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  2. MisterKerman

    Life on Eve?

    Chill Kerik. He was just pointing out something the devs put in the game as is, and then defending why he chose the words he used to come to a conclusion based on that same flawed dev logic in regards to a gripe another user had with the validity of the observation of what's legitimately in the game. If you read all comments leading up to that, you'll realize he actually agrees with you.
  3. FahmiRBLXian

    Dumb ways to die (KSP Edition)

    Starting descent burn too late and ended up impacting the Mun. Putting a Kerbal right next to a Vector engine nozzle in a Liauid Fuel Rocket Cannon and fired the engine just to see a hopeless Kerbal launch. Install a Life Support mod (e.g TAC Life Support. I use thia currently) and forget to upgrade your Mun base to adapt with this mod (I built a Matt Lowne-inspired massive rover using Stock build in mind even I have @Nertea's Station Parts Expansion Redux installed. Quite a dumb choice)
  4. kerbiloid

    Favourite spaceships that never flew?

    And more of that, with a hatch in the heatshield, what was a gamechanger for Soyuzes.
  5. Soyuz-VI later design had both RTG encapsulated in small reentry capsules to be gathered after deorbiting. So, not that they didn't concern.
  6. This is a modified version of the stock skybox and not quite the same as the original textures. I can't see the difference between something like this and distributing an exported map of Kerbin that has a slightly modified color map, or even modified versions of stock suits where the only major difference is recoloring bits of it. Both of those seem to be fine. I was hesitant to release it because of this, but frankly I'm having trouble seeing the harm in it to anyone involved, and since there is no way to adjust the appearance of a skybox with white-balancing, tinting, changing saturation, or anything like that without editing the textures and re-releasing them, there's no way to get this effect except to release these textures in full. In the spacedock page I made it clear that Squad/TakeTwo owns the original textures. Perhaps there's a better way to handle this? I'm open to any suggestions. In the mean time I'll remove the texture pack from spacedock. I had also planned to do a version of this where I tilt the skybox to align north with Earth's north--I imagine that would qualify as enough of a transformation to be valid, both because the actual textures would be totally different, and because it would require a fair bit of work to get done.
  7. Jirokoh

    I want to teach a rocket how to fly!

    Just saw your post now! Thanks for sharing I didn't talk about that, but I'm most probably going to be using Tensorboard, sticking to what I know. It's a great tool for looking into models on TensorFlow / Keras. No news on this project for the moment, I have exams coming up, and also spend a lot of time preparing for interviews for internships. Hopefully when that's passed I can go back to KSP.
  8. vyznev

    The Ramjet Challenge

    I'll just leave this here.
  9. Chris Hopkins

    Large Spaceplane Wings

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my larger spaceplanes getting wings that are big enough using stock parts. Checking out the designs on KerbalX i see a lot of people crack this by variations on the theme of using two delta wings to form a square. Several of these form a large flat expanse, then it's more delta wings to make one huge wing. Alternatively the wing connectors can be used to similar effect. So far so good. However the problem I hit with this technique is the classic "a part can only have two connections"*. Therefore my wings have near zero rigidity and I end up using struts to shore the whole thing up. It works, but it's messy. Is there a trick I'm missing? I look at other's designs and they don't have this mess of struts but when I try and copy their designs I get the parts phasing through each other (Yes I know collision detection doesn't function between parts on the same craft so there is no rigidity gained from overlapping the parts). Is there some cunning way to bond parts together other than using a strut? *actually I hit several other issues including the part placer doing anything other that putting it where I want, and attaching in any rotation but the one that makes sense, but that's what the move/rotate tools are for :-) Thanks
  10. Hi awesome peeps. I've been trying to change the icons in the techtree for stock nodes. but @icon = new thing doesn't seem to change much. Is it possible? Thanks.
  11. Update to 1.6.9 Changelog: Download:
  12. OrbitalBuzzsaw

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    It's mostly down to CPU clock anyway, GPU matters very little
  13. Today
  14. That can make a spin table, but I think scout just uses rcs to spin the third stage before releasing the 4th stage.
  15. James Kerman

    Unable to as 2 more engines

    Welcome to the forum @flaminhotcheeto567. I have moved your thread to Technical Support (PlayStation 4, XBox One).
  16. Hi I'm unable to add more engines on the stearwing a300 on the enhanced edition please help me
  17. purpleivan

    Climbing Keverest

    I'll have to take a crack at this. Hopefully I've still got the rover I made for the KSC2 Mountain Buggy challenge.
  18. As I indicated years ago, no mention of quartz. Looks like a vortex-confined, MHD-augmented open-cycle rocket. When thrusting, it would be an “open-cycle” system harvesting some energy from the exhaust with an MHD coil. The power-only mode in the bimodal rocket would be an ordinary, solid-core gas-cooled reactor, turboalternators and all. The EU-610 power-only gas-core design would have probably been stuck with an MHD, albeit in a closed-loop system; such a design has been covered by @nyrath. As to radioactivity... Glushko (as seen in the OP) lobbied hard against cryogenics, authorized pentaborane research, almost authorized beryllium fuel doping, had his employees convert an SLBM engine to chlorine pentafluoride, and his team was the only one to flight-rate an engine using liquid fluorine, RD-301, which he promptly tried to put on top of a Proton. I’d say fission products in the exhaust were the least of their concerns.
  19. purpleivan

    three in one

    So, a spaceplane.
  20. Rory Yammomoto

    Pretty Good Test Thread

    we have comic sans here too. (or not)


    Posez vos questions sur le jeu Question: Combien de tonne est soulever par 100 kilonewton. Merci de répondre.
  22. MaxwellsDemon

    Favourite spaceships that never flew?

    I can echo most of what's already been posted-- and would like to add the Soyuz 7K-VI ""Zvezda", with the orbital and decent modules rearranged and RTGs replacing the solar panels. Oh-- and a cannon. (I don't really condone the militarization of space; but still...)
  23. That's a monstrously fast top speed. Is that at sealevel?
  24. KerikBalm

    Favourite spaceships that never flew? Or for ridiculous scale, Von Braun's proposed mars mission:
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