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  2. The answer to that question is lost in the mists of time.
  3. so.. cannot 100% confirm it's this mod doing it, but since installing the latest update i've had a new problem I've never had before... i'm *in orbit*... try to accelerate time, "cannot warp faster than 1x while moving over the ground" - like it still thinks i'm on the ground somehow. Anyone else having this issue? EDIT: logs have nothing useful to say. nothing at all to say, really.
  4. The sky is green? So, you live on Eve?
  5. I just discovered that by reducing the height of the elevator car with the deploy limit slider, the reported height in the Engineer's Report is also reduced; this lowered height is based on the max height setting of the elevator in question. So I don't actually need to limit the max height of the car to that of the tier 1 or 2 launch pads, just reduce the height of the car with the slider until it's below the pad's limit. Yes, KSP still counts all the meshes in a .mu, even the B9PS disabled ones, when determining the height of a craft. I've thus added a 62.5m option to the Small Crew Elevator Base, so taller elevator towers can be made, yet still retain the ability to work with the tier 2 or even tier 1 launch pads. The revised base is now on the AlphaDev branch of the GitHub. Remember, the Engineer Report's height is based on the highest max height option, which is now 62.5m for the Small Elevator. If using this setting and using the slider to adjust the actual height downward, then the visual height and reported height will match. If using a lower max height setting, then the visual height won't match the reported height.
  6. No, that is not normal. Looks like you've got some mods installed. What were the circumstances?
  7. New release, 0.1.17 Added InstallChecker Updated for KSP 1.8 Note: I am currently working on adding support for Universal Storage 2 and ODFC. No eta as of now
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  9. I've noticed this too, though I didn't realize it was caused by [x]Science. But yeah: experiment won't run (even from the PAW), says the module is full, but an EVA scientist has no "take data" or "restore" option..
  10. Yuo don't have to install that part. Also, dont do it. Bad things happen when you use 1.8 for koperious. Let the modders have some time buddy. I'll give you a step by step picture guide for you so you know how to install it tomorrow. Master you may want to post a link on there soon for this since some people don't know how to do it. I had the same problems... Not the same ones...
  11. Usually F1 will get you a screenshot, and store it in your Screenshots folder (below your game folder). Then you will need to use an image hosting service such as imgur to post the image here.
  12. Hi, I had the same problem, my game was stuked in the loading and then crashes. I fixed in another way and would like to share for the people who had the same problem. What I did to fix: - Steam workshop and unsubcribed all things (ships and mods) off ksp. - Unistall the game. - After unistalling the game I did DELETE all the Kerbal Space Program in the local files on Steam directory. - Intall the game and run. Let me know if I could help who had the same problem and didn't want to delete Steam... PS: Sorry for my English. I'm learning :)
  13. (BTW I am modded and am also using infinite fuel so i now fuel isn't my issue) For some reason i am unable to post a screen shot (PrtSc refuses to work)
  14. Who needs KSP 2 when you got KSP 1.... No, that doesn't represent my own views. When KSP 2 comes out I will buy it. This is just to head off the inevitable disagreement.
  15. Not enough thrust? Not enough wing area to give you lift? Too much drag? Posting a screenshot of your craft in flight might help to diagnose your problem.
  16. I've uploaded a few additional screenshots showing the orbits here: The orbital parameters can also be read off the orbit information box on the original screenshots: And thanks for the kind words @michal.don & @QF9E !
  17. My computer says the speed is 1333 Ok, but I don't really know what this is:
  18. I am attempting to reach LKO in a air/spacecraft and always stall i use a rocket like engine but am always ending up falling even though i have enough fuel. Why?
  19. A bug that had a bug? That is a seriously bugged algorithm. One would think there should be some sort of penalty, so companies make sure their algorithms work properly before they turn them loose in such an environment and cause such havoc.
  20. What speed is your RAM? Its not as important but I want to check it against my computer which also has 8 GB of RAM. I have just BD, FAR, and Vessel Mover installed but it takes about 10 minutes to load KSP. I have 8 GB RAM at 1600 mHz.
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