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  2. Bill the Kerbal

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    Did you not notice the fact that the base game is getting updates as well? And even if it is, then more reason to support my favorite game that I have thousands of hours of playtime in.
  3. Great, and you are not alone. My kerbalized version of Hunchback is waiting impatiently.
  4. I have a new plan... <humor>I'm soo misunderstood</humor> Nailed it!
  5. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    You don't so much suspend belief as try not to break the suspension. It's kind of like making mayonnaise. You do it right you get something goes great with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. But, it is futzy. Do it wrong, and it's easy to do it wrong, and you have to start over again. But, the limit of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief for a given element is directly proportional to its awesomeness. Wack an engine a couple of times with a hammer and it starts to work... funny, not awesome, might break the suspension if not set up right. Make low Minmus orbit with a running start and all your EVA fuel... do able, not very believable, but chrome steel and coconuts level of awesome, the suspension survives for another day. As for the hardness. This is a pretty good read, Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness for learning about hardness. Then there is also KSP hardness, similar but more about how close to "stock", including DLC, you write. For example, my "Tales of the Groundbound" I try for hard to very hard on the KSP-Mohs scale. Which, does make things harder on the SF-Mohs scale. If I can't pull it off in game, it ain't going to happen in story. It doesn't hurt the writing. But then i'm not writing about the rockets, I'm writing about everyone else. One of the key things is this: internal consistency. When you write at the hard end of the scale that is pretty easy. But, as you move to softer end of things having done the additional world-building of providing the structure of things that aren't based in physics will help. They don't need to be in-depth, but defined enough to prevent inconsistency, or expose the potential for such. As for not know much science, don't worry too much. But, do learn how to research. You don't need to know a topic at the expert level. Just appear to know more than most people. As much as people say don't use wiki as a reference, use it as a reference and jumping off point. Another good reference is Atomic Rockets, at
  6. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    There won't be any more 'future updates' as it'll all be bundled into a DLC
  7. Oh, I understand how much effort has gone into this, trust me. Maybe 'gift' was a poor choice of words. But yeah, the quality of the new revamps has been great, the direction, not so much. Ahwell. There's some mods that are so good they should be standard. But then again, if that were true, then the modders should get paid for their work, too.
  8. Bill the Kerbal

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    it would be awesome if unlikely that kerbal eva portraits could have iva/first person in a future update.
  9. Along with an inflight editor, why don't they add Shift 1-0, Ctrl 1-0, alt 1-0, etc to the AG. That'd give us 40 or so AG's right off the bat.... unless I'm missing something?
  10. bobjonesisthebest:D

    [1.3 of KSP] [1.9.4] Suthe Planet Overhaul Mod

  11. HYPE INTENSIFIES!!!!! I'm pretty confident that Squad's goal of giving us "stuff to do once we land" will be successful with this DLC. Rovers were fun to take in the scenery but had limited usefulness except in specific cases. Now there's a more gameplay-centric reason to move around once you land, to find rock samples and to scan cryovolcanoes and such. I like that both manned (find and return rocks) and unmanned (rover arms) activities are covered here. I love the references to Curiosity, Spirit, and Opportunity in the rover arm models! As someone pointed out, the sizes are backwards, but that said, Opportunity holds the record for off-world miles driven and therefore deserves the highest honors IMHO. I remember the community suggesting impact experiments become a thing. Not that I or anybody here deserve credit for the idea, but I'm glad to see this finally implemented with the new seismometer. I actually love the idea of it only working when you crash something near it, as opposed to having it just sit there and measure moon-quakes -- that's what the old Double-C Seismic Accelerometer we already have is for. And of course, the robotics! I'm SOOOOO building a prop plane for Eve flight!
  12. The last 7 days of posts weren't drip enough?
  13. Gargamel

    Off-kerbin hiring

    Ahh geez... gonna make me dig aren't ya? Off the top of my head Stations and Bases? (still running a 1.3.1 game if that makes a difference)..... and digging through the Mod release thread, I don't see a mention of that..... Hmmmm..... I just get home from work and you make me do more work? sheesh.... ok still digging.... Ok found it... it's not in the main OP, but it is in the Change log:
  14. Oh, very nice! I've really wanted the ability to conserve fuel for the docking autopilot or landing guidance, but for normal rotation, I want it to move fast sometimes. :p Thanks!
  15. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    Same old responses are epic! :DDDD
  16. Yeah! Expecting everything you demand to be free after a pittance of an initial payment years ago!
  17. Nice signature. Screw the base game Purchase all DLC DLC makes you complete You must purchase DLC Without DLC you cannot play You must purchase DLC (repeat mindlessly)
  18. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    Yeah! Finally implementing popularly requested features in packs to purchase! Can't wait for KSP Loading... Storage Systems DLC Announced! (Looking at you, KIS/KAS)
  19. I call that good fortune instead. Check my new signature.
  20. This expansion adds a lot to the tech tree... is Squad taking a look at moving some existing parts around, and slotting in these new ones? How many new parts will be added to the 1000 science nodes I'm very happy to learn that the new Action group extensions are coming to the base game! Please give "stock" players something new to find in the solar system: Squad could promote the expansion a little more, by adding the small "take home" surface features.
  21. No! Adding content never in the game to purchase pack!
  22. >response to continue pointless arguing here<
  23. You still haven't answered my question: what do you want them to do, long term? How should they generate revenue in order to keep paying the employees, rent, etc.?
  24. What if you have them scattered across the surface, can a large enough impact be registered by all of them? Much like how large earthquakes can register on equipment hundreds of miles away.
  25. Unfortunately yes, they've moved on from supporting the stock game entirely to make us purchase more...
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