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  2. Lisias

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Today, is this one. I have some old pals in my friendship network! Nice. But I like the singer of this one more:
  3. It works fine with 1.7 @HansonKerman . The only bug I can think of is the revamped engines, and RCS not using the ReStock models and textures
  4. PatelPratham

    Russian Docking Ports

    Does anyone know where I can get a mod that gives you Russian docking ports in ksp? I have raidernicks Soyuz mod and it has the SSVP docking system but I only has the probe end. I can not seem to find the drogue end.
  5. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    It still needs some lights, antenananases and stuff, but I like it so far. I wish my PC did too . . . .
  6. Ratwerke_Actual

    No Cockpit SSTO Challenge

    Did this back in 1.4.5.... Not only SSTO, but also did a Minmus/ Mun fly by before re-entry. Album
  7. Zero heatshield at the bottom? Then it's going to be tough. Though I wonder how the lander can survives in that case. Anyway, the proper place for tailfins would be as low as possible, practically touching on the Vector. In that position they may actually be shielded by the lander can. As for initiating the turn. You have Mechjeb, why not use SmartASS? I've had great success with that thing. dial in 90/90 for pitch and heading, leave "roll" unchecked. Don't activate it just yet. turn on SAS in stability assist, take off as soon as you're off the ground, hit "execute" on Smart ASS. If your rocket starts flipping then and there, it may be necessary to tweak gimbals or PID settings or both. More below. do a slow clicky-clicky to gradually tweak the pitch. Perhaps one degree at 50m/s, another at 80m/s, and then one more click for every 10m/s of airspeed gained. That means you start clicking faster as acceleration picks up. set yourself a target pitch-by-airspeed you want to reach. If you find that you're coming out too high or too shallow, click faster or slower. Ideally you should never deviate from prograde by very much, but well.... ideals. To be pursued but never attained. as you cross your mark, hit the SRF+ button and then just follow prograde. you can still adjust your course by using the +-1 buttons when going prograde, but try to avoid it. Or at least to get it over with early. Once your going at two or three times the speed of sound, you really want to point your rocket straight into the wind, and not deviate by one bit until you're above 50km. As for tweaking gimbals and stuff: First of all, make sure that you have roll disabled on the Vector. Next, reduce gimbal range. Some 20% gimbal ought to be fully enough for your vessel. If you still flip, open "Attitude Adjustment" and try the "hybrid" controller. ETA: really, disable roll on the engine. Looking at your screenshots, I have an inkling that this is the cause of your problems. Either that, or the boosters are so wobbly that they induce torque, in which case you need moar struts (auto- or otherwise). The whole stack from the Terrier down should have Autostruts on, and set to grandparent. Aerospikes should also be set to grandparent, and nosecones/intakes to root part.
  8. Well, that's pretty much what I've done just by making a repository where I lump together odds and ends like this. I've never bothered to "publish" it in the sense of creating a KSP thread for it, mainly because if I did that, I'd feel obliged to make a reasonable amount of effort not to duplicate what other people are already doing, which is Too Much Work™. But it's sitting there as a convenient, publicly-visible place where people can grab stuff if it's relevant, as in the current case. Anyway, can we please shift the conversation back to the actual topic of the thread, which is "sharing interesting craft that use this part"?
  9. This is my first time using unity and had a few problems. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me. I installed Unity and the KSP part tools, and I can view, edit, and add props in the IVAs. My problem is I clicked the "save project" option, but it doesn't seem to save anything; when I reopen the project the next day, it opened the generic project start scene, with a light and camera. Is there a different option I need to click instead? My other issue is I can't figure out how to create the IVA cfg file so I can put it in the game. It's probably really obvious, but this is my first time trying any kind of modding, so any help would be really appreciated. (Also any pointers or tips would help too.)
  10. Hi guys. Mind if I post a craft. Note a lot of my mods are for visuals and faster timewarp. Working on my aircraft now.
  11. kerbiloid

    2 words names for crafts

    "Two Words"
  12. KerbolExplorer

    Ban the user above you!

    uhh? banned.
  13. I do, I'm not sure of any other setting that would cause reflective surfaces to appear dark.
  14. mrstoned

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Which i totally missed
  15. kerbiloid

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for not explaining: But like what it was earlier?
  16. Geonovast

    No Cockpit SSTO Challenge

    This was pretty easy, but I had some fun with it anyway. Launch: Did a little throttling down for I guess what could be Max Q? Orbit! Coming home: Re-entry is a little warm, but Jeb managed just fine. "Hey Bill? Where the hell's the landing gear?" It fared about as well as B1055.1 did after tipping over.
  17. Kerbinstein

    [1.6.x+] Waypoint Manager [v2.7.5] [2019-01-31]

    Hi, many thanks for making this mod, it's very useful! I have a question. For some reason, I can only save 45 custom waypoints. When exporting them for backup, it says 45 points were exported, but next time I load the game the new points are not there and importing does nothing. Any hints what could be the problem? Thanks! PS I'm using the latest version of KSP and Waypoint Manager (from CKAN).
  18. kerbiloid

    Make a fake KSP mod.

    Call of Kraken . Try to summon Kraken and crash the game.
  19. kerbiloid

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Four eyes, though. Two - bio, two - tech.
  20. KerbolExplorer

    [FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.

    10/10 Who would win? One piece of engeniering that took hours to plan and make?(a rocket) or One SRB boy(If you dont know who he is then....Go away freak....0_0)
  21. TheSaint

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    It makes sense, since this is how I've always pictured you....
  22. KerbolExplorer

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for caring to much of REP NOW LIKE MY COMMENT!
  23. JadeOfMaar

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    Nope. DynamicBatteryStorage is required by gameplay mods that involve critical EC usage in background vessels and in high timewarp, namely NF Electric, NF Propulsion, Fat Future Tech and TAC life Support. While it may be a recommendation for use alongside Kopernicus, it's not required at all.
  24. Should the Communotron 04 and Communotron 42 antennae be combinable?
  25. Kerballing (Got Dunked On)

    2 words names for crafts

  26. Kerballing (Got Dunked On)

    How long will we go?

    triple 1
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