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  2. The Destroyer Which Fought Like a Battleship "The ship which won the war in the Pacific" The USS Johnston was one of 175 Fletcher-Class destroyers built by the US Navy during WWII. It was a highly effective design, combining speed, maneuverability, and firepower. This came at a cost - the Fletchers were completely unarmored, nicknamed Tin-Can destroyers. However, this cost would ultimately be a surprising benefit in the Fletchers’s hour of glory - The Battle of Leyte Gulf. There, the Fletchers USS Johnston and USS Hoerl, an odd collection of destroyer escorts, and six escort carriers took on the Japanese surface fleet at its strongest - and won. I can’t do the story justice, but I can recommend reading the story for yourself here, or if you want a more entertaining version, Drachinfel has made an absolutely superb retelling of the story here. After learning the story of the USS Johnston and USS Hoerl's bravery in combat, I immediately wanted to recreate the Fletcher-class destroyer for myself, and I wasn't going to let some silly things like never-having-built-a-boat-before or lag-so-bad-the-game-runs-at-one-seventh-speed stop me. The end result is the craft you see here. A functional, 1:1 scale replica of this important piece of U.S. Naval history. The destroyer is recreated in all of its 114m-long glory, complete with five 5in turrets in swiveling and elevating mounts, four anti-aircraft guns, two twin-mounted secondary cannon, and ten torpedo tubes. Additionally, I couldn’t let any detail on the superstructure, radar, or rigging go unappreciated, so it’s recreated in as much detail as I could as well. And if that wasn't enough to satisfy you, I've packed twelve goliaths into the hull for an accurate 30 knot top speed (well, almost accurate). DOWNLOAD LINK: Instructions for operation are on the KerbalX page, Happy Sailing! ~Servo
  3. XB-70A

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Just a couple of pictures I've taken on the 10th and 11th while burning waiting in Port Canaveral. (Playing boring 1998's movie emotional music in my head)
  4. Thank you, that is very interesting indeed. Could it be, that the ton of circular references that you mentioned, is making the software iterate a solution, and causing inconsistency in results? I do not remember ever seeing this reported, or discussed here, as an issue, but I can not help noticing, that the calculations are often quite inconsistent. For example sometimes moving or rotating some parts, and returning them to the exact same place, produces a noticeable change in stability.
  5. sturmhauke

    Duna InSight Challenge

    Nice looking mission! Are you using a part texture mod with stock parts? It sort of looks like stock but not exactly. I just need to know which category to put it on.
  6. Hi @severedsolo and thank you for this nice little mod, I am just writing to note that since the 2.1 update, the mod link on CKAN points to the Flight Tracker thread, not this one.
  7. Stone Blue

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    ok.. I dont know what you meant by "...and last version." part.
  8. kerbiloid

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    Definitely no. One mod - one dir.
  9. FleshJeb

    What did you do in KSP today?

    In space, no on can hear you play Wonderwall?
  10. USII is not patched yet afaik, so that's why. When it'll be patched, it'll work as intended. This will probably get fixed in 3.0
  11. Twogoodsoul

    Jeb got inside of the Mun Arch.

    Plus, There was a time where Jeb was named "Unnamed Kerbal". I was confused because everything was broken and Duna had chunks of it loading and everything broke.
  12. swjr-swis

    [Lost newbie need help :(]

    'Obvious' things tend to be obvious only after we're shown how it works. Nothing was wasted if it helped you progress on your mission. Asking questions and getting help is what this forum is for.
  13. Missedtrashday

    Code to Add Part

    I don’t know if anyone can help, but... after the 1.7 update several of my ships can’t be loaded/launched. The common part is the camera from RPM. The part is still in its correct place (gamedata/JSI/...), but it has no entry in the parts file. First, did this happen to anyone else? Second, if I wanted to manually add the camera back into the parts file, what would I type in order to do that? So sorry to be so vague, but I am out of the house running errands at the moment and I can’t exactly remember all the details that I would normally include. If anyone can help but needs more information, let me know what you need and I will update this thread when I get home. Thanks for any assistance!
  14. Gargamel

