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  2. KAS v1.3 1.3 (April 21st, 2019): [Change] KSP 1.7 compatibility. [Fix #263] Missing files trying to compile locally. [Fix #264] It's seems that KAS v1.2 do not support KSP v1.7. For now only GitHub and Spacedock are updated. CurseForge and CKAN will need extra couple of days. It's a common process issue when a new major version is released, no need to worry.
  3. Stop what you’re doing and start looking at Kerbalism 3.0. Those messages are a thing of the past, they no longer show up in the new science mode.
  4. Could someone make an IVA for the new MK2 Lander Can?
  5. Kerbal Actuators is no longer a requirement (to keep the required mod list down) You still need it if you want the 3 engine modes!
  6. Mopoii

    Air speed record

    So, if I summarise, the challenge is about building a craft that has to be able to take off and land by it's own, without decouplers, while trying to reach maximum speed at an altitude where jet engines work (so <15km). Tell me if I'm wrong But are you allowed to use rocket engines or is it jet only ? That would make a big difference. And do you include Rapiers ? If so, both modes or only air breathing ?
  7. Missingno200

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I thought it was an interesting video, but too bad there was no game audio and what audio was there was really quiet. Also, hey that's my post! Feel weird... Anyways, I've been working on a massive scenario and have been rigorously testing things for it.
  8. I'm not much against the old Wolfhound stats. Most parts that were formerly introduced had it's complaints like the Vector for instance. Somehow the Wolfhound is stats beyond believe. I'm not against it since it is a replica and most modded engines have stats based on prototypes that are leaps ahead like atomic engines and sorts alike. So how would the old Wolfhound cope outside the realm of KSP? If anything, a engine with similar stats (415ISP) that is a Hydrolox engine would be considered realistically scaled, it's just that there is only LF/OX in the game making such a engine arbitrary. If that is what a Wolfhound engine is to represent Squad should listen more closely as the community clearly expects some alternative fuel resource to backup the engine stats. As of now I see the Wolfhound as a exceptional engine for Tylo SSTO's. As it happens I made a few for a soon to come Grand tour science mode While being OP, having the old Wolfhound stats could justify other applications for this engine, as being said this is SSTO's with higher payload fraction especially on early SSTO's and better Eve upper stages. If this is against the wishes of many players they can just not use them or leave them out of the challenge rules.
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  10. RealKerbal3x

    JacobTheFoxx's Mission Reports (IMAGE HEAVY)

    Don’t worry, nobody really posts on my thread either* but I keep making mission reports there because I like to document stuff. *With the notable exception of @Kerballing (Got Dunked On), who seems to frequent every thread in KSP Fan Works and Mission Reports
  11. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Started a duna mission, decided to make a Duna ore Bust style mission report for the fun of it. The mods are K&K planetary base system, USI-LS, StockalikeStationParts Expansion, and Cryogenic Engines Any ideas for what I should add to the side ports? It has to be small, I've only got a TWR of 0.15 even with this Cryogenic Engine.
  12. Manually deleting the excess asteroids I had tracked was the solution. I manually edited the save file to get rid of most. Deleted the VESSEL entry for all the asteroids I hadn't renamed. Load times vastly improved. A mod to filter the asteroids would be useful: both for size (not known once you are tracking them) and even more important, that they have any encounters with Kerbin.
  13. LatiMacciato

    [1.7.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    I did report already before the KSP 1.7.x -compatiblity (Snacks v1.12). Did you take my report into account?
  14. Considering that forum rules against asking mod creators for release dates have been tightened, and people seem to not pay attention to that, yes it has, and as long as people keep asking, we're going to keep repeating it. It's the only way people are going to learn. I was once upon a time, one of those people that didn't think. I have learned better now. So can others.
  15. while porting my modded ksp to 1.7 i noticed some exceptions with KJR/L brought it down to KAS @IgorZ and KPBS @Nils277 log files kpbs log files kas maybe this helps a bit.
  16. JacobTheFoxx

    JacobTheFoxx's Mission Reports (IMAGE HEAVY)

    I'm talking to myself because I have no friends Nah in all seriousness nobody comes to this thread, its more or less just a personal archive of missions.
  17. purpleivan

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The latest update on the Progress of the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation. Tanford brings the boat some freshly pressed jet fuel... just what you need for some get and go in the morning. Bob feels queasy at the thought of Jeb cooking up something he caught from the boat for dinner. The round Cape Cold, just spitting distance from the Antarctic coast and start heading North again. They get treated to a high altitude light show.
  18. audreycrist

    Video recorder for KSP and other games...

