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  2. Actually I posted that in the thread after you had already muscled in on it ... doesn't matter anyways, I wash my hands of it
  3. big bird that! looks pretty part heavy too.. whats the count? with a redesign you could probably have swiveling engines instead of those dedicated VTOL engines
  4. Malah announced his retirement inNovember/December of 2017. Ive just gone through the entire QuickMods thread. My first prelim version was announced here: You never posted in that thread at all. Regarding ZeroMiniAvc, your own words in the very first OP of your thread says In this post/thread: and now you are complaining that I took you up on your own statement?
  5. Here's Malah's original thread ... no need to check your email as it is plastered at the top of the OP Perhaps taking your own advice is in order here since the post you mention where you asked if I was going to continue maintaining it was posted about 30 minutes before you posted about updating the mm config and letting people know that you're down to add more sounds Here's the posts in question ... Anyways, since your so used to muscling in on other people and are of the mind to do what you will please feel free to do what you will ... I wash my hands of it Keep on keepin on
  6. I’ve had enough relationships to know that “almost done” is mostly about sharing a sentiment as opposed to a result.
  7. Did you miss the post where I asked you if it was a one off or not? If you are going to provide support and ongoing updates, I’ll gladly step away. Yes, see above. Why dont you exercise a bit of patience and give someone a bit of time to reply, and possible update thee message. You literally replied within seconds of my post. Regarding Malah’s mods, I’m going to review my email history and posts, will answer that part in due time.
  8. I took this ole Flying Garbage Truck out for a spin in 1.8.1 and she still flies. I may update it one day, it's a really old build.
  9. I add dependencies when it makes sense. For this, the only thing may be a library
  10. I'm wanting to do a war RP in KSP but i dont know of any Gun mod for my kerbals. so does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Here's the relevant peices of information. The probe is landed at 7 degrees north by 39 degrees east if that is in any way helpful. I also was curious to see if this had been explored much and came up with this thread and a few papers that it links to (although the relevant one is down) At the terminator, winds in the upper atmosphere would flow toward the night side, cool and sink, and then flow at lower elevations back toward the daylight side to get heated and rise again. I know these winds aren't modelable in-game but you wonder what kind of terminator canyons this process would carve over billions of years...
  12. Hello So i am Having A Problem That When I Force Opengl And Load Into A SpacePlane My Game Crashes And I Dont Know What Is Causing It
  13. still using the old texture for the service bay? ooh also.. what kinda fps you getting? I'm looking to upgrade soon
  14. @linuxgurugameralso would you be so kind as to explain why it is that when I take on a mod and decide to start maintaining it that you come along and decide to start maintaining said mod? This has happened before with Zero Mini AVC ... Malah handed off Malah's quick mods to the both of us and you hijacked the whole kit and caboodle Any explanation as to why?
  15. See above. Would also welcome more sounds and configs
  16. Let us all hope that you don't make your version have dependencies on your other mods like you have done to most of the mods you have adopted
  17. I think the entire English speaking world knows this one... the word in that usage alone is close to a century old and has existed in other forms for longer lol You'll be telling us what "cool" means next... a word even more recent that dibs lol.
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  19. I've combined all the new wheel sounds into a single file, see below I'm looking to see if I can have this work with KSPWheel as well. If I can, I'll be considering adopting this mod. Silly me, I forgot that KSPWheel has it's own sounds I'm still considering adopting it, if I do, it will get a new name to avoid conflicting with either @DoctorDavinci's version or @pizzaoverhead's version
  20. No sooner had I published my Victor II aircraft for aerial deployment of navaids, I realized how to protect the fragile HG-5 relay antenna and jam five of them into a Victor... So, one can not only make a navaid network for Victor airways (so-called), but one can also make a ground-based relay network. ...and/or ocean-based! This version is Victor III.
  21. Yup - started this adventure back in June 2013.
  22. Are you adopting it, or is this just a one-time rebuild?
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