    Shower thoughts

    All right, enough bickering people. Let's keep it civil and on topic.
  15. While making my animation plugin i started my last (pre-release) phase of adding sound support (Configuration, Animation, Control, Utility and Visual are done) I want to add sound fx to my animation(s) but my currently employed method of control/tracking animations properties can be a hit-and-miss for sound support (controlling animations looks fine for now). It works via PartModule.Update() and PartModule.OnUpdate(). These are not directly visible in PartModule (ie not suggested by VS IDE), but can be used because it inherits from Monobehaviour. After successfully doing some basic audio tests, i wanted to write an event handler that receives a reference to my class holding all needed data. And this is where i hit a wall. AnimationEvent handler is not designed to receive data in arbitrary form. There is objectReferenceParameter, but i don't know how to reference my class this way, it expects UnityEngine.Object. If example is needed, i'll try to provide a short version.
  16. Today
  17. Twogoodsoul

    Jeb got inside of the Mun Arch.

  18. Aeroboi

    Jeb got inside of the Mun Arch.

    @Twogoodsoul The bug is that Jeb is no longer Jeb
  19. 0-180 indeed. There is no need for a N/S runway, it's just easier. Some heavier planes are bulky and slow turning and require active control to turn north or south. It's a bit inconvenient to fly whereas you'd only want to fly runway heading on the 90-270deg runways, therefore I'd like to have a N/S runway. In any case I think it is a good space faring practice to understand Kerbins orbital rotation period to calculate how and where to aerobrake on a N/S runway. Sometimes going to Moho I do a polar launch. Instead of a plane change around Kerbins equator I calculate when to burn over the poles by directly burning through the prograde reticle for optimum usage of Dv. Space planes requiring a polar orbit (is never the case and is never required but optional) would always have to turn after liftoff. Some of mine are bare on thrust and lift to have good Vacuum Dv and it would be hard to turn them to 0-180deg after liftoff and cut on the fuel economy.
  20. Flying dutchman

    Shallangé two

    But.. thats really easy..
  21. It's pretty frequent with me. But it depends on system specs really. KSP is pretty resource heavy, and anytime you load in a new vessel, it, well, has to load. That takes some time. One simple thing you can do is watch your part count. Get rid of unnecessary parts that don't actually do anything to help your craft complete it's mission. The fewer parts you have on a vessel, the less time it will take to load.
  22. Stone Blue

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    If I am understanding you correctly, this would be *nice*, but highly impractical. Its not just a simple matter of renaming/rearranging the folders. *EVERY* part config, *every* patch, and *every* instance of a listed folder URL in a mod, or mods supporting other mods would have to be changed. Also, source code would have to be edited for every .dll that references a hard-coded URL. and then recompiled. Thats a TON of work... Its one thing if a mod dev does their own mod, but to wholesale implement this over *every* mod would be crazy. And if you mean each version of the mod have the mod version as part of the folder naming, that would require doing it all again every mod update... totally unrealistic. And "most mods ever existing are obsolete long ago and dont work anymore" is just hugely not true.
  23. 4x4cheesecake

    [1.5.*] ScienceAlert ReAlerted : Experiment availability

    ScienceAlert is not installed properly. Get rid of everything in your GameData folder except for "Squad", "000_ClickThroughBlocker" and "001_ToolbarControl" folder.If the "MM_Configs"folder is your own, you can keep it as well (ModuleManager isn't installed so it will not cause issues for now anyway...). Then reinstall ScienceAlert so the .dll file is actually inside of the ScienceAlert folder and not directly within the GameData folder. Looks like you did it correct for the dependencies so just do the same with ScienceAlert Btw.: @linuxgurugamer is a huge supporter of CKAN and all of his mods are available there. You may want to try it to prevent issues like this in the future (You may have to set 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 to be compatible KSP versions to find the majority of mods, this can be done in the settings -> compatible ksp versions. Don't worry too much about 'old' mod versions, most of them still work fine.)
  24. kerbiloid

    What do you think about 7 billion human game?

    Very soon you will see that people are random NPC.
  25. Well I have 24GB but I play on a Mac, so... XD
  26. For those that maybe haven't seen it...
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