    I use online tools available to download videos from YT or any other source directly. You just have to paste the url there.
  19. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Tripping the light fantastic... or, some would like it hot. With the shadows from the early morning sun smeared across the landscape, Tanford departs Fuel Depot 2, to make another fuel delivery. It's just her and Dean down in this part of the world, as the depot only has enough fuel for two fill ups for each of their planes. Adding a 3rd Goose would be a bit of a waste, so Staemy is staying at the Woomerang for the timebeing. It's a fairly short flight to the location of the Coastal Cruiser, which as it turns out make things a bit tricky. The mix of bumpy terrain and an almost full Goose, means that a successful (i.e. non explosive) landing takes several attempts. Heavily loaded the tanker needs a really light touchdown, or the undercarriage collapses, turning the landing site into a fiery junkyard. With landing made and a refill of the boat accomplished, the crew head out to sea. Once again heading South. The coastline is still throwing up some interesting features. This one Bob calls "The Recliner". The crew are getting used to the greater range and therefore longer stints of driving the boat, that this new design affords them. One thing that's been noticed is how much more efficient this design is when light, compared with the original one. Before there was definitely an improvement, but not as pronounced as it is with this design. Probably that's due to the reduced drag, making mass a greater factor. Bob's been called to naming duty once more, and for this feature he plumps for "Flopped Cake Hill". He toyed with "Crater Hill", but thought it was a bit too conventional. The Coastal Cruiser passes underneath some large cliffs... the most dramatic features seen for a while. Bill wonders why Bob looks so unhappy. Maybe he's missing his mountain climbing, or perhaps it's just the long time at sea. But no... he's just heard that Jeb's cooked something he caught this morning for dinner, and he's not a fan of seafood. With the sun not far from the horizon, the crew round the southern tip of the peninsula they've been heading South along for the past couple of days. They're very close to the antarctic coast and temperatures have dipped considerably, prompting Bob to name this place "Cape Cold". But at least the rest of this leg will have them heading North into warmer waters. The put in to shore just around the tip of Cape Cold with a little 1/4 of their fuel left. This far South they're treated to a fine aurora display... something to take Bob's mind off the fishy aftertaste of dinner. They make an early start in the morning, so with the lights of the boat blazing, they head North up the coast. It seems like this side of the peninsula is just as wrinkly as the the one they spent the last two days driving South along. The boat's fuel guage drops below the 100 units mark so Val starts to think about a place to park the boat. She doesn't want to do that too soon however, as the last dregs of fuel are the most important, as with the boat at its lightest, they get the best distance on it. Val's playing dare with the remaining fuel, so Jeb taps her on the shoulder and suggests that they don't want to have to rely on a MIRF drop to them. They're a long way South of the equator, so the plane change might be too much for the orbital fuel store, plus they'd have precious little fuel to use to go meet it. So Val heads in to a small bar with a shallow beach (so no problems connecting with the Goose this time). One more refill should give them the fuel them need to make it to the main bulk of the mainland.
  20. Messier

    Is procedural rocket engines possible?

    It's outdated, but give this a try.
  21. Yes it is true beauty <3
  22. would anyone happen to know what these Scatterer artifacts are from? I know it has something to do with an EVE cloud layer because if I remove it then tell Scatterer to re-map the clouds it's gone but I haven't been able to figure out what about the layer is causing it. This is on KSP v1.6.1 with the latest Scatterer release
  23. So, Simple Rockets 2 dropped the following bomb. Considering it's perhaps one of the only competition in this genre, we must reply in kind.. So, is anyone up for building a procedural rocket engine mod? And for that matter, is it possible to make such a mod for KSP?
  24. Nope. While the spacecraft and rockets that you listed are certainly significant and interesting in their own right, within my KSP play style they would simply duplicate capability that I possess with existing rocket lifters. I've made prototypes of Falcon 9 and New Glenn analogue rockets before, and they only ended up saving me a few thousand funds per launch compared to relatively inexpensive and expendable rockets (using the stock career settings). Adding on to that the additional time it takes to recover the rocket every...single...launch...and my motivation to launch anything is quickly overcome by the tediousness of it all. I would rather spend my KSP time exploring deep space or other planetary bodies. I've been playing KSP since early alpha days, so I've probably conducted thousands of rocket launches to Kerbin orbit. I don't need any more time spent on that element of this game.
  25. audreycrist

    How do I download the demo?

    I also want to download demo version.
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