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  2. @FreeThinkerIts not there on my career save. Does a particular technology unlock it as a fuel supply? I understand its not idea, but its sustainable early on since you can refill it so easily by dipping into atmospheres. A lot of beacoupzero's ships use it and they seem pretty sustainable. I think I'm starting to get my head around the ISRU stuff I'm going to test it out if I play tonight. The charts on the first page are starting to make sense, and are helpful now. It would probably be really good to add a chart that has pictures of each ISRU on top of whatever process they provide. Another suggestion - Reading through this forum it seems like most people struggle with getting engines etc. to work because they don't understand the requirements. I'm not familiar enough with the mod to give a detailed suggestion, but it feels like you need a line on each engines little orange/grey window that identifies that. So for example trying I try to start an engine and nothing happens I can go into that window and see "Engine Power Requirement: 45/63mw not met. For example I finally found the reactor maintenance line on the reactors, but it took a lot of searching. Or a green message that pops up. For example when the ISRU tries to start a process it will say "Missing liquid nitrogen". Something like that for engines/reactors. Whatever you choose it needs to be in the same spot, on each engine/reactor/etc window. So we get used to looking in the same spot. Again not sure if that makes sense or can even be done. I just see so many questions following that same vein on here, and I feel bad you constantly have to repeat yourself because its not readily clear in the game. @TanoPrimeAs in you didn't understand his video? Or the links to the guide/video weren't working?
  3. I have engines to circularize classically, but want to learn how to use the warp drive. I still don't understand what you mean, none of my jumps to other planets decelerated me significantly. I end up with hyperbolic orbits, and apparently I do not understand enough about orbits to get how to correct them - using maneuver nodes doesn't help, as I seem to just make things worse and worse until I need to reload and try again. Also don't understand why all my indicators go off when in warp mode, as well as the nav ball becoming useless - there's way too little information presented in the Warp Drive info window to effectively navigate by (for me). Particularly since there are no orbits displayed even in map mode while jumping - see in screenshot, all I see is a straight line (1), even though the end result when turning off the warp drive is a curved orbit (2). (1) (2)
  4. katateochi

    POLL: When did you start playing KSP?

    Almost exact same time as me! I got it just before 0.16, but that was the version I started playing. I remember Mun was a new thing then (and that was it), you couldn't have more than one flight in progress at a time, Kerbals couldn't go on EVA and IIRC the Mk1 command pod was the only command pod and it had 3 Kerbals all crammed into it.
  5. Sky Vagrant

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    The recent update switched gear on existing craft to “override” settings. You should be able to change the settings on the gear/legs to automatic and either use that setting or then tweak the springiness.
  6. Are there any plans to add build support for Visual Studio 2019 now that VS2017 is no longer supported by Microsoft?
  7. HansonKerman

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. They live around KSC and are rocket-eating animals. I wish for an inert cake.
  8. @TanoPrime Go to the very first page of this forum. Find his link to my reddit guide. In there is a link to Jhook777's video on the alucubierre drive. Give it a watch. VERY good info and he shows you how to orbit etc.
  9. No worries...... RL must take priority. As RL creates the R$'s that are needed... Thanks for all of your work that you have done Cheers.
  10. they did say that it would have an electrically driven turbopump, and that it was designed to be reusable
  11. Tricky, but possible. Don't know if latest APP releases add reaction wheel module to heli propelers. If not, you need to add some strong reaction wheels to craft. It is trick that KAX and K.R.X. use to make it feasible to control craft. It is sort of cheaty way to overcome game engine issues with physic simulation. Also, you need to almost perfectly center main rotor above COM. RCS build aid mod can help a lot with this. And last issue is to be very gentle on throttle. Do not allow for vertical speed exceed more than ~10m/s, otherwise aerodynamic forces step in that flips your craft over. I use personal made kOS script to help me with control of helicopters and other VTOLs. But you may also try TCA mod. TCA works much better if you have more than one vertical rotors, though.
  12. Urus28

    What will you do with the robotic parts?

    Many things, but my first thing will probably be a variable geometry wing as for a F14 for example =D
  13. Leopard

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    on console here, so very little control over version numbers etc, since the last update small craft have got very bouncy, had a rover that essentially never stoped bouncing until it flipped and exploded, several small landers have landed then wobbled for a while, swapping back to them (mun, minmus, ike, duna so far) causes them to bounce into the air, usually flipping over
  14. kerbiloid

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. I wish for animals in KSP.
  15. Just stumbled onto this. Great work! Looks great and fits in nicely. Cheers and keep it coming.
  16. kerbiloid

    Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    You knew! Is it a question?
  17. kerbiloid

    Synonym/Offbrand movie titles

    Shame of Jon's.
  18. kerbiloid

    Stupid reasons to call 911!

    Calling 911 for any reason, when you have 112 instead.
  19. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    I hope the robotic parts have enough power to make something akin to the shredder and crushers that someone once made with Infernal Robotics (I'd use that mod but I couldn't find it up to date enough where I looked), I had a serious laughing fit at all the hilarity going on with such contraptions Edit: found video, Hehehe!
  20. HansonKerman

    Make a fake KSP mod.

    Klamperture mod: All parts now have "Klamperture Science" in front of the titles.
  21. kerbiloid

    Make a fake KSP mod.

    The Hollow World. All planets are inverted and become hollow spheres connected with tunnels.
  22. kerbiloid

    FTL drive creation follows purpose of starship

    These ones.
  23. Ok... How about this stack separator? After splitting the external tank, it was still in front of the lower tank and got pushed into orbit as well (Mun STS - 5, 5:53 - 7:10) Sorry for actually watching your stream and videos, I've heard a rumor this is required before rewarding badges
  24. I have a question concerning the WIP 1.6.1 installation guide: What do the symbols next to the lists in the guide stand for? I see stars, thumbs up, i symbols and warning symbols. What do those represent? Second question concerns the backports: Are those supposed to get some download links for the modified versions of those mods? Are the links given in the golden spreadsheet applicaple for usage here? If I can figure out the correct installation, I look forward to a new RP-1 game to play. Thanks a lot guys for such a great tool to play and nerd.
  25. @theonegalen Well I was afraid you'd say that... That is definitely the right name, but no luck. Only clue I have now is i get a NRE when with the prop added. Was hoping I was missing something easy and obvious. Sucks cause that height raising prop is a god send for the stupidly shaped kerbals. Landing is so much harder without being able to see above the dash IMO. Thanks anyway. Looking forward to whatever you add to this mod.
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