second or so, causing a very noticeable stuttering in the VAB. KCT Handling Error.txt?dl=0 EDIT: KCT is not the only thing causing stuttering. removing KCT has reduced the stutter, but now I'm looking for another mod contributing to stuttering. EDIT2: Previous version of KCT still seems to run in KSP 1.7 and doesn't seem to cause issue, should anyone have the issue I'm having above, and wish to roll back.
  14. LordFerret

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    You can reconfigure the keyboard so that thrusters are much like, say, docking in KSP. Same with ship attitude control keys. As for main power in general, I have 4 keys set; throttle up and down, 100% and 0%. Works for me. Kinda set for the rover as well (I have the Horizons version of the game, a must if you ask me), two-handed operation. I have a joystick, but I've not attempted to map it yet (it's an old Logitec Wingman Extreme, from back in my FS and Falcon days). The latest update now has an entire area set up to be more 'friendly' for beginners, with additional help and instruction to get you started. I've not been there yet, I'm currently out and about near Groombridge 34. Maybe tomorrow. I'll confess, I play the game on two laptops. One is for the game itself, my high-end laptop... I originally got it just for KSP. The other is one of my older AMD (Linux Mint) laptops with LibreOffice, which I use to keep track of my mission status and miscellaneous game pertinent data (like black hole locations I've run across **), and a spreadsheet which is a duplicate of the in-game keyboard settings key mappings which is a big help. I also have Firefox on it with links to the ED forums and Wiki, but more importantly to EDDB (Elite Dangerous Database) and EDSM (Elite Dangerous Star Map)... these are two sites you'll want handy once you really get moving with the game. ** I'm wanting to go revisit these to see if they've incorporated the new 'discovery' of what they look like, to see if they've adapted the visual representation. Tomorrow for sure!
  15. KerbolExplorer

    Make a fake KSP mod.

    You deserve an award
  16. KerbolExplorer

    Dumb ways to die (KSP Edition)

    Tauting the magic boulder
  17. Pds314

    Climbing Keverest

    Lat: 61.5784 Lon: 46.3733 It is 6761 meters high. Yes. Just no rockets/jets/ions/props/ladder drives/kraken drives. At least not for propulsion or sticking to walls. If you want a jet with the exhuast obstructed as an alternator then that's fine.
  18. hraban

    [1.7.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.11

    @zeant93, when the mod Contares reached the KSP version compatibility 1.3.1 RO bummed around on 1.x yet. By the way, it is helpful to read the OP page because it says so: This could be a discreet indication of an incompatibility with RSS? For both Mods, RO (Realism Overhaul) and RSS (Real Solar System) extensive adjustments would be necessary which are not planned by my side. So the equation remains the same: RSS/RO = NO Limited use of components using Mod TweakScale may be possible but it's untested. As one of my lecturers said more than 30 years ago: "Try it, it can be wrong at most".
  19. FahmiRBLXian

    How long will we go?

  20. LogConsole v1.1 (April 23rd, 2019): [Enhancement] Show quick filter string in the dialog title. [Change] KSP 1.7 compatibility.
  21. I made a crappy copy of it. Needs work obviously, but I think over a short run It's too fiddly to be worth it. By the time you get it running at optimal blade pitch etc. you need to land and turn around.
  22. Sebastiaz

    KSP Military Mega Thread

    @Lo Var Lachland B9 Procedural wings lets you change colour/opacity of the wings. ^^
  23. Jack Joseph Kerman

    What feature do you want for 1.8?

    To get around this problem, maybe have a setting on the module to deactivate during time warp, similar to having probe cores hibernate during warp. Once you come out of warp, the modules would start generating heat again using lots of electricity and gradually your craft would warm back up to nominal temperatures, meaning the game doesn’t have to passively manage heat at all times during flight.
  24. Flibble

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I know what the issue is, my code calculates stage mass to work out an estimated burn time, but I'm not getting everything assigned to the right stage. So it thought the second stage would burn for around 30 minutes, rather than 130 seconds.
  25. garwel

    [kOS] Garwel's kOS Script Library

    I'd be happy to help implement that. I have very little experience with public APIs and cooperation between mods, but hopefully it's not too complicated. We could discuss it in the Signal Delay's thread.
  26. You can also just modify the plane version files from 1.7.x back down to 1.6.1 and tadaaa, compatible most of the time. We're definitely gonna stick with 1.6.x for now, because bda in 1.7 has some issues. Hopefully those will get resolved and then we can talk about moving up.